The saints are in a panic. They are all indifferent to their self-repulsion. Their faces are gray and desperate. They look at the top of the mountain. The energy storm is constantly exploding. Although Taiji tries to suppress the energy storm method, the law must have been destroyed!
And the top of the mountain has been looking up at the emergence of black holes and then to the explosion, and people have also exclaimed!
"It exploded!"
"Something happened to the Holy Mountain!"
"After that, high-ranking people can’t come!"
From their point of view, we can clearly see that some smiling faces of the elders in the black hole have emerged, but there was a big explosion in one second. The array was out of control, the coordinates were lost, and the energy turbulence of the black hole was guided out. The array was destroyed and the explosion was even bigger.
"boom! Boom Boom! "
"boom! Boom Boom! "
"boom! Boom Boom! "
The huge explosion keeps ringing, the colorful blurred energy is turbulent, and it looks blurred and gorgeous everywhere.
"What a big fireworks event!"
Su Yu muttered to himself that the roof of Baisuige Restaurant was overlooking the holy mountain, and he was very comfortable with his eyes slightly narrowed.
Chapter 436 436 Emperor stealing treasure
Qin Yuhai died completely, and he didn’t realize that Su Yu had buried his cause until the moment of his death.
However, all this is over. Qin Yuhai can’t even regret it. Su Yu was very decisive and touched the ban of other bodies and directly "helped" him to complete the self-explosion, which was fast enough to make Qin Yuhai Genfa react.
Did he come or not to tell the brothers and sisters the truth? He died without even scum left.
With the fireworks show on the top of the holy mountain, the mountain people began to exclaim and admire.
Earlier, it was revealed that everyone speculated that this time, the great movement at the top of the holy mountain was very likely to have something to do with the arrival of higher plane forces and others
"It’s a pity that the holy mountain ceremony failed. My senior martial arts practice is secret."
"Ha ha failed! Recently, the people of the holy mountain in Xintiancheng are all arrogant. I think the so-called higher plane forces are also like this! "
"Hum! It’s not a good thing for the indigenous people to think that even if they come! "
"Words can’t say that. At least we want them to break through the boundary! They hold a higher secret cultivation method! "
On the fact that all arguments can prevent this arrival from failing.
Some people in Xintiancheng are happy, some people are sad, some people applaud and some people sigh.
Not everyone thinks that the arrival of the higher plane is a good thing. After all, it is an uncontrollable factor that others are so powerful. However, some people feel that the arrival of the high-ranking human law represents the breakthrough of the martial arts realm in the four continents, and they deeply regret it
On what emotions city people have, they can change the outcome of things.
Su Yu, the top of the centennial attic, wiped off the blood from the corners of her mouth. Her tiny soul touched the ban and was also destroyed. Su Yu suffered some minor injuries, but it didn’t hurt much.
This kind of injury is just like mosquito bites in terms of his practice and endurance of nirvana.
"It’s time."
Su Yu muttered something to himself. He glanced at the direction of the holy mountain, and his eyes showed fiery color.
The explosion there is about to stop, the energy turbulence is about to end, and the treasure hunt is officially started!
Su Yu’s footsteps lightly tread "shua ~!" A whole person instant message Baisuige restaurant roof.
Master Sheng Shan is still trying to control the Taiji diagram, suppressing a series of huge energy explosions and energy storms so that they can spread out at the top of the mountain.
Soon, the explosion of the resilience of the four continents lasted for about an hour, ending the energy storm, although it was still much weaker.
The whole holy mountain peak has disappeared, and the top of the mountain has been completely flattened for more than ten meters, which makes the holy mountain look abrupt and short! There is silence roaring through the energy turbulence, but these energy turbulence are not enough to rush to the top of the mountain, and will soon be wiped out by the self-repairing power of the main plane.
"poof ~!"
Master elder brother spit out a big mouthful of blood again, and the whole person staggered as if he were going to fall at any time.
"big brother!"
"Big Brother, are you all right?"
The virgins looked at the master elder brother anxiously, and their expressions were extremely anxious.
Qin Yuhai’s self-destructive array was completely destroyed, and the big brother was seriously injured. This series of blows made them unacceptable.
The elder brother was short of breath and pale. He couldn’t help falling to the ground. Before he fell into a coma, he shouted, "Hurry! Go and get the Tai Chi map! "
After that, the big brother fell unconscious, and his injury was too serious.
Tai Chi map is important. In a sense, it is an array, and it is even more precious. It is a few innate treasures of Xiandian Gate. It is a door treasure that was left to protect the door when it was sanctified.
Taiji map is of great significance!
He gave birth to a virgin, and all of them knew that they hurriedly arranged a few people to arrange the master elder brother to rest in the palace, and the remaining few people hurriedly tried to resist the energy turbulence and climb the mountain to retrieve the Tai Chi map.
However, without the big brother, the strength of this group of people is obviously not enough. Even if they join forces to resist the energy turbulence, they still seem to be struggling and climbing slowly.
Moreover, the turbulence of energy affects their ability to see through the body and find the Taiji diagram with the naked eye.
"Hey ~!"
Somewhere on the top of the mountain, Su Yu’s consciousness was also affected, and she could feel something ten meters around her.
He needs to move on this throne, and the throne will automatically help him resist the turbulent energy. Although the throne is not a congenital treasure, the power avatar is not generally weak.
"Can Tong scan this mountain top to find the Tai Chi map?"
Su Yuxin asked
[drop! Unified scanning]
[Deduct 100,000 points of popular energy! 】
Energy turbulence scanning needs to consume people’s energy. After all, there is great resistance.
Su Yu still has more than 70,000 people’s heart energy, and he pays no attention to the energy consumption of people’s heart.
Soon the scanning was completed in less than ten seconds.
[Discover Tai Chi map! 】
Send the coordinates to Su Yu Shihai.
"Hey ~!"
Su Yu’s mind moved the double throne, and he disappeared in situ and went directly to the top of the mountain somewhere.
Taiji diagram energy turbulence floats with the tide. Virtual Taiji diagram Yin and Yang fish are a little dim. It suppressed a strong energy turbulence riot. At this time, no one manipulated the treasure and looked like ordinary things.
Su Yu’s eyes sparkled, and he reached out and grabbed it lightly. "Sword!"
"Yin ~!"
The true imperial sword suddenly appeared. Su Yu’s hand, Su Yuli, split the violent vigorous sword and barely split the turbulent energy around the Tai Chi map. Su Yu quickly reached for the Tai Chi map directly.
"Snoop ~!"
The energy turbulence touches the palm of Su Yu’s hand and sends out a constant burning and erasing sound. However, Su Yu’s body has experienced nine turns of nirvana, and her defense is amazing. She directly forcibly took the Taiji diagram away from the energy turbulence heart.
However, Su Yu also paid some price. Her left hand and palm were covered with bloody skin and some pieces of meat fell off, which made her look miserable.