Lu (Wo Zhao) laughed and felt that he was quite business-minded, so he could do more exercises in this direction.
If the imperial court wants me to work hard, it’s always unfair to give me some benefits, otherwise I will always take the army to the front with no benefits at all.
The court owes me this, and I deserve it.
After determining these two key points, Lu (Hezhao) has no psychological burden to act.
Pingding Longzhou Houlu (Hezhao) table court requested awards and then launched an attack on Meizhou as scheduled.
The largest number of Meizhou insurgents is not too large, about 3,000 people gathered for more than 30,000, but the number increased rapidly. By the time Lu (Hezhao) prepared to attack Meizhou, the number of Meizhou insurgents had exceeded 5,000 and gathered for more than 60,000, which was huge.
Yan Fei, the leader of Meizhou Rebel Army, was born as a rich peasant. His family offended a large local office, and the period when the court collected taxes was the fiercest became a sacrifice.
The Yan family’s property was almost taken away by the government in collusion. His father was so angry that his mother committed suicide. The younger brother’s family protested because of the government’s atrocities, and then his wife was killed by his family. He was so frightened that he died, leaving a three-year-old child to be fed.
A harmonious and happy family, free from hunger and worries, was quickly shattered and Yan Fei was greatly stimulated.
He gave the starving children to a farmer to raise themselves and exhausted his last fortune, and called on more than 30 dead people to kill the big family in one night.
Then he fled into the countryside, raised the anti-flag, and gathered his wife, the separated farmers, to fight together. It took five days to counterattack and return to the county seat, and arrested the famous ruined county magistrate and hanged him, then smashed his bones and raised ashes.
The whole county government, big and small officials, etc. were also cleaned up by Yan Fei with the insurgents, and no one was alive because of the bastard.
After the revenge, Yan Fei also knows that he can’t go back. There is no way out, and he can go all the way to the dark.
He let go of everything and decided to rebel and make a spelling of the unfair treatment he suffered.
If the official doesn’t tell him, he will tell himself. No one can rely on the official!
Chapter 1237 You are small and full of bad things
After Yan Fei completed his own revenge, he took the ministers downstream and successively conquered meishan county and Qingshen County to control three county territories.
And then decided to kill all of them.
He personally has indeed finished his revenge, but he thinks that all the bastards in the world should be killed, and peace cannot be restored until all the bastards are killed.
All he got was to kill the world.
Similar to what happened in Longzhou, the appall adults were killed, but they could not make peace and were forced to unite. He fought against a stronger force and joined forces to fight.
However, Yan Fei’s strong fighting capacity will also make the equipment attack the defense of the leaders with heavy siege equipment obtained from the government, which successfully destroyed the defense of the leaders, killed most of them and wiped out most of the resistance by him.
The grown-ups cried and shouted that they should not cry every day, but Lu (Wo Zhao) was killed.
When Lu (Hezhao) took the army, he killed meishan county and conquered the lax defense. meishan county isolated the main force of the uprising army in Juqingshen County, cut off the route for providing foodstuff, and then led the army south to attack the main force of the uprising army, which was violently attacking the big forces, and caught it off guard.
Soon encountered before and after the attack dilemma YanFei quite some off guard YanFei department also quite panic.
Yan Fei tried to stabilize the situation in several active land (Wo Zhao) wars, but all failed.
Lu (Hezhao) is as relaxed as a cat and mouse. After Yan Fei discovered that Yan Fei was weak, he attacked the army and Yan Fei couldn’t resist it. He had to retreat while fighting and even retreated to Jiading House.
Song Jun chased after the Yan Fei Rebels in Jiading Prefecture and wiped out the last thousand insurgents.
YanFei happeneth and dies.
Meizhou Rebel Army also fell.
After the fall of the Rebel Army, Song Jun carried out a bloodbath on the families and followers of the Rebel Army, like Longzhou, killing more than 60,000 people, killing rivers of blood and piling up corpses.
The army once again satisfied Lu (Hezhao) and got what he wanted.
He selected 11 large-scale land divisions to make them leap from county-level local tyrants to state-level strongmen, breaking the ceiling of their own development and making great achievements.
Of course, these eleven families are grateful to Lu (Hezhao) for giving him gifts and sending food, but they just didn’t send themselves there.
Lu (Hezhao) came to be very satisfied, but what he said to him in one department gave him a new idea.
"These local strongmen are all local people, and now the situation is tense. They will listen to your command for a while. One day, they will sit tight and become prominent local people, one by one, clinging to higher positions with these benefits. Will they listen to your requirements then?
You gave them the land, which is their blessing and your gift. They should be grateful to you and give you everything, but if they get frustrated later, isn’t that equivalent to making wedding dresses for others?
And just when the situation is in jeopardy, the imperial court is in danger of rebellion, and there is danger of foreign countries and Lin’ an puppet regime. We are actually at stake, so when will we find a way out for ourselves? "
The statement made Lu (Hezhao) feel very reasonable.
I worked my ass off and risked my life to make this great achievement. Now I can’t enjoy it directly. I can let someone manage it for me. In his heart, he feels that all this is his own.
But it’s hard to say if there is any change later.
Most of these selected places are deeply rooted in people, and it is not impossible to drive out the founders of this new order if it really becomes a climate.
Moreover, as far as the current situation is concerned, the Chengdu court is really dangerous, and even if it wins, it will be weakened.
The country and Lin’ an pseudo-outward are eyeing up and may call in at any time. If you don’t prepare enough to protect yourself, it will be difficult in the future.
Although Wu Lin is good at fighting, it is also an indisputable fact that the country is too strong and the Chengdu court is too weak.
Looking inside, the Chengdu imperial court is also a superior military commander. Colleagues are wolves and civilian colleagues are insects. At this moment, if you can’t plan for yourself, even when there is a disaster, you have no room for turning around.
We must plan ahead, even if we surrender, we must also have the money to surrender, and let the country weigh its own weight and treat itself in a relatively soft way
So what should we do?
Lu (Hezhao) Inquiry Department
A sinister smile
"Why don’t each of them send a predetermined heir to the house to join the army and fight for the generals? This will not only ensure their safety, but also make them more loyal to the generals."