Fu Junyi’s eyes only eased. "As I said just now, the temple can read the Miqi, but according to the limit, you can read the first five chapters and you need two priests to take out no means and tools to record it."
Tianyang several people nodded his head.
It’s a little unexpected that the temple can be read, and from the tone of the warden, if you can be promoted to a higher position, you should be able to read more chapters.
If there is no accident, Miqi should be a top secret of the church-if you can read it, you should be able to know more than the secrets of the boundary and the cracks.
At the thought of this day, Yang looked at Nuojin without moving a trace.
Is this gold digger simple and curious?
Chapter 444 The road ahead is long
Yang became interested in this job the day after tomorrow after he knew that the Temple had limited reading of Miqi. Unfortunately, the Temple could read the first five chapters and didn’t know exactly how much.
I don’t think so. It’s a lot of marginal knowledge and common sense.
If you want to read more deeply, you may need a high-ranking position such as "Silver Crown Knight" said by Mu Qing in the Great Templar to limit your reading.
Do you want to work for the church?
Tianyang smiled in his heart and stopped thinking about this problem for the time being. When he contacted the former rector, he found out Liu Jinglin’s intention to give himself this clue, and then he needed to decide whether to stay in the church.
"This is probably the responsibility and reward of Yu Shengtang. Then, after the baptism ceremony of the Temple, you are the templars of our war."
Fu Junyi has recovered her gentle appearance before, and the frequency of Ruo Jin is significantly higher than that just now. "After that, we will report to all the fortresses, so we need you to carry out your actions smoothly."
After that, the rector stepped back and raised his hand. "Today, we are honored to invite the former rector, Mr. Zuo Mohan, to preside over the ceremony."
Tianyang tried to control his emotions and not to be too excited. He raised his head and looked behind Fu Junyi with some curious eyes.
He finally met the former rector.
The former rector is a 70-year-old man, but he looks like he is in his early sixties when he is well maintained.
Looking at his broad body and fat appearance, Tianyang was worried about whether he would have high blood pressure and a series of diseases with his heart.
The former rector is an old man who can’t get tired of it.
The old gentleman had a series of hearty laughs. "Thirty years ago, when I was a rector, I was baptized by Junyi in the same way. How fast it passed! I am very happy that the temple can hold a ceremony today."
"I just haven’t been back to church for a long time. I hope I still remember those ritual steps. Fortunately, we believe in God and don’t pay much attention to form, so even if we make a mistake, his old man should not care about me, right?"
After successfully winning a gentle smile, the master tried to hold a gap from those squints, revealing small but clear bright eyes "then let’s do it"
The steps of the blessing ceremony are not complicated. The former rector first draws a church sacred note on his chest and prays lightly. Then he picks up a silver dagger next to him and touches it with holy water next to him. Then the recipient gently puts it on his shoulders and heads to complete the ceremony.
The etiquette of the war recipients is as simple as its church style. There is no hymn and no red tape. It is simple and pays attention to efficiency directly.
When the first three people connected and accepted the blessing of the former rector, it was the turn of Tianyang boy to slowly look up at Zuo Mohan.
The fat former rector opened his eyes slightly and tried to look at the teenager. I didn’t know that the old man’s face was fat and his eyes were trembling, and the seams were a little better than before.
It took him a second or two to come to his senses, and then he closed his eyes again to draw the holy book.
"May the Lord of War bless the Lord" concluding remarks, old man.
Put away the silver dagger and look at Tianyang. "Son, there won’t be someone named Su in your elders, will there?"
Surname Su?
You mean Su Lie?
Does Zuo Mohan really have something with Su Lie?
Tianyang tried to calm down and was about to answer the old man, but he smiled and turned to chat with Fu Junyi.
The priest smiled in the first two steps. "Let me show you around and get familiar with our church environment."
After seeing Zuo Mohan and Fu Junyi disappear, a small door on the left side of the church, the day after tomorrow, the sun will stay put for a while and follow three other people and several priests out of the church along a path to the church department.
The area behind the church is no longer open to the public, and even church believers can’t enter it. It is only the staff and clergy of the church department who can enter it, such as the Templar Knight Tianyang.
As the former Fu Junyi said, the templar of the church has prepared a private room, which is cleaned by a special person every day and can be moved in at any time.
Several priests acted as guides and introduced the church to several shrines as they walked. This area covers a lot of functions. In addition to the church in front, there is a war hall, as well as gardens, dormitories, training grounds, restaurants, libraries, prayer rooms and other buildings
When he came out of the library, Tianyang saw the old dean sitting in the corner of the garden, as if remembering the past. His eyes moved slightly and he quietly left the team and walked towards the garden.
When he was about to approach Zuo Mohan, he was stopped by two church warriors, but the old imam found Tianyang and waved and said, "Let him come over."
Tianyang came to Zuo Mohan’s side. The chubby old imam smiled gently. "What can I do for you? Children "
It’s really nice to advertise widely. It’s worth pretending. After all, it can be read offline slowly!
At this moment, Tianyang has imagined many times and organized many words.
But when facing the old man, Tianyang suddenly felt that the other person’s eyes could see through all his secrets and all his disguises.
"Zuo is always the teacher Liu Jinglin who asked me to come to you." Tianyang chose the simplest and most straightforward way
Zuo Mohan smiled, "Is Xiao Liu okay? Speaking of which, I haven’t seen him for a long time."
Tianyang lowered his voice, "Teacher Liu died unfortunately."
The old imam’s body trembled and his smile faded away. Slowly, his eyes shone brightly. "So that’s it."
Tianyang didn’t know what he meant, but he saw the old man take out a card and handed it to Tianyang "come here to see me later"
The teenager quickly nodded away.
When he came to a corner, he took out a card with an address that should be Zuo Mohan’s residence. After Tianyang remembered it, the dark star pointed his thumb at the card and immediately crumpled into a ball of handwriting.
Tianyang still went to the training ground from the church, but when he left, the communication machine rang.
A communication request
After passing through, there was a Lingfeng sound in the machine. "I heard that you became a believer in the episcopal church of war and today you are also their templar."
Hearing Feng Ling’s familiar sound Tianyang couldn’t help feeling that he hadn’t communicated with the chief of staff for a long time.
I didn’t expect to talk again in this way.
He read something about singling out from the Lingfeng tone, and Tianyang looked around.
"Don’t get me wrong, Ling Shen," he said indifferently. "I didn’t intend to rub my benefits with the church. I just suddenly found my faith, but please rest assured that I won’t expose my new position to the church."
Lingfeng’s tone is still dull, which can be said to be cold. "I don’t care about that kind of thing. Anyway, it won’t be long before things will be announced in the new rank. You are already rank 4 and have awakened to the fortress of special physique. The time is almost ripe. The lack is just a suitable opportunity."
"I want to wake you up. Don’t trust the church. No matter what kind of eyes you approach them, teaching water is far deeper than you think. Don’t be self-absorbed."
Tianyang gently spat out a sigh, "I remember, sir."
Feng Ling sink a way, "you’d better remember that the church let you bear the templar when you came back from the crevice. Don’t you think it’s too easy for the church? Maybe people don’t like your ability, but your experience in the cracks. "
"Now that priest Mu Qing has been transferred to their Cardinal Hospital in Donglu, and the church wants to give you to them, but we strongly rejected it. This matter is not over yet, and the church will not let you go in so easily. It is also convenient to control you by making you a shrine."
"With the identity of the Temple, they can do a lot of articles. They are afraid that it will not be so easy to keep you once in the fortress. You know it yourself."
With this conversation, Feng Ling ended the communication, and Tianyang realized that the church behind it had done so much.