"How cold it is outside!"
Hong Yi Huan took off and earned a hand. "Father! ! Fun! ! A lot of weapons! "
"Hung-yi came a little late, and the snow has been cleaned up, otherwise we can have snowball fights in this spacious camp!"
"When the road came, I didn’t play less snow. Hongyi really liked to move but didn’t like to be quiet. After returning home, let the teacher adjust or cross it. It can’t be so boring every day."
You Yan Qimu was surprised. He looked at it and couldn’t understand what it was. "What’s strange?"
"Do you want to say that the queen finally said that the queen should speak instead of asking about the situation like a marshal?"
Even a face of Ku "is there no war yet? Do you want to ask? "
"The queen learned that? But someone came in with a big mouth. "
"These camp soldiers are in good condition, and their weapons and armor are shiny. At first glance, they have been carefully taken care of. If they have already fought, no one will take care of them."
"Watch carefully and go in quickly. You see that you and Hongyi are freezing into this red ghost!"
"By the way, I brought a person, Xiao Lu, a member of the first sister of Baicheng prefect Yin Xiaoxuan."
You Yan Qimu didn’t speak. Just now, he boasted that he didn’t even arrive when he didn’t ask for business and a cup of tea. "Female general … let’s talk about it. I need you to face this envoy of Yuan Haoguo after a long journey!"
Chapter 563 Live up to expectations
Xiao Lu is the leader of these women soldiers, but she is still casually arranged in a barracks as an ordinary woman soldier. Xiao Lu even ran away from home and went to her daughter’s village. She didn’t sit outside this camp like this with a piece of wood and complained about this problem.
There is a feeling in the women’s barracks that there are many male soldiers around the fence. From the armor, you can see that they are ordinary soldiers rather than imperial guards. It can be said that they are senior officials and masters of this soldier, and their cultural background often determines whether they respect women.
Imperial guard these miscellaneous soldiers can’t enter, but they can watch from outside.
Most of these female soldiers are abandoned, and almost all of them turn a blind eye to men. They should pack themselves up, and one and two look very energetic in armor.
"hey! Girl! Come out and chat with your brother. "
Xiaolu didn’t lift his head and continued to be annoyed.
"The palace ordered all soldiers lying outside the fence of this women’s camp to run around the whole camp for ten times, and they were not allowed to eat until they had finished running." Even the sorrow and sorrow appeared behind the boldest soldier just now.
"Make it!" Follow to grace immediately said
These miscellaneous soldiers were just about to run when they were caught by the imperial guards. One of them was driven to run around outside this camp. This camp has four camps in the southeast, northwest and northwest, which is at least four or five miles away.
However, this punishment will also make people around you gloat and laugh, but no one will be dissatisfied. Of course, it does not include these people who are responsible for running. Naturally, there is nothing but laughter.
"Sister Queen, I might as well go back and be a castellan …"
"I heard Tianxuan say that the camp is not suitable for exhibition. I didn’t prepare an independent barracks for you, and you don’t need to join any army on weekdays. Just continue training in this camp."
"Hum … luckily we also played so many prey as supplies for them! Just do this to me! " Xiaolu pouted so unsatisfied.
"This is the battlefield, but I also sounded a tune before, and I have 10 thousand doubts about your strength."
XiaoLu rolled their eyes and thought for a moment "then come to Bibi! Our female soldiers may not be as strong as male soldiers, but if they are uniform, their memory cannot be worse than theirs! "
"Good idea!" Even a slap in the face.
Even Jia Jian soon arranged this time. You Yan Qimu was also well prepared. In addition to the ordinary family army, he also chose the imperial army and wanted to think. It seems that this Yue Wang Qinbing is also enough and called up.
Even at the sight of these three parties, it would be nice if JianJia were very dissatisfied and ordinary soldiers just resisted.
"That’s right! Choose a team of runners and recruits that day! "
"oh? JianJi this is afraid of female soldiers at the bottom. "
"Are you going to embarrass the male and female servants?"
"Then come on, just to see how long those recruits can live."
Everyone gathered Xiao Lu and took his 100 female soldiers there early. The 100 female soldiers have already got their own soft armor, and they are wearing this simple and thick cotton strength, just like New Year’s Day.
This appearance immediately caused a burst of ridicule.
"Female soldiers can’t move without armor?"
Even Jia Jian gave Xiao Lu a color. Without thinking, Xiao Lu untied the cotton outside and wore the soft armor inside.
"Queen soft armor is really generous."
"The weight is the same, but it is not obvious."
"Then fight for an hour first."
Lian Jian looked at you, Qi Mu. "Do you want to try to stay with our soldiers?"
"Of course, I can do it even for three hours."
"Well, then the male and female servants will accompany them."
Even there’s no joke in Jianji, and the board is just like Qi Mu, and the corners of his mouth are still smiling.
As soon as the recruits were okay, they soon became bad. The pre-training was just in autumn, and it was cool, neither hot nor cold, but now it is a cold day.
Lian Jianji noticed that some recruits’ lips trembled "if they can’t support it, they will automatically retreat."
Xiao Lu chose female soldiers and followed her for several years. The capital is this training female military instructor. Although Xiao Lu was spoiled and grew up, she became very severe after entering the daughter village, where she didn’t even move her head.
Soon a new recruit ran out, burying his face in trembling. Half of the recruits automatically quit in an instant, and the rest seemed to be running laps that day. Now this is an indisputable situation of steamed bread fighting for breath.
An hour later, this recruit camp collapsed, and the others were at best a little moved, while the imperial guards were praised by Ru Yan and Qi Mu. How could they not hold on for a day when they were on duty in the palace?
"Very well! When you take a break and smell incense. "