Su Ying arranged a vision so that people from tens of thousands of miles away could clearly see it. Suddenly, I don’t know how many experts roared here. These people, except some who participated in the siege of Brother Su Ying, heard that Su Ying was about to die and went to the sea to find treasure.
Their mid-summer families are the masters of Taixuan Gate and the Styx Sect Poseidon Palace. Even Wanshang Islands and some overseas sects of the demon race have come here in succession. The number is far more than Su Ying expected.
Someone was the first to find the huge sunset arrow on the island. He was overjoyed and shouted, "Sunset arrow! This is the sunset arrow of Qing Di refining holy soldiers! "
"Although this sunset arrow is incomplete, it can be huge! Su Ying is relying on this treasure to run amok all the way! "
"It’s no small matter that this devil is rich and can be kept as a treasure by him!"
"It is said that he still has divine blood!"
"He died, and all the treasures have exploded. Let’s grab a lot of tools!"
….. Everyone swarmed and rushed to the island to snatch all kinds of treasures left by Su Ying after his death, and soon the island evolved into a enter the dragon.
Hundreds of these people come from Zhongzhou Xiajia, Styx Sect, Taixuanmen Poseidon Palace, Zhou Tianxing Palace, etc. The holy land is full of monks and less meat, and it is natural to fight for Su Ying’s magic weapon.
There are many people who can’t build well. Just after entering the island, they were burned to the ashes by the blazing high temperature!
"Su Ying, this devil’s relic belongs to the Xia family in Zhongzhou. Get out of here!"
Xia Jia’s strong man appeared and raised his eyes. He suddenly shouted, "Xia Jia’s brother is ordered to go to the island immediately to seize the treasure. If anyone dares to take it for himself or resist it, shoot him!"
More masters poured in, and several long-term habitat masters sneered and sank. "Zhongzhou Xiajia has a big breath. Su Yingwu is of course Su Yingwu. After his death, he will be the owner. Naturally, he who has a virtue will be the one who grabs it!"
Several people sneered and rushed into the island to join the competition.
Chapter six hundred and forty-seven Buried people (14 more)
All smell speech suddenly looked unhappy. A master of Xia Jia sank, "The sunset arrow is my summer home’s must-have. This golden arrow will never fall into the hands of others. Let’s also enter the island!
"bodhi old zu wait!"
Xia Chaoge’s eyes flashed and he looked at the island with a slight frown. He said, "There is no Su Ying small world in this island, and I haven’t seen what he refined. Maybe this is a trap. Please ask the bodhi old zu to examine!"
Xia Rui’s eyes swept away and he didn’t see the small world that Su Ying changed after his death. Haha laughed. "You really looked at the autumn songs, but your mind was meticulous, but you wanted to miss a little bit. Su Ying’s little beast was injected into the sun god fire, which must have burned his body and Yuan God to ashes. I’m afraid his small world will also disappear in the fire. Otherwise, how could these treasures explode in the scattered island?"
Xia Chaoge is still a little suspicious and unwilling to go into the leaker’s way in person. "If the bodhi old zu insists on entering the island, please keep a tripod."
She said lightly, "The bodhi old zu can crush people on the spot, and it is better to give them to the Chaoge for safekeeping."
Xia Rui was a little unhappy, but Xia Chaoge, although not as good as him in status, was the master of Xia Family, who would succeed to the throne in the future. He didn’t dare to neglect when he handed over the tripod to Xia Chaoge, and immediately led seven deified peak monks to roar into the island.
In addition to Xia Chaoge, four or five people still did not enter the island for treasures. These people also clearly saw that Su Ying Baoding did not have an island, so he was suspicious and prepared to wait and see.
More and more people rushed to the scene, and nearly a thousand monks gathered here to fight for it.
As Xia Chaoge said, Xia Rui is the most powerful. He is an old monster in France. He can’t score five points at the same level. More than ten people were killed in this blink of an eye. Many people in his hands were directly crushed to death by his momentum.
"Zhou Dali left the sunset arrow!"
Xia Rui caught a glimpse of Tai Xuanmen and Zhou Dali killed several people to win the sunset arrow, so he couldn’t help but be furious. He put his hand on this man and pressed Tai Xuanmen’s parents for a while!
"Xia Rui, although you are in the realm of law, my brothers join hands with you and I am afraid of you?"
Zhou Dali laughed with the sunset arrow in his hand, and injected all his energy into the golden arrow. "This treasure is incomplete, and the holy soldier fell into the hands of Su Ying, but I can play a role in it!" Xia Rui, I am not as good as you, but I kill you like a dog! "
The golden arrow is getting bigger and bigger, and it faintly exudes the breath of a chilling warrior. The pupil in Xia Rui’s eyes is constricted, and the arrow of the sunset is powerful. He naturally knows that if Zhou Dali inspires him with the power of the golden arrow, it is really difficult to please him.
Instead of dealing with Zhou Dali, he quickly withdrew the law and used his magic weapon to cover his whole body. He planned to become a treasure to counter the arrows of the sunset!
But at this time, seeing the power of the sunset arrow finally let go of several golden arrows, piercing the air and blinking before, Zhou Dali was scored!
Then several arrows went straight to Xia Rui and drowned him.
A big tripod suddenly appeared from the void, and the whole island was covered with tripod. Everyone looked up and saw them surrounded by hundreds of miles of tripod walls and peaks, such as waves and anger. A spectacular mural of the mainland appeared in front of their eyes. There were countless ancient animals in the mountains, rivers and lakes in the mainland, which appeared in the inferno picture!
As soon as this big tripod appeared, it immediately crushed the island. Countless rocks and reefs were cracked and crushed into powder, and then even the powder was crushed by the force of shape and could not be broken again and returned to chaos!
At that time, I don’t know how many people died tragically. The remaining people felt the danger and pulled out and flew outside the cauldron to escape from this lore!
There are still many people who are reluctant to part with the treasures such as sunset arrows and revenge spears. They think that their strength is strong and they are still fighting for it. Unexpectedly, these holy soldiers, which looked like human and animal damage, suddenly burst into power.
The setting sun arrow blasters the golden shock wave, and several monks are directly penetrated, but the Yuan gods all explode directly.
Revenge spear is even more bizarre and horrible. If you don’t cut the wound a few breaths, it will make people die!
More than ten people died in the blink of an eye. These magic weapons are powerful.
"Let’s go! This is a trap! "
The crowd was horrified, and the Ministry flew up and rushed outside Xiang Ding.
However, at this time, I saw that Dading once again closed all the export departments by pressing a road as heavy as a mountain.
Not only that, a series of magic sounds came from the bottom of the tripod, followed by thousands of purple and black magic lights, and dozens of people were directly refined into slag in the blink of an eye!
"Now just know is trap late yi also want to escape? What a joke. "
To a light yi followed by a figure suddenly break out of the virtual all feel shoulder strength suddenly sank with difficulty.
"You are Sue should be! You are not dead! " Everyone suddenly woke up and roared with anger.
"Yes, it is Su Mou. You can struggle in my hands, but it is absolutely impossible to escape from me!"
Jun Tianding kept dropping a series of mysterious and yellow gas to suppress Fiona Fang for thousands of miles, which made everyone almost overwhelmed
Not only that, but with the prohibition of the Yellow River in Jiuqu, everyone actually felt that their mana was slowly falling by disappearing and repairing the realm.
Immediately face if frightened as see spectre!
However, among these people, there are not only old monsters like Xia Rui, but also a dozen long-term habitat giants such as demon clan and his clan, and hundreds of monks who have been deified as Yuan gods. These people work together to wait for terror to continue to hold Jun Tianding up.
"I don’t know how to live or die!"
Sue should cold hum a foot and suddenly step on it, and then the setting sun arrow revenge spear was attracted by him, and all the magic weapons were directly released by him. At last, all the people were suppressed, even Xia Rui could not move.
Su Ying stretched out his hand and saw this big tripod whistling and turning smaller and smaller, and finally turned into a small tripod the size of a fist. His palm turned round and round and sneered, "You couldn’t kill me in the past, but now I’m making great progress, and you guys can make me stronger!"
Outside the island, Xia Chaoge saw that Su Ying’s tripod appeared and knew that it was not good. He immediately rolled up his tripod and fled.
Su Ying glared at her and sneered, "Run fast, or I will take you back to Shengzong to massage and sing!"
Sue should suppress all the people and look around. Apart from Xia Chaoge, several of them also look bad and come away with me.
"It is not impossible to refine these people. It may take too long or go back to Shengzong first and then slowly refine them all!"