"You know what? There is a clause in this contract that you must take the title of master when you talk to the king. "
Su Yu blew on the hot fragrant teas in a cool tone.
The hot water of tea covered Su Yu’s low eyes, and the hazy fog made people unable to see Su Yu’s appearance at this time.
"There is something fishy in this contract!"
Andrew gnashed his teeth and looked up in pain, staring at Su Yu’s resentment and saying, "You hurt me! You lied to me! "
"Cheat you? This is not a thing! I told you that signing a contract is my slave. "
Su Yu shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile, "You see, I am honest and never lie."
"Everything in the original contract is true!"
Andrew was shivering. He never imagined that the four continents were slaves to others after signing such a vicious contract!
"I want to kill you! Killing you will definitely terminate the contract! "
Andrew growled angrily.
Andrew suddenly spit out a big mouthful of blood in the same place, and his limbs trembled violently as if he had been hit hard. It was like being trampled on by a huge sole!
"I forgot to tell you that it is not allowed to kill the master! It says in the contract! "
Su Yu said with a smile, "And even if I give you a knife now, you can attack me because your body and soul no longer belong to you."
"A ghost can understand that ghost-drawn symbol contract!"
Andrew heart bitter resentment said
Devil’s contract is the oldest devil’s word. Besides Tong and Su Yu, the root people can understand that Su Yu is proficient in devil’s word because of Tong.
And Andrew can clearly feel that he wants to kill Su Yu now, but his body doesn’t listen to his command at all!
His body forbids him to do things that hurt Su Yu and also forbids him to say and write words and words that are harmful to Su Yu!
The means of directly or indirectly hurting the master are resolutely stopped by the devil’s contract!
This is that force that override the plane rules!
Everyone disobeys the law!
The tingling sensation suddenly came to Andrew’s mind, and the pain was more violent than before, which made Andrew roll his eyes and twitch all over.
"Poor little lion torture yourself well? Never allow dissatisfaction with the master’s heart. This is also a contract. "
Su Yu looked at Andrew with indifferent eyes and pity.
"wow! Oh ~! "
Andrew will pull away from his body and soul in pain and try to pull him back to his knees, panting and looking at Su Yu with fear and fear.
He dare not even think of hurting Su Yu now! Let alone that idea of kil Su Yu!
Otherwise, he will die of pain!
The devil’s contract has banned even his thoughts!
The power of contract is simply terrible!
"How many contracts have you made?"
Andrew growled uneasily
"Not much, I remember it was 136 contracts, and it was stipulated in detail that you should be my slave."
Su Yu put a teacup and smiled and said, "I don’t like to call it the devil’s contract. I prefer to call it the 136 rules of slavery."
Andrew spat out old blood, his heart was humbled and he was full of despair.
Andrew’s blood was not caused by the impact of contract power, but by Su Yu’s words.
Oh, my god
Article 136!
Is there a way out after me?
At the moment, Andrew’s heart is desperate. He could have deceived Su Yu into letting him go. I didn’t expect to actually sink himself in the end.
He really became Su Yu’s slave!
Su Yujing, these 136 rules are absolutely every one of them!
Resolutely put an end to all possibility of betraying him!
Andrew couldn’t help collapsing at the thought of this.
Anrud didn’t know Su Yu’s skill and prudence, and he was even more terrible than he imagined.
Andrew’s tiger eyes are full of despair and gray.
"I said that this is your feeling, and I wish I could regret it now. It’s not good to be an orc king, and you have no way out."
Su Yu smiling up eyes calm and said
"I know"
Andrew lowered his head and looked desperate and confused.
He was a noble orc king, but now he is a slave of Su Yu.
Su Yu stared at Andrew and said indifferently, "Andrew, I hope you know that worshipping my Lord will not wronged you!" "
Su Yu’s tone is full of domineering and self-confidence, which Andrew has never seen before, giving people a stronger sense of momentum!
The impact is very strong!
The devil’s contract influenced Andrew to gradually accept the fact that Su Yu was his master.
"I, I, Andrew, meet the master!"
Andrew couldn’t help bowing to the tiger’s head, and his voice was full of bitterness.
However, he didn’t know that it would take just a few days for the contract to be completed, and Andrew’s heart and soul would be transformed so that he could subtly accept his slavery.
This is the most terrible part of the devil’s contract!
94 Chapter 94 Sleeping at night
Su Yu looked at Andrew and knelt down and nodded indifferently.
At this time, Gao Obedience came in and was covered in enemy blood. He said to Su Yu’s fuels, "Gongye will have completely controlled the situation in Liu’s house at the end! However, there are still more than 10,000 mobs and gangsters around the city. Please show me! What should I do at the end? "
Ding Li ‘an is dead, Andrew has been a minister, and the situation has changed unconsciously.
If Su Yu wants to take advantage of Beishan County, he is suspected to come out by himself; It will be difficult for him to meet such a good opportunity again if he doesn’t want to be in front of the stage!
If the interests are balanced, the gains and losses depend on Su Yu alone.
Seibel and Andrew knelt down and waited silently for Su Yu’s orders.
Su Yu was slightly silent and then said lightly with the wave, "Tell the shopkeeper of Jade Qing Pavilion to let him join the battle with three thousand private soldiers. You take these people to get rid of those mobs! In addition, someone was sent to urgently inform Blackstone County to let Sunan open an airship to pull food, materials and 10,000 samurai troops to me! "
Grandpa decided to make a move!
He decided to take Beishan County!
This is a great cause of opening up the territory and expanding the territory!