Xia Chaoyang fiddled with bamboo slips and said doubtfully, "It doesn’t make sense. How can this poem be wrong in such a combination …"
At this time, the novel before the green ant said, "Sister Chaoyang, this poem seems to be upside down …"
"So that’s what I said. Haha …" Zhao-yang Xia got directions and suddenly realized that he quickly rearranged the bamboo slips from right to left, which finally made a move.
The roots and bamboo slips vibrate together and finally synthesize a green light to sink into the cliff of Baiyun Tower.
There is an ancient poem on the cliff not far from Baiyun Tower. Two sentences in Lang Lang’s mouth make Baiyun Tower shine at the moment.
Hai Zhiji and heaven remains our neighbourhood
It’s another ancient poem that can flow thousands of times. It’s a farewell poem, but it writes a lofty ambition and an open mind.
It is not difficult to imagine that two poems will surely last for a long time in the summer.
Sigh for a while, the shape of Baiyun Tower flashed, and the rainbow fell back to the front of Xiaozhu Building by the glow of the waning moon.
"Brothers and sisters have spelled a poem again, but this time it’s a sentence …" Seeing the big brother figure falling in Xia Chaoyang’s face is full of pride.
"Brother saw and heaven remains our neighbourhood, the sea confidant. This poem selection talent is really helpful …"
Chapter six hundred and seven Our company is used to it.
Master elder brother praised Xia Chaoyang’s confidence, but he said modestly, "Brothers and sisters are just careless. For example, the word’ Sanqin’ in this poem is unclear …"
"I don’t know, brother. I’m not sure whether feeling is the most important thing or feeling …" The old man in Baiyun Tower replied.
"Yes, I just feel that the younger brothers and sisters go on. What else are you not sure about? Show it to the elder sister …"
I went downstairs to practice as soon as I saw Xia’s sister in high spirits.
Practice is endless, and I have gained a lot of mysterious poems today. By the way, I can feel an artistic conception.
Two days’ hasty discussion is that Haoran’s younger brother returned to school and gained a lot.
Baiyun Tower has already given Xia Shigu and Luo Li Xia Shigu two Lingqi Fa Jian handles, and they can’t help but be very happy to display Lei Guang’s sword slightly.
With this spirit weapon method sword, Xia Shifu’s sense of sword strength has soared by 30%, and it’s very convenient to use the sword body to gather thunder method array to explode with the mind.
Luo Li is also very fond of the sacred wood sword sent by the elder brother, and she is very happy to refine and operate the hex avatar to swallow it in her mouth.
Coming to the Shenmu is very suitable for the Qingqiu Demon Clan Skill. This spiritual sword not only retains the Shenmu Skill, but also can greatly enhance the magical power. The magical power is much stronger than the previous direct Shenmu branch.
These two days, those who didn’t study and didn’t stay up all night were slightly sleepy, so they were asked to take the second teacher’s sister’s license plate to one side and have a rest in the bamboo house. It was a lot more peaceful.
If you feel a little sleepy, you can go upstairs to accompany your senior brother to practice, which is very fulfilling.
This group of students in the building is also increasingly worshipping the second sister. Every time they are not sure about poetry, the second sister can always poke and poke to make the poetry arrangement smoother.
However, the second teacher elder sister occasionally chooses the wrong poem, for example, the sentence’ The Yellow River is far away from the white clouds’ is wrongly chosen as’ The Yellow River is far away from the white clouds’.
Xiao Jing did not change the second teacher elder sister’s spelling of the poem, but left the correct poem as an alternative.
Poetry and prose gradually entered the end, and almost all the poetry and prose groups have deduced more than 300 poems.
The next step is to summarize the combination of poems selected by each group, and then make statistics to find out the final choice of the combination with the most research times of each poem.
Night falls again, and the starry sky outside the cave is still lit, and the eldest brother is not sleepy, waiting for the final results of poetry research.
After careful screening, everyone was surprised to find that unlike Haoran’s younger brother, most of the poems deduced by the younger brother seemed to have ruled out nearly 90% of the differences, and the opinions were very unified, while Haoran’s younger brother chose two kinds of poems
What is even more surprising is that nearly 90% of the single choices chosen by my brother matched the final choice.
Although there are two choices for the remaining 30 poems, one of them is also consistent with the final result.
This result attracted the patriarch of Haoran Sect and all the elders to marvel at Xia Shigu and the old teacher of poetry and prose, and both of them felt very surprised that the research of poetry and prose surpassed that of Haoran Sect.
There seems to be some dissatisfaction with Xia pool. Looking at several poems in front of her, she cooed.
"What happened to Chaoyang?" Baiyun building asked curiously.
"Oh, these poems always feel wrong …"
Pause for a while. Chaoyang Xia then said, "Brother, look at this song, for example,’ Xuanhe is far away with white clouds and an isolated city, Wan Ren Mountain …’ It’s very strange. Although school sister knows little about the geography of Daxia, the source of Xuan Glacier has been to Fiona Fang for hundreds of miles, where there is an isolated city …"
"Speaking of the edge of the lonely city desert, Liangzhou City is quite like it, but one side of Liangzhou City is the best sand sea and the other half is hundreds of miles of wasteland. There are hundreds of miles away from Kunlun Fairy Mountain in Wan Ren Mountain next door …"
"But the scenery described in this poem doesn’t match the country of Daxia very well. It’s probably a fantasy. Since it’s a fantasy, it’s better to choose’ Yellow River is far away from white clouds’ so that’ Yellow River’ corresponds to’ white clouds’ and’ Wan Ren’ is much smoother …"
"Brother, do you think what the younger sister said makes sense?" Looking at master elder brother some become speechless Zhao-yang Xia some shout shout asked.
Baiyun Tower really froze, but knowing the sea flashes and thoughts churned up. Xiao Chaoyang said that it really makes sense, and two days ago, Chen Shimei also lamented that these poems seemed to come from another terran small world …