At this time, Yunzui is still wearing his own ceremony.
Cloud is obviously trying to avoid who knows how important it is to take her back.
Yunzui doesn’t believe in clouds very much, but there’s no way. Yunzui doesn’t want to. She can’t force it, can she?
Chi Mi is really sensible. In fact, modern times are better than ancient times.
Not only is there food in modern times, but there is also equality between men and women. Although I haven’t really seen it, Chi Mi can already vaguely feel how good Yunzui’s hometown is
"I’m going to change clothes." Yun Zui said to Chi Mie, and rubbed his feet on high heels and went upstairs.
Xiao Tian is in charge of settling accounts with the owner of this restaurant.
Chi Mi will be back on the sofa.
Thinking about the wish I just made.
Soon Yunzui changed his clothes, but the mask was still on.
Chi Mie immediately stood up and changed clothes for him this time.
Cloud drunk and sat down on the sofa.
Then Xiangbao came over and asked, "Sister Fairy, can you give me that thing that can sing?"
Smell speech cloud drunk not startled she called her fairy elder sister?
Yunzui felt very funny and immediately rubbed Xiangbao’s head and said, "Don’t call me fairy sister. I’m not a fairy. Just call me sister."
Wen Yan Xiang Bao naively said, "You are the fairy sister. My sister saved Xiang Bao’s life and danced so beautifully as a fairy, and that big brother is like a fairy."
Yunzui couldn’t help being amused by Xiangbao. Touch her head and think Xiangbao is so cute.
Yunzui remembered that Xiangbao had just spoken and said, "You can have it, but it may not ring again after tonight."
Wen Yan Xiang Bao is not too white, but he didn’t ask much. He thought it would be good to get something.
Yunzui looked back and saw that Chi Mi had changed his clothes and was coming towards the building.
At this time, he took off his mask and wore a black embroidered moire robe. Before he was heroic, now he was evil.
But he actually took the white west.
Seeing Yunzui’s eyes fixed on Xichi, he said, "You designed your clothes yourself, which means you made them yourself, and these two clothes are still a pair. How can you throw them away?"
Say that finish will cloud drunk gift to cloud drunk.
Yunzui can’t help but feel that language is a pair, but it’s just the same color
Yunzui pursed her lips but said nothing.
Chi Mi decides things and she tries to change them.
The two handed over the red tape of the restaurant to Xiao Tian for handling, and then they left each other.
941 Chapter 941 Bold enough
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Two people sit together in a dazzling black carriage.
At first, I was still silent, but I still broke the silence and asked, "Do you know what I wish for?"
Wen Yan Yun drunk immediately looked at Chi Mi and said, "If you say it, it won’t work."
It’s not that she doesn’t want to guess, but she’s really worried that it won’t work.
Smell speech pool is not discouraged.
But Yun Zuigen doesn’t want to guess what he said. What’s the point?
What the pool is also not thinking about saying.
There was another silence, but the two of them first said, "I don’t think the kite is normal."
Ling Yuan and Chi Mi didn’t have any friendship, but she came to Chi Mi’s birthday this time.
Isn’t it strange to be like this?
Moreover, the kite has always been mysterious, and his suspicion is to expose himself in the Jianghu.