"You may not have heard that a buddy of mine, the 712th Artillery Corps, is directly under the infantry battalion. He told me that there is a huge artillery position a few kilometers away, where the shells are so big that they need cranes to fill them, and they are constantly burning in the direction of Moscow!" Sitting in another ammunition box, another artillery said while fanning himself with his hand
Hearing the news, his soldiers’ faces were shocked. They didn’t quite believe that their country had such a huge artillery force in front of it. "My God … there is an artillery position? Is it heard that there are more than four 21-caliber heavy guns here? "
To be precise, there are 53 21-mm heavy artillery pieces transferred from Stalingrad, 6 24-mm heavy artillery pieces from France and 3 2-mm 2-mm heavy artillery pieces-nearly 9 large-caliber artillery pieces on the eastern front of the German Defence Forces in Moscow.
So the Moscow shell disaster came, and the Germans shelled Moscow from time to time with their own long-range artillery. This kind of irregular shelling made the Soviets slow down in tidying up the city, and the streets and lanes filled with rotten smell.
Two days have passed since the German bombing and shelling of the Moscow military parade that day. During these two days, the German army poured nine full 21-caliber artillery shells into Moscow. These shells exploded in the streets and destroyed one building after another.
"get up! Load five more shells! Come on! This round of shelling was handed over to us for execution! " A German artillery commander shouted at a distance that he waved his arms so that everyone could see his gestures.
So everyone got up from their positions, and some people pried open the wooden ammunition box on the bottom just now, and a shell appeared in front of everyone.
Four people set up the shell together with the shell pliers, shouting slogans, and sent the shell to the artillery position not far ahead. Qi Xin worked together to push it into the gun bore, and soon the shell would be shot off and fall on the head of the Soviet Union. The explosion was powerful enough to destroy an entire building. It was exciting to think about these things.
A few minutes later, a new round of shelling happened again. Everyone covered their ears and squinted at these. Although the design was slightly backward, the range could not catch up with the American artillery. The heavy artillery of Krupp Company was shocked by the strong recoil and raised dust. They felt deafening and watched the muzzle spew flames and smoke. It was the first world war when the Germans dumped ammunition on a city on such a large scale.
Several photos were spread out on the desk of Marshal rundstedt’s war headquarters. Compared with the dark room, this temporary expropriation house has bright windows, exquisite chandeliers and a whole cabinet of red wine and vodka. It is said that it is a villa of senior Soviet officials. When the Germans occupied it, there were two maids cleaning it here.
By the time the rundstedt Regiment Army Department levied here, the two good-looking maids had been "made" by many Germans, and rundstedt was able to keep cleaning here, which is why it looked a little messy than when it was just occupied.
"Marshal pavilion! This is the aerial photo taken during the last reconnaissance before the bombing. Because of the height problem, these blocks here, here and here are all blurred … "The military staff officer pointed to several vague places in the aerial photo and then pointed to a map of Moscow on the table." But we can still find some corresponding positions by comparing the map. "
Rundstedt nodded and compared the photos with a magnifying glass. Then he agreed and said, "This height is the lowest that the reconnaissance plane can drop. Although the military aerial camera we bought may be the best in the world, it should still be more accurate."
Rundstedt, a commander in chief of the German army, is also a veteran of the battlefield. He often compares the aerial photos in his hand and analyzes the information inside. Even if he is not a military commander, he can know that the shooting height is almost the same at a glance, and he can guess which type of reconnaissance plane to use.
There is quite a sense of superiority that you can guess the year after drinking a mouthful of wine. The military staff officer around him nodded with a smile and agreed with the marshal’s speculation that "this is the day before we ventured to take a low photo and found these blocks."
Then he pulled out a few local photos from the back that he had just got, and the height was lowered this afternoon. He pointed to the unrecognizable place and said to Marshal rundstedt, "Our shelling destroyed these blocks. Judging from the photos, this is about before the bombing, and the building has now disappeared completely."
"In the photos, half of the spires of the Kremlin have disappeared, some have collapsed and some have broken off directly …" From a professional point of view, the military staff officers introduced those photos to rundstedt one by one, and the Germans have confirmed their achievements.
"So these huge craters are caused by 2 mm caliber railway guns, right?" Rundstedt picked up a photo and asked the military staff officers around him, "They are bigger than his craters and are relatively medium …"
"It’s a marshal!" The military staff officer nodded, then picked up several of his same photos and put them together. Then he pointed to the three rows of photos and compared them. "The most surface is the crater of 21 mm and 24 mm caliber guns in the traces of military bombing, and the most surface is the 2 mm train gun."
"The Fuehrer means to carry out another military bombing to completely destroy the Moscow defense." rundstedt pointed to a few blocks where the map is relatively intact, and then ordered the military staff officers around him, "There are more napalm incendiary bombs in the garage to try the effect in these blocks."
The officer was stupefied, then nodded and immediately replied, "Yes, Marshal Pavilion! I’m going to bomb things when I get back, so I’ll leave you now, marshal! Fuehrer arcado? Long live Rudolf! "
"Head of state arcado? Long live Rudolf! " Rundstedt gave a military salute and then looked at the wall with a map of the war zone, where the E regiment army in the northern part of Moscow had firmly occupied the position; On the other hand, the front of Moscow, the A regiment and the F regiment, pressed in front of the Soviet army like Taishan coping-now if guderian’s G regiment reaches the designated position, Moscow will fall into the huge encirclement of several main German regiments.
Chapter 123 124 Oil is coming out
If the fierce battle for the eastern front represents the bloodiest and most desperate war process, everything here smells of original desolation, but it can achieve the future because it has been explored and is rich in oil.
Huge machinery and equipment in an oil field built in a desert are rocking back and forth, warmed by the sun. The nameplate of the equipment is engraved with lines of regular German words, indicating that these equipment are from the German Imperial Petroleum Industry Company.
This company is an energy company in Bailan Huatuanqi, which is responsible for finding and sending out oil from Libya. Obviously, they found oil in the past and tried to extract it. Although Libya’s infrastructure is very limited, with the stimulation of oil, everything is not a problem.
At the beginning, Italy and Germany jointly exploited these oil resources, and soon an oil pipeline was built, extending all the way to Tumnus. Later, the oil was directly sent to the battlefield in North Africa, so the German army Tobruk and other places built and produced oil processing plants. Although the quality of gasoline produced was not high, it was much better than the German coal-to-oil conversion.
With this small oil factory, the Axis Department of the Mediterranean Sea has saved a lot of ships carrying oil, and these saved ships have turned to transport more ammunition and weapons and equipment. The transportation of the Axis has never been so smooth. The whole Mediterranean Sea has become the entire Axis Lake, except for the occasional intrusion of British submarines and the deployment of several mines to interfere with it.
With the continuation of the early oil recovery process, more and more equipment and experts poured into Libya from Italy and Germany. Compared with mature Romania, everything here is still in the original mining stage, at which miracles are most likely to be born and people are most likely to get rich. Everyone rushed to this land with good wishes to find the first pot of gold.
Of course, compared with the distant Baku and the war-torn Middle East, it also has a unique geographical advantage. Once the oil fields here are mined on a large scale, the whole of Europe will get another stable and safe oil supply.
This is also a great temptation for Italy itself. The main reason why Mussolini wavered is that German technical experts said that the Italian colony Libya has oil reserves and the quantity is not low-since Italy has enough resources to develop after the war, why not fight? This idea includes Mussolini and some Italian high-level officials studying the possibility of Italy withdrawing from the war.
Not all countries want to expand their interests by aggression, and their fighting capacity is not as good as others. When Italy moved its own mind, Mussolini hoped that a key node could turn Italy into another Switzerland and make money on both sides.
Dozens of workers are busy next to a well that has been built. These workers are from Germany, and many of them have participated in the construction of small oil fields in Austria. Skilled workers come here to better exploit Libyan oil.
They have been working continuously for more than ten days. During these hours, most of their work has been fruitless. After all, Libya is too vast, and not all exploration and search will be rewarded accordingly. arcado knows that Libya has oil, but he really can’t remember exactly where it is. He vaguely remembers that the south of Brega Port is not far from Raslanuf.
Fortunately, after some efforts, they finally confirmed an oil production location, and how much oil field there is, they actually estimated that it is a huge oil field. At present, it seems that this oil field is not inferior to that in Romania.
In order to extract oil as soon as possible, not only skilled workers, surveyors and even mining equipment, but also Germans have helped Italy to prepare for it. The Bailan Flower Group has taken out a large amount of materials and specially built oil facilities and refineries in port cities such as Benghazi.
Everything is over. Today, it is absolutely self-deception to say that we are not nervous. These workers and several drilling engineers are nervously debugging the oil well, hoping to see a surprising scene in a few minutes.
As time goes by, no one talks, and everyone is nervous about drilling, hoping to see oil gushing out in one second. If this oil field is well prepared and can be as high as Romania’s, the Axis countries can immediately take off their poor oil caps and form a self-sufficient alliance for oil.
"I said that the team leader … should … be out of oil soon?" A * * * * busted worker was anxious to ask a middle-aged technical worker who also wore a top hat and shorts while wiping his forehead sweat.
The worker looks calm and extraordinary with a resolute face and sharp edges, but at this time he is also sipping his mouth and not talking, and his deep eyes are looking up at the head waiting for oil injection drilling. Obviously, he is also very nervous now, because at this time, his heart is not as confident as usual.
Suddenly, he felt his feet tremble, and then his eyes widened. As expected, the Fuehrer really contained a lot of oil here, and everyone became nervous with this slight vibration.
The underground rumbled and rumbled as if something was about to break free and gushed out, and soon the oil well spewed out black liquid. These oil resources, which are more precious than gold, suddenly appeared in everyone’s eyes
"My emperor! Oil is coming out! Out of oil! " A female worker screamed with excitement, and she hugged the male workers covered in oil stains around her as if they were lovers who had been in love for a long time. Of course, everyone knows that they all have their own families in their hometown in Germany, and no one will take today’s events seriously, but no one can forget such an exciting moment.
"Yes! Finally let us find it! Finally let us get out! " A man with glasses shivered and wiped his tears while whispering excitedly, "God, our efforts have finally paid off … God, I am so excited."
"quick! Send a message to Bai Lanhua headquarters! Come on! Latest password! Oh, my god We’re rich! We are going to be heroes of the motherland! " First, the middle-aged man finally blurted out his first sentence in such a long time, probably because he was so excited that he kept waving his hands when he spoke.
The workers are busy cleaning up the oil well and then mass-producing precious oil. The officials are running to the tent behind them, where they have their cable station. They want to deliver the good news to Germany thousands of miles away.
The good news that Libya’s oil production capacity has expanded and will more than double is enough to make the whole country excited, and the imperial economy will also go up a storey still higher. This oil field will inject new strength into the imperial war like a cardiotonic, so that the eastern front war of the empire will finally lead to victory.
He took out the transmitter and turned on the source line of the diesel engine. After waiting for the speed of the transmitter to stabilize, he trembled slightly. His hand was marked according to the password and sent out. After sending it, he found that he had unconsciously shed tears-tears of joy.
"My Fuhrer!" An officer knocked on the office door and got an answer before entering the room. He stood at attention at the door and waited for arcado to look up from the official document before raising his hand to salute "News from Libya."
This doubt is good news. arcado was stunned first and then inexplicably got up. "News from Libya? So there’s progress in oil exploration and production? "
The officer nodded quickly and then went to arcado’s desk and put Wen on the Fuehrer’s desk. "My Fuehrer said that another oil field in Libya will produce oil on a large scale, and our oil output there will be twice as high in a week."
Arcado certainly knows what this doubling means, which means that Libyan oil can finally support Rommel’s North Africa war and feed back the European continent. With this oil field, the Third Reich will no longer worry about the shortage of oil, and tens of thousands of tanks and planes can act with impunity to completely destroy those recalcitrant enemies.
"Very well! Double … So have the oil pipelines and transportation roads laid to Brega Port been completed? " Arcado muttered something and then raised his voice to ask speer, the leader of the industrial department sitting beside him.
"This is specifically for your wife, Ms. Mercedes, my Fuehrer." speer made a rare joke. "You should know that it is only Libya that invests in my Fuehrer. You are now the leading German super monopoly."
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Chapter 124 125 Complete freedom
A very beautiful glass cup in Mussolini’s office in Rome, Italy, suddenly fell on the wall, and everyone in the room could not help shaking.
"He knew there was oil! He knew it! What an asshole who has never been to Libya can know that Libya really has oil, but you idiots don’t know? What? " Mussolini was so angry that he lost his seat and cried hysterically.