The scene looks very strange, as if a science fiction film is in front of you.
It’s a pity that the white coat is full of twists and turns, and no one has seen such a thrilling side
Mowa Xiao Xuan knows that the triplets are dying.
Soon a curtain of light wrapped the first golden fetus, and after twenty seconds, it was now Chai Wanying’s belly.
Chapter 36 Three Children
Tourmaline’s hands are separated by the golden curtain and do not directly touch the child’s skin.
So carefully wrapped a light curtain and put a golden ball in the Xuan pupil.
I can’t hide my excitement. Do you want to hold your brother in my arms?
Dad, rest assured
Wan Wan is also excited.
I always knew I was my brother
I also feel that I have to be a father, mother and child first. I want to be a calm brother and take care of my younger brothers.
But I feel more excited than my brother’s real excitement in his hand at the moment.
Xuan pupil he really want to cry again.
It was he who held back his tears
Look at your hands carefully, golden light, little eyes closed, your brother.
Then he is extremely similar and his father is exactly the same, which makes Xuan pupil feel strange
I feel that his father and brothers have been a family with several lives linked together ever since.
No one can divide them.
After the first child was successfully brought, the tourmaline cannon was quickly brought, and the second one, which was also covered with light gold light, was now in Mowa’s hand.
Compared with Xuan Pupil’s excitement, Mowa’s expression is even more fearful and serious.
Looking at two babies in a row, there is no lack of her witness.
Mowa sobbed and trembled and held the little baby more carefully.
I tried to calm myself when I brought the third baby, tourmaline, when I saw that special child in the screen.
I still can’t help but feel deeply distressed and regretful in my eyes.
Looking at it for a long time, he knew that everything his sister said to him was true. Was that dream the last one to be taken to old age?
Tourmaline has never had a tear in her eyes.
But at the moment, tourmaline looked at it from the perspective of Mowa Xuan pupil, but felt that he was in tears now.
Dad, little brother, he
Xuan pupil rushed to ask the youngest brother was gone.
Otherwise, why would dad be so sad?
never mind
Tourmaline gently caged the last little baby with her wide robe sleeve, so as not to let Xuan Pupil Mowa see it.
Then I can repair my sister’s belly incision.
After three minutes, lying flat on the operating table, Chai Wanying’s abdomen was too light to see any signs of pregnancy or childbirth.
Now three children are in Mowa Xuan pupil, and the last one is hidden in tourmaline wide sleeve.
Anyway, so many doctors are still outside, and many hospital leaders are still waiting for the end of this operation.
Sister is admitted to the hospital through regular channels to wait for labor.
Now that the children have been born smoothly and the elder sister is out of danger, they can’t just leave here suddenly.
After all, this will definitely cause a lot of trouble.
He is magical, but he can’t erase so many people’s memories at the same time.
And the most important thing is that he doesn’t know how many people know that his sister has lived here now.
If one thousand people are left out, then asking questions will lead to the second Likov.
After a short thought, tourmaline