"bang! ——”
Yi Long’s body shook slightly, and Ba Du, the sorcerer’s god, has been able to attack his body directly through the defense of the chaotic Force. So he is now repairing his strength and destroying Ba Du by law.
Long Yu heart no longer have the slightest grasp at the moment.
Black Wuli churned up again as if it could cover the sky. Yu Long felt that all his retreat was blocked. This time, he smashed his fists towards Yu Long.
Yu Long dare not neglect.
This time he is not going to fight hard.
Almost when Ba Du’s fist strength was close to his body, he exerted a whirlwind attack on the basis of chaotic Force. With the ringing of several days, two forces clashed together. The sorcerer Ba Du was indeed unfathomable. This time, the attack power was several times stronger than before. Thanks to Yu Long, he didn’t intend to fight hard again. Otherwise, it might be that Tianyuan was watching the battlefield closely. He and Yu Long were both honored and lost. He had to ensure Yu Long’s affairs. What he hoped most now was that he could join hands with Yu Long to completely destroy Ba Du, the sorcerer.
Although Ba Du, the witch god, has completely lost his mind, his fighting energy is still there, and the power of each blow is changing with the change of the war situation
After a wave of attacks, Yu Long felt as if his heart had been crushed by a boulder.
Fortunately, he survived abruptly with tenacity than will.
Tianyuan looks up and can’t help but pale with horror because Ba Du has thick scales all over his body. At the same time, the murderous look from Ba Du is getting stronger.
Finally Tianyuan face also emerged a little deep fear.
"I can’t … Yu Long said to himself," It seems that I have to find a chance to get away and continue to practice forced ascension so that I can stop Ba Du by going to the root. "
Tianyuan smell speech quickly stepped away to fight alongside Yu Long, which is exactly what Long Yu expected.
However, Tianyuan’s participation did not improve the situation.
The potential of Ba Du, the witch god, seems to be constantly being tapped. Both Yu Long and Tianyuan feel strong pressure at the same time, not to mention the elimination of Ba Du. Even it is difficult to get out.
"Yu Long, let’s trap him first." Tianyuan discussed with Yu Long while coping with Ba Du’s attack. Ba Du may not be able to understand them. He is now left with fighting energy.
Long Yu light drink a quick search from my mind can be trapped Ba Du law soon he decided to decorate Yin and Yang boundary with Tianyuan the purest power seal Ba Du.
Yu Long’s strength is Yang Tianyuan’s strength, and some yin and evil just happen to be yin and instant. A huge fish of yin and yang is formed in the middle and is ready to cover the witch god Ba Du.
Ba Du kept roaring and growling in the enchantment to get away temporarily Tianyuan and Yu Long were thinking about the strategy in a hurry, and their eyes never left the enchantment.
Judging from the present situation, the boundary of Yin and Yang seems to be unable to last long. The eyes are different from those of Tianyuan when he first met Ba Du. His strength seems to have been stimulated to the maximum extent. Unless it is stronger than his strength, it is difficult to say that he is trapped.
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Chapter 6 Chapter 60 Life and death struggle
Increase strength! "Tianyuan fierce drink a oneself take the lead in the body original Yang enchantment he was afraid that Ba Du will the enchantment pieces will be wasted.
Once Ba Du, the sorcerer, leaves the enchantment, who can stop it? Who else … can trap it again? These are all very troubling questions.
It turns out that even if he teamed up with Yu Long, the effect was not great.
Ba Du, a witch god, has hit the boundary of Yin and Yang for the third time and there is a huge shaking. It seems that it should not last long.
Yu Long and Tianyuan gritted their teeth and waited.
All their energies are focused on regulating the enchantment. With the increasing pressure inside, they never dare to be distracted.
In the face of the energy attack of the witch god Ba Du, all they can rely on is their own body force. However, it seems that it is not ideal for them to resist the witch god Ba Du at this stage.
See that ray with devastating powerful energy will tear the barrier of Yin and Yang Huo Ran two figures appeared in front of them, but it is the desire to make the Lord black heavenly fiend and dragon god appear and then quickly maintain the barrier energy during the period of increasing strength in Yin and Yang.
Things suddenly got better.
Tianyuan and Yu Long also breathed a sigh of relief.
"Even if you come-!" In Tianyuan’s view, the root of the five heaven and earth can’t help much.
"Hum … black fiend cold hum a complexion said crossly" Tianyuan if it weren’t for our purpose, I’ll beat you carefully … "
"Just you?" Tianyuan a face of disdain.
"Why don’t you try-!" Black fiend a face not to lose.
Yet a Tianyuan immediately blasted out a punch towards the black fiend and went to the black fiend for a violent drink. You can’t help but listen to the "pa". A crunchy Tianyuan fist strength was actually crushed and dissipated by him.
Black fiend half twisted his body and said to Tianyuan with a full face of surprise, "But that’s all … of course, I know you didn’t try your best, but my black fiend is not as bad as you think …"
Long Yu was slightly surprised. Judging from the present situation, his strength heel is not as good as that of Ba Du, the former god of madness. It can be seen that he has hidden his strength before.
"Xiaoyu … we finally figured out the ultimate secret of the Five-Party Order of Heaven and Earth …" Black Heavenly Devil laughed. "It turns out that the Five-Party Order of Heaven and Earth contains the power of Jiuding. Dragon God and I have absorbed the power of Jiuding in the Order of Heaven and Earth. Now we have reached the level of Ba Du, the witch god. Don’t worry, it may not be a big deal for us to help you, but please believe us that we will never hold you back."
"I hope so-!" Tianyuan cold hum a way
The dragon god has been bitterly watching Tianyuan without saying a word. If it weren’t for the common enemy, Ba Du, the witch god, he would definitely clash with Tianyuan.
"Tianyuan, I hope you don’t be cynical about the overall situation ….." Black Heavenly Devil said, "Finish releasing the physical strength."
Tianyuan’s face was slightly surprised. Before seeing the sample, he really underestimated the five-party heaven and earth.
Black fiend’s hands are constantly adding physical strength to the enchantment, and the Dragon God is not idle over there. Yu Long and Tianyuan are also constantly strengthening.
"Boom-!" Enchantment again out of the deafening impact powerful impact relentlessly toward the four of them oppression.
Tianyuan, Yu Long is the main enchantment, which is what their power is. When the huge impact force hits them, they have a little vibration.
It’s because of the dark sky and the appearance of the dragon god. Although the impact force is much stronger this time, the pressure on them is much smaller.
Almost as soon as they breathed a sigh of relief, the black fiend widened his eyes and his face suddenly flashed several changes.
Obviously, for the first time, Ba Du, a witch god, was deeply shocked by his intimate contact with energy.
A shaking of the ground even the boundary of Yin and Yang seemed to shake a witch god, Ba Du. The impact was so powerful that even this land vein was almost loose.
God’s mouth murmured, "It seems that we have to find another way ….." The black God didn’t flinch in the face of danger.
"Everyone be careful that a new round of attacks in Ba Du will come soon …" Yu Long woke up.
However, just as they were ready for the preparations, they did not wait for the fourth wave of attack by Ba Du, the witch god.
Black God’s head turned to his side again and Yu Long asked, "What happened to Ba Du, the witch god?"
"I don’t know-!" Yu Long frown said.
"Is he gathering strength?" Haven’t been talking dragon god suddenly said
"Maybe!" Black Heavenly Devil nodded slightly and couldn’t stop thinking about Ba Du’s strange behavior in his mind, but a moment later he immediately gave up on Ba Du, the witch god in this state. Naturally, he could not infer the result.
Yu Long with Tianyuan also secretly alert carefully observe the changes in the enchantment.
Tianyuan silently prayed in his heart.
I hope I can survive this big robbery safely.
Suddenly Yin and Yang enchantment strange quiet.
However, the more the witch god Ba Du is, the more serious the situation is.