My royal sword flew to discipline the world of mortals. A loud noise sounded in the stone room. As soon as the picture turned, I was sitting in front of the mountain peak again. A middle-aged Confucian scholar in his forties came with his royal sword. The Confucian scholar came down by my side and didn’t even look at me. It was like I was not here. I was pale and the Confucian scholar sounded arrogant.
Pale extremely a gnashing of teeth and twenty people at the same time.
Well, well, well, well, well, Yue Quan people’s ghost mountain demon king has paid off the false view of the old bull’s nose, and Cang Ji Lang Lang laughs. I can’t imagine that if the world sees this scene, it will feel that Xianju is in collusion with the demons
Do you want to go back to preach alive? An extremely disgusting guy licked his lips.
Actually, it was demon fairy who gave him a deep look and really let you give it to him. Is this your way of life? Haha, fairy is not fairy, demon is not demon.
Pale pole, aren’t you also practicing different ways? I’m not bashful to say that another sage like type old man means to drink a way.
I am extremely pale and proud, but I practice humanity, and heaven and earth are cruel to all things. I want heaven to go from heaven to humanity, from heaven to heaven to save people’s hearts and save people’s music. I like people and worry about me.
From heaven to humanity, from heavenly heart to cultivating people’s hearts, the old man chuckled at Cang Ji you, who are you? Have you ever been to heaven, and cultivated people’s hearts? What is that? Have you heard of it?
Everyone laughed together, even to the beast. Haha
Cang Ji’s eyes swept across the crowd, and I was a demon against heaven, and I robbed my business with my hands full of life and death.
Emperor Cang, everyone is laughing again. You are crazy, aren’t you? You are Emperor Cang, you are Emperor Cang and I am Emperor Tian.
Qingtian has abandoned the name of the sword. Every day, the emperor matches the sword, and Cang will not be laughed at by everyone. Looking at the sky, a shocking potential suddenly came into being, and everyone did not feel a few steps back.
What’s the waste? Shoot him first. I don’t know who shouted, "Flying swords are flying all over the sky to attack the pale pole."
What you can’t chew is extremely ridiculous. A tilting sky has fallen into your hands.
I, Emperor Cangzhang, blame Cangji for the reincarnation, pointing to the tip of the sword. There is a red halo at the tip of the sword. Fortunately, the tip of the sword is limited in the center of the halo. The big plough artifact 86 industry 86 times 86 times 86 rounds of halo rushed to the virtual limit to expand all the flying swords. The last one turned around and flew all over the sky and sprinkled them with the flying swords. Everyone’s face changed and the spirit was twisted, and the flying swords were definitely returned.
Tang Cang Emperor is incredibly willing to go round and round.
Haha, Cang Ji welcomes Tian Da and laughs. What is Tao, heaven, earth, yin, yang, immortals, fairies and gods? You say that heaven is the end of the Tao, and the Tao, the Tao and the world of mortals are right and wrong.
It’s all nonsense, old-fashioned and glaring. I’m waiting for the immortal family. Is it that he will appreciate all living things? Heaven is the way to cultivate one’s mind and cultivate one’s mind. The array of immortals will be destroyed today, you fool.
Haha, I’m a demon. Do you know what you mean by Armageddon? It’s a demon. It’s a demon. It’s a life-and-death robbery in my palm. I punish my business. Armageddon is a punishment for your cultivation. A cloud in the sky is gradually taking shape.
JieYun he actually inspired JieYun all in alarm.
Quickly launch the array to destroy him before the robbery cloud takes shape, and the people quickly found their own position and surrounded the pale pole.
I’m not a fairy in nine days, but it will be interesting to see how you punish me.
The formation launched a faint golden awn to cover a mountain peak. In the center of the formation, a golden sword was composed of golden light, which instantly turned into thousands of handles pointing to the pale pole.
You also want to hurt me with these discarded swords.
Tilting the sky to turn the block in front of the pale pole, everyone’s face showed a trace of insidious smile Road, but the jade operator in his hand was crushed. At the same time, a huge golden light came from the middle, and it was going to take shape after the cloud was scattered, and it shone on the large array of nine days.
Even the array technique pale face changed. Before the transformation, the golden sword turned into a golden dragon and threw its weight around in front of him.
Incredibly, even the gods have come. It’s time to destroy the array of gods. In the eyes of the pale pole, Li Mang fell into his hands in a flash, and all kinds of illusions, all kinds of laws, such as this sword, road resistance and ten decisions, launched a tilting day and took the pale pole straight forward.
The first volume Sword tilting day Chapter 16 Single sword over God
The array breaks and everyone retreats. Blood grows in their mouths. Come on, people from the celestial world. Drink up and move the sky.
The celestial world of Cangji made Cangdi fall into evil ways. Today, the last emperor of Chi Di Hengdi Lingdi also decided to change the name of Cangji Cangdi and issued a three-world killing order to kill Cangji and listen to a majestic voice.
Guling, have you come to kill me? Cang Ji asked the great god floating in the middle.
Emperor Cang, I’m sorry. I’m just following orders. This time, I brought the four gods of the stars and the four gods of the stars. You’d better give in easily. Gu Lingyue said that the bolder you are.
Haha, Cang Ji Teng rises in parallel with Guling. In the past, I dared to fight against the gods alone. Today, with these people, do you want to kill me? Cang Ji’s eyes seem to shoot through Guling and Guling’s face changed and he retreated half a step.
A sudden binge drinking sounded in the sky, and a row of gods appeared in the sky. The man glared at him. You don’t take us seriously. If you get the sword left by the Emperor of Heaven, you can cross the three realms. Today, I will show you how powerful the gods are.
Silent, don’t be a loser, but also dare to speak bravely and despise scanning them. You are still so slow to improve.
Pale pole, I can’t stand your eyes the most. In the past, you were the emperor of God, and I still let you have three points. Today, I must teach you a good lesson. You hate the stars.
I am even more disdainful than I am, and I am completely angry with you gods.