Li Xuandao is too lazy to think about moving forward directly.
When he passed by the hill, four people ambushed on both sides and jumped out from both sides.
"This mountain is mine, and this tree is planted by me. I want to pass by and buy road money from now on."
A tall and mighty young sword pointed at Li Xuandao in a distant way, just like Hong Zhong’s way, "Li Xuandao left you with the Kun ring and identity token, and we can let you live, otherwise don’t blame us for being impolite today."
Li Xuandao took one look at four people and picked Gankun ring from his hand.
Four people qi qi revealed surprised color seems to be didn’t expect Li Xuandao would be so obedient.
"Is he really the so-called enemy Li Xuandao?"
A red-faced boy stared and asked.
"Right? I’ve heard that Li Xuandao has five levels of strength in the Tong Xuan realm, but this man is already six levels in the Tong Xuan realm. Are we mistaken? "
Another short-haired boy asked hesitantly
"Shut up!"
The tall boy snorted, "I saw it with my own eyes when Li Xuandao broke into the Tibetan Jiange. This little Li Xuandao can’t be wrong."
He repeated, "I will never mistake him for Li Xuandao!"
"This person is Li Xuandao?"
"Ha, ha, ha, as timid as a mouse, we were scared. Why dare you call yourself an enemy?"
"What a young enemy is so much!"
The remaining three people looked at each other and laughed at each other.
"all right"
A wave of his hand, the tall boy said, "Let’s rob Li Xuandao first and then go back and publicize it to let everyone know what Li Xuandao is. Bah, dare I call myself the enemy? Really shameless. "
The tall boy’s words caused a burst of laughter.
"Let me see what good things are hidden in this little Gankun ring?"
Red-faced teenager reached Li Xuandao in two steps and held out his hand toward Gankun to quit. However, he pulled Gankun to quit, and the other end was firmly pulled by Li Xuandao.
"Li Xuandao, don’t you want to die?"
The red-faced teenager with a ferocious face suddenly raised his right foot like a whirlwind, leaving the ghosting image to kick towards Li Xuandao’s lower abdomen.
Li Xuandao looked cold and slowly raised his other hand.
Hold it at will
The red-faced teenager was easily held by Li Xuandao with a violent foot.
"Li Xuandao, do you still dare to resist?"
The red-faced teenager’s pupil shrinks sharply, but his look becomes even more fierce. "Let me put my right foot quickly, and we can still save your life, or grandpa will let you not see the sun!"
Li Xuandao’s cold look did not get angry because of the red-faced teenager’s arrogance. Instead, he behaved calmly. Just now, four people were talking and he heard every word. He finally understood that these men were ambushing here.
It turned out that they didn’t arrange manpower in ChuDonghe, but resented Li Xuandao’s enemy name and wanted to defeat Li Xuandao and make a name for themselves!
However, all this is called
No matter who provokes the majesty of the cracked dome sword emperor, he must pay the blood price!
"I think you misunderstood me. I just took off the Kun ring to move my finger."
Li Xuandao was holding the red-faced teenager’s right foot while playing with his hand ring. He was like chatting with an old friend instead of fighting the enemy, but the words he received made the four people in the field get goose bumps.
"I’ll let you know that the temple calls me an enemy teenager!"
"Ah …"
Li Xuandao gently pinched the red-faced teenager’s whole right leg and instantly shattered.
Then he lifted his foot like a storm crossing the border and kicked the red-faced teenager in the chest
Red-faced teenager’s eyes got so big that his whole chest was depressed by Li Xuandao and he had no breath at all.
"Third brother!"