Although Guo Xingyue has been in meditation for a long time, this consciousness is still one step late. This consciousness has rushed into Guo Xingyue’s mind and is desperately fighting for brain control. Guo Xingyue has sunk his knowledge into the sea of knowledge. At this time, Guo Xingyue is already in the early stage of integration, and Yuan Ying is strong in the knowledge of the gods, which makes Guo Xingyue’s knowledge of the sea not calculate. When Guo Xingyue’s knowledge sinks into the sea of knowledge, he turns into his own image. Looking at the consciousness that broke into the sea of knowledge (knowledge of the sea is the source of the practitioner’s knowledge, the stronger the knowledge of the sea
The color of the mysterious stream of consciousness is khaki. This stream of consciousness hovered in the sea of Guo Xingyue’s knowledge for a while and fell in front of Guo Xingyue’s knowledge. It also turned into Guo Xingyue’s sample, but his head was khaki.
Guo Xingyue looked at the intruder calmly and asked, "Who are you? Break into the sea of my knowledge? " The intruder laughed. "Who am I? I am you, you are me, since I am you, then you are not what you are, and you can die. "With a powerful voice, the intruder consciousness is even stronger than Guo Xingyue’s gods. Many Guo Xingyue finally knows that those spaceship people are dead-100% is this powerful consciousness, and Guo Xingyue’s gods are not as strong as the other party, let alone those roots, and there is no gods. This consciousness is strong. If you want to control mortal thinking, it is not easy for those mortals to die.
If it’s in the outside world, Guo Xingyue can’t beat it, but he can still escape. Even if his opponent is stronger than him, there are few people who can track Guo Xingyue in this mortal world. But now this is Guo Xingyue’s roots where he can escape. Even if Guo Xingyue escapes from knowing the sea, he doesn’t want to know the sea. Guo Xingyue is occupied by this intruder. There is no second way to go except to die. Even if he wants to get rid of Yuan Ying to cultivate scattered immortals, Guo Xingyue can’t fight.
The intruder is much stronger than Guo Xingyue. Gao Qiao is going to force Guo Xingyue to meet his moves hard. Guo Xingyue knows that his strength is not as good as that of the other party. Of course, he doesn’t want the other party to fight hard. He swims in the sea of knowledge, constantly trying to avoid the other party’s moves and trying to consume the other party’s energy, and then waiting for an opportunity to counterattack. What surprises Guo Xingyue is that the intruder is not only stronger than himself, but he is not in his own position. But Guo Xingyue is forced to be embarrassed for a moment.
The intruder’s moves accelerated, but in a short time, Guo Xingyue was forced into a dead corner. Guo Xingyue simply drank a fit and rushed to solve the other party. But Guo Xingyue soon realized that he knew the other party and his moves and techniques were too old for him to wake up. Here, he knew the sea himself, and his martial arts moves were all in the sea. Now that his opponent has broken into the sea and he has been together with the gods, the opponent himself can be regarded as the master of the sea, and he has no advantage in understanding the memory in the sea.
Guo Xingyue is not as strong as his opponent’s martial arts moves, and it’s a shared situation. After just a few moves, he was in the end of the wind. He only supported more than a dozen moves. The intruder actually used his sword to make Guo Xingyue’s strongest trick-the moon and the stars sank like a rainbow, which forced Guo Xingyue to escape. Good Guo Xingyue also used this trick. Here, Guo Xingyue’s spiral qi, Taoist fellow practitioners and flashing energy all enabled him to make it just a god’s knowledge ability, but the god’s knowledge ability was not as good as the other party’s. The result was that Guo Xingyu
Guo Xingyue wobbled straight and tried his best to keep his body in shape. If his body was scattered, Guo Xingyue was naturally dead even if he was destroyed by his opponent. At present, Guo Xingyue is in such a state that he can fight with his opponent again, even if the other party can destroy Guo Xingyue with a light palm, but the intruder doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to destroy Guo Xingyue. He walked slowly to Guo Xingyue with a cat scratching and playing for a while.
Guo Xingyue has lost his backhand and sighed. It seems that this time is doomed! Guo Xingyue was too lazy to look at the intruder’s smug face. He simply closed his eyes and waited for a long time to die. But he didn’t see the intruder start work. He heard the intruder cursing constantly. It seems that he was still fleeing in a hurry. Guo Xingyue couldn’t help but open his eyes curiously. A group of silvery things were chasing after the intruder who was just swaggering. The intruder seemed to have just eaten a big hole in his shoulder. At this time, he didn’t dare to let the silvery things go around and escape. From time to time, he denounced the intruder with high anger. The force is really tough and the posture is really fast. Nai, the silvery white thing passes through the intruder’s body faster than he does from time to time. The intruder tried to rush out of Guo Xingyue’s knowledge sea several times, but he was always forced to come back and support it. After a while, he was smashed into smoke and dissipated in Guo Xingyue’s knowledge sea. Guo Xingyue looked at this imposing silvery white thing and always felt familiar. It seemed that he had seen it somewhere and suddenly remembered something. "It was it …"
Chapter one hundred and forty-nine Soil spirit beast
Guo Xingyue recognized the silver-white object that destroyed the menacing intruder. It turned out to be the core part of the spiral element that failed to blend in the flash ball. This silver-white object was originally located in Yuan Ying’s brain. After Guo Xingyue cultivated to the early stage of fitting, this silver-white object also entered Guo Xingyue’s brain because Yuan Ying had merged with the second one, but it has never been surprising, and it has no effect on Guo Xingyue’s knowledge. Besides, Guo Xingyue’s knowledge also penetrated into his department. Guo Xingyue didn’t care too much about it. Now it saved Guo Xingyue’s life.
Guo Xingyue’s knowledge was hit hard. At this time, it was only barely trying to separate some of the gods from the sea of knowledge. I wanted to communicate with this silvery white object. One or two, I just kept chasing the intruder. After getting rid of the intruder, the silvery white object seemed to be restored to its original state. It was quietly lying in the sea of knowledge. Guo Xingyue’s theory of temptation was no longer responsive. After several attempts, Guo Xingyue had to put the effect aside first.
Guo Xingyue’s knowledge was severely damaged by the intruder, so he had to sit in the sea of knowledge and run the Buddhist achievement method to try to restore his knowledge. To Guo Xingyue’s surprise, he was defeated. The intruder’s powerful energy did not disappear, but was integrated into the sea of knowledge. This was much cheaper for Guo Xingyue, while the Buddhist achievement method focused on the cultivation of his knowledge. The big pie that fell this day made Guo Xingyue not only quickly restore his knowledge, but also made a qualitative leap. Although he could not absorb the intruder’s energy department for a while, with time, Guo Xingyue’s knowledge level would reach a terrible height.
Guo Xingyue got up from the sand and tried to scan the surrounding environment. Unexpectedly, the law is still in place. It has stopped Guo Xingyue’s scanning of gods in Fiona Fang for nearly a hundred miles. In Guo Xingyue’s scanning of gods, there seems to be a strong energy response in the depths of the desert. It seems that there are a lot of earth crystal drills. Guo Xingyue did not hesitate to dig a pit as deep as tens of meters in the sand and finally saw the earth crystal drill. The khaki appearance just jumped into the bunker. Guo Xingyue suddenly noticed a strong crisis and immediately forced the spiral to move back to the desert.
Suddenly, there was a fierce vibration in the earth spar desert, and the desert uplift not far from Guo Xingyue formed a huge sandbag, and the sandbag became bigger and bigger and grew into a high hill nearly 100 feet high. When it exploded, the earth spar particles splashed around, and a monster appeared in front of Guo Xingyue. It turned out to be a huge ball of light, which slowly rotated in the sun and then turned faster and faster, and finally there was a loud bang. The ball of light broke, and a big turtle shell humanoid monster appeared behind the scales in front of Guo Xingyue.
This turned out to be the earth spirit beast Xuanwu Turtle tied for the overlord of the earth property, but Xuanwu Turtle is timid and afraid of death. This earth spirit beast is fierce, but its defense ability is not in Xuanwu Turtle, but its attack ability is better than Xuanwu Turtle. Many of them are also a few, and the earth spirit beast can cultivate the truth and the demon before it can cultivate the magic. This earth spirit beast turned out to cultivate the magic. It is really incredible that there is a Warcraft in the fairy array. Here, the earth spirit beast is extremely abundant, and the earth crystal drill is also a real earth property spirit beast. This earth spirit beast has obviously cultivated heaven here.
The earth spirit beast seems to have just woken up from the state of uniting, looked up at the sun and looked at the battleship Guo Xingyue. After a long howl, he carried a khaki-colored light beam and shot it at Guo Xingyue. This light beam was so powerful that Guo Xingyue didn’t dare to make a hard connection and immediately flew away from the warship. The yellow light beam struck the warship and immediately blew it into pieces. Guo Xingyue’s powerful attack seems to have to be handled carefully.
The earth spirit beast is huge, with a height of more than ten feet, but its rotation is not clumsy at all, but it is far from being as flexible as Guo Xingyue’s posture. Although Xiu is four levels higher than Guo Xingyue’s, the attack power is extremely strong, but it is impossible to hit Guo Xingyue. It is impossible for Guo Xingyue to fly around the earth spirit beast and avoid the earth spirit beast’s attack for dozens of times. The earth spirit beast has not touched dozens of beams in a row, but it has hit the warships in the desert into flying debris one after another.
Guo Xingyue knew that the earth spirit beast was so hard that he didn’t intend to fly a sword to attack it. He took out a law body from the bracelet and threw it at the earth spirit beast with a wave of his hand. After a white light, the earth spirit beast was trapped in the law. The earth spirit beast screamed and screamed in the law, and the law was constantly bombarded by light beams, but it was impossible to break the law blockade in a short time.
Guo Xingyue ignored the rampage in the array, and the earth spirit beast flew into the bunker to clean up the crystal grains on the surface of the crystal diamond, revealing a huge crystal diamond, which was three feet high and five feet high. Fiona Fang Guo Xingyue unceremoniously swept away the knowledge in the bracelet of this huge crystal diamond, and now there are many smaller crystal diamonds not far from this huge crystal diamond, but considering that the earth spirit beast will soon break through the maze and will not stay any longer, he will fly out of the pit and step on the flying sword and rush to the edge of the desert.
Law barrier on the edge of the desert is still in Guo Xingyue’s sword flying out of the desert. At this time, the earth spirit beast has burst out of the law. It seems that it is sensed that Guo Xingyue is stepping out of the desert and yelling at the edge of the desert. This earth spirit beast is a demon animal, but it is impossible to chase the teleport root. Guo Xingyue walked over to the rushing earth spirit beast and waved goodbye. A teleport left the planet. The earth spirit beast rushed to the edge of the desert and roared to the sky for a while and walked into the depths of the desert.
Chapter one hundred and forty-five Frozen Wan Li (a)
Guo Xingyue teleported away from the desert and stood in the center full of doubts. Just now, the earth spar on that planet can be seen everywhere, and even the extremely precious earth crystal diamonds are too many to be feared. I can be regarded as knowledgeable, but I have never heard of a similar planet in the Xiuzhen star field. This is simply the sum of all the earth crystal diamonds in a star field, and the mysterious intruder is also planted in the fairy array, which can’t even withstand his own powerful divinity practice.
This fairy array is full of strangeness. Guo Xingyue herself hesitated about whether to venture to other planets, but when facing Baoshan, it was never Guo Xingyue’s wind. After thinking about it, Guo Xingyue decided to continue to see other planets. Because of absorbing the energy of the mysterious intruder’s consciousness, Guo Xingyue’s level of knowledge had a qualitative leap, and the maze had been restricted by law. Guo Xingyue chose a planet with rich water attributes and aura, and a teleport landed on the planet.
This is a frozen world. Although the planet is not too far away from the star, it is extremely rich in water-related aura, which turns the whole planet into an ice world. The temperature is extremely low. This planet Guo Xingyue has been to Guyangxing, which is somewhat similar, but its water-related aura concentration is dozens of times that of Guyangxing. The whole planet can’t see any other colors except black and white. The rocks exposed outside the ice are black. Except for a huge mountain, the outside of the planet is an frozen plain. The tall mountain peaks point to the sky like a sword.
Guo Xingyue carefully inspected the surrounding environment in the ice sheet. Frozen cryolite can be seen everywhere in the ice sheet. There is no sign of life in Fiona Fang after Guo Xingyue’s knowledge scanning for hundreds of miles. Guo Xingyue walked towards the mountain with a little hesitation and collected a lot of cryolite along the way. The closer he got to the mountain, the stronger the energy response was. At last, Guo Xingyue doubted whether the mountain was made of ice crystals.
The mountain is as steep as a knife and axe, and there are cliffs everywhere, but this can’t beat Guo Xingyue’s standing at the foot of the mountain. There is no sign of life now, but he feels the danger. Then he releases his flying sword and carefully walks to the mountain. He crosses several cliffs and comes to a stone platform that is not too big. The stone platform is extremely smooth and flat. There are dozens of feet. Fiona Fang is a black hole at the end of the stone platform. The hole is blocked by the law. Guo Xingyue’s knowledge can also penetrate the law to detect the hole.
There are risks in this cave, but the risks and benefits are often proportional. Guo Xingyue didn’t hesitate too much and walked to the mouth of the cave. He just walked to the center of the stone stage and suddenly a white light appeared on the stone stage, and many strange characters emerged. Before Guo Xingyue reacted, he was trapped by the law.
Guo Xingyue felt that the scenery in front of him changed and the surrounding scenery disappeared, leaving a vast expanse of land, and the sun disappeared in the sky. The whole sky was overcast, and large snowflakes fell from the sky, and nothing could be seen except the snow all over the ground. This law appeared extremely abrupt, and Guo Xingyue was so powerful that he realized that the law was moving and it was so fast that it was not obvious that Guo Xingyue did not even react. This law was absolutely serious. Guo Xingyue did not dare to be careless at all. The law let oneself sink deeper and deeper in the law) is to quietly release the gods in situ to see if the law is true or false. The gods are obviously hindered by the law and can find out more than 30 feet away, but there is still snow around here to find out the threat of the law.
Guo Xingyue stayed in the same place for a long time and was not attacked by the array. He was unaware of the danger. After thinking for a long time, he couldn’t figure out the mystery of this array. The only certainty is that this array is definitely not what he knows. Seeing that waiting in the same place is not a road, Guo Xingyue lifted his feet and prepared to walk around the array to see if he could find a way to break the array. Fortunately, Guo Xingyue did not move and immediately led the array.
The falling snow in the sky disappeared and was replaced by huge ice cubes. Each ice cube fell from the sky with a strong roar towards Guo Xingyue. The density of this ice cube rain was extremely high. From hiding, Guo Xingyue turned the flying sword into a giant sword to cover his head, and the huge ice cubes hit hard. There were banging noises in Jin Jian. Although Guo Xingyue should use the spiral force to unload most of the ice cubes, it was still able to hold up for a while, but the real yuan consumption was actually high.
The ice rain never stops. Guo Xingyue’s position is almost submerged by these ice cubes falling from the sky. I can’t help secretly worrying that this ice cube keeps falling. There are only more than ten pieces left in Yuan Dan. Isn’t it a dead end to wait for Dan medicine to run out? But as far as the eyes can see, there are ice cubes everywhere in the world, and there is no place to hide from the rain roots. It seems that we have to take a gamble.
Guo Xingyue opened his mouth with Guiyuan Danli in his mouth and started to run the spiral Zhenyuan. He even opened his mouth and shouted "Break!" This is the mantra of Buddhism’s achievement method. Guo Xingyue is currently practicing the law to break this powerful array, but in the case of Guo Xingyue’s exertion, this array has also been affected. The original ice rain has disappeared in an instant, and a crack appeared in the dark sky. A shiny ball of light appeared in the sky, but in an instant it became dark, and the huge ice rain fell again.
Although the ball of light appeared in the sky for a short time, it was enough for Guo Xingyue to see its position clearly. Guo Xingyue knew that it must be the key of the law. If we can break this ball of light, we can definitely break this law. The time is fleeting. Guo Xingyue dare not neglect and jump up and reach for the flying sword. Before the ice and rain fall, he flies towards the position of the ball of light.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Frozen Wan Li (2)
Guo Xingyue went against the sky with a giant sword and hit the ice all the way. In a flash, he rushed to the position of the light ball and shouted "Break!" The law was shaken to a loose hand and a tight hand, and a move was made to unite man with nature. Even people with swords suddenly shot at the ball of light and drew a sword arc near it. With a crashing explosion, the ball of light was shaken into little white light, which flashed a few times in a gloomy day and disappeared. Guo Xingyue was also shaken upside down by the anti-seismic force. Fortunately, he stumbled a few steps after landing, but he was not injured.
With the collapse of the ball of light, the ice has disappeared all over the ground, and the earth has returned to a vast expanse. The sky is still gloomy, but there is no more ice falling in the snow. Guo Xingyue secretly strives to restore the truth as soon as possible. He knows very well that this law has not been broken by the Ministry, but it is only a small part. Later, I don’t know that this law will change
Guo Xingyue has been pranayama for a long time. This law has not changed. Guo Xingyue’s heart seems to be moving. It seems that this law is weird. If you don’t move yourself, you won’t lead the law to attack. Unfortunately, you can’t stay here forever. Let’s try the power of this law again. Guo Xingyue carefully stepped forward and stepped out of several steps. There is still no response. It’s still a dead silence all around. Guo Xingyue can’t help wondering if he is wrong. Has this law been broken? No! If we break the array, it should be a stone platform. Now this array is not a puzzle. What’s going on?
Just when Guo Xingyue wondered, the earth suddenly roared and trembled in the distance, and a group of spirits rushed in the distance. It was ice rhinoceros! Ice rhinoceros has always been a loner. At this time, there appeared a group of ice rhinoceros with strong limbs kicking and kicking in the snow. Although ice rhinoceros is also a strong spirit beast, it is nothing compared with Kirin, earth rhinoceros and so on. Even if it is repaired again, Guo Xingyue is not afraid. With his law, it can be said that it is easy to repair, but now it is a group and the minimum repair is in the fit period, which is not very fun.
Guo Xingyue didn’t wait for this group of ice rhinoceros to rush near and fly immediately, but he planned to hide in the middle to avoid the limelight. As soon as Guo Xingyue jumped up, the sky was blocked. The roots couldn’t fly. A powerful law barrier appeared twenty feet off the ground. Fortunately, Guo Xingyue showed this barrier when he knew the gods, otherwise he must have been knocked down by the ice rhinoceros. Guo Xingyue was too busy to stop the rising momentum. An oblique flight rubbed the edge of the law barrier.
When Guo Xingyue’s knowledge swept away, he knew that this enchantment was extremely powerful. At this time, the ice rhinoceros group had rushed to Guo Xingyue’s feet and surrounded it in the center. A total of 12 ice rhinoceros were actually repaired by real beasts. It was not too strange that Guo Xingyue knew that these ice rhinoceros were illusions, but although they were illusions, the attack power was real.
This group of ice rhinoceros can ignore what Guo Xingyue is thinking. At the same time, Zhang Juzui’s twelve chills towards Guo Xingyue are a burst of crazy spray. Although Guo Xingyue is a Taoist and demon fellow initiates, it is impossible to withstand these twelve chills. If it is sprayed, it is estimated that Guo Xingyue will inevitably freeze into a block of ice and fall from the sky and then break into pieces. Guo Xingyue tried to fly to the distance to avoid the ice rhinoceros attack, but suddenly realized that there was a law barrier around him.
This planet’s water attribute aura is extremely rich, and the temperature is very low. Coupled with this group of ice rhinoceros, the temperature is horribly low. Even Guo Xingyue feels numb in his hands and feet, and some can’t fly. I can’t help but feel that my heart is tight and the tunnel is not good. After a while, it is estimated that there will be problems in the operation of the real yuan. At this time, I have to take a chance. Guo Xingyue will force the spiral real yuan to speed up the flight, and then transport the Buddhist mantra to drink a "break!" With this huge drink, there was a sudden agitation, and the shape of the ice rhinoceros group became lighter and lighter and slowly disappeared into shape.
Guo Xingyue paused a little while trying to use this mantra tactic. Although he succeeded in breaking the illusion, the cold current ejected by the icy rhinoceros group at the moment of dissipation did not disappear. At this time, Guo Xingyue has tried his best to avoid it and wiped Guo Xingyue’s shoulder with a cold current. Although he did not hit Guo Xingyue head-on, it was a cold current tip that swept over his shoulder. This extremely cold cold cold current immediately frozen Guo Xingyue’s shoulder into a piece of ice.