"yes! Lord! "
Everyone drinks and the momentum is high.
Su Yu will stay in the capital for a while after his trip. Su Yu has already arranged Su Bo, Su Nan, Ling Yu, Gao Shun and others to arrange things for him.
"Gongye want to go back early! Ann should take good care of grandpa! "
Subo Heishi County, where people are guarding the mouth, is charged by Su Yu and others.
But Ling Aner, Xiao Ni, still has the idea to listen to what Su Bo said. She feels that her charming body is limp. Su Yu’s body is full of mellow masculinity and tightly wraps her, making her blush, heartbeat and beautiful eyes blurred.
It feels so warm to be held by grandpa.
Grandpa smells good.
Ann really wants to lie in the arms of her grandfather for the rest of her life.
Ling Aner’s face turned red. Sandy’s plain hand clung to Su Yu’s arm. Her face turned red and she leaned against Su Yu’s arms. My Sweetie.
"hmm? Ann, what’s wrong with you? Why is your face so red? "
Su Yu was a little surprised and looked down at the little maid with some doubts. "Are you uncomfortable riding a horse?" Do you want to walk? "
"No, no,no. I’m not coming."
Linganer will be buried first Su Yu said in a sulk
Grandpa is really a fool.
The little maid’s heart is faint and sighing, and her expression seems like joy and anger.
She is like a kitten who craves the warm embrace of her master and is lazy. Su Yuhuai refuses to leave.
54 Chapter 54 pick up hot chicks is more deadly!
Su Yu spoil smiled and then looked up at the people drink a way "everyone speed up! We have to get to the capital before dark! "
"It’s a grandfather!"
Soldiers and servants are drinking.
Su Yu drank lightly and shook his hand. The reins held the beauty and galloped.
Four hours later, the sun went down and Su Yu and others finally entered the capital of Beishan County at the gate.
They found the city inn and booked a quiet and elegant inn clause.
"Ming Wei asked the brothers to have a rest first, and then sent someone to inquire about the food price and grain spread all over the capital. We are going to buy grain."
Su Yu clause washed his face to Yang Mingwei ordered.
Su Yu’s trip must purchase a large amount of grain, which not only needs to be fed to the people in Blackstone County, but also to pave the way for Su Yu’s subsequent business plan of brewing rice wine.
At present, it is the spring harvest season, and a large number of new grains are flowing into the market. Su Yu estimates that the food price in the capital of Beishan County should not be too high at this time, which is just right for him to buy in large quantities.
Su Yu must first open the situation in Beishan County to collect money crazily before Blackstone County can be stabilized quickly.
"It’s Gongye"
Yang Mingwei nodded.
He turned to arrange for sophisticated servants and soldiers to give them some small money and send them to the capital to find out information.
The capital of Beishan County is the most prosperous city in Beishan County. The most precious thing is that there is no curfew here, which is more convenient for Yang Mingwei and others to inquire about information.
Night is coming, but there are more pedestrians on the street.
The busy streets are full of people rubbing their shoulders and heels and the noise of vendors keeps coming.
Ling Aner is gentle, Su Yu is folding clothes, and her beautiful eyes peep at Su Yu from time to time, showing shyness and sweetness.
This girl is still immersed in the wonderful feeling of being hugged by Su Yu on horseback.
She cherishes every contact with Su Yu, which will make her feel a deer bump. This feeling of being swayed by considerations of gain and loss fascinates her.
"Ann, shall I show you around the capital?"
Su Yu let go of Zongjuan looked up at the night scene outside the window and said with a smile
"Really? Grandpa! "
Ling Aner stayed for a while, then he jumped for joy and smiled.
"Well, I remember that the piano I gave you was a little old; There is no good piano in Baiyang City. Let’s buy you a good piano in the capital of Beishan today! "
Su Yu said with a smile, "Let’s go and take you to buy a piano."
It turns out that grandpa has never forgotten that I like him, and he still remembers that I like playing the piano.
Ling Aner leng leng bowed his head gently "hmm!" A beautiful eyes like water waves flow gawking at her heart.
At this time, Ling Aner was filled with emotion.
Grandpa is gentle, considerate and willing to take time out to accompany himself.
Ling Aner, an empire with low female status, feels that it is a good fortune to meet Su Yu in this life.
Two people who didn’t take straight out of the inn into the stream of people.
Su Yu took Ling Aner’s hand like a sister in a previous life for fear that she would get lost.
"Gongye Ann son sometimes want to; I don’t know how lucky Ann is to meet you. God should be jealous of me. "
Feel the Su Yu palm temperature LingAn son murmured and said.
"Good life?"
Su Yu walked over and turned and said, "You know what? There is a saying in my hometown that meeting you has exhausted all my luck in this life. I think this sentence is more appropriate. "
Ling ‘an’s pretty face is instantly red, and the small earlobe is filled with blush.
Her glittering and translucent red lips gently murmured Su Yu’s beautiful eyes became more and more stupid, and Sandy’s small hand also held Su Yu’s big palm tightly.
Grandpa, this is a hint to me.
Oh dear! What a shame!
Ling Aner felt her heart thump thump fast. She had never heard such touching love words.