However, Zhao Zifeng didn’t get close to Xia Qi, so he drifted and drank a block in front of Xia Qi to stop Zhao Zifeng from fighting.
The man who blocked Zhao Zifeng was Zhu Xuan, a fairy in the celestial realm.
Zhu Xuanxiu and Du Qi have generally stepped into the fairy realm. Although moving the fairy realm power in the fairy realm will lead to great disaster, the power of the fairy realm terror control is far beyond the true fairy.
He blocked Zhao Zifeng’s two men from repairing each other, and at that time, they didn’t even fight.
Hemp seal looked at all this in the distance, and a trace of regret passed under his eyes.
After all, things didn’t develop as he thought. He didn’t expect Xia Qi to have such strength to face the true fairy. Instead of being killed, he killed the other side.
"Kill Xia Qi"
Although a little disappointed, Ma Feng soon put his disappointment behind him, drank a hemp seal, Du Qi fought into a ball, and then ordered the other three people to teach resin religion.
They this time don’t lift the world soaring HarmonyOS gas is so Xia Qi eye three resin Shinto true fairy unexpectedly pounced on Xia Qi at the same time.
Before the figure reached out and shook the front, three resin gods reached out and drowned the day, followed by more than a dozen zombies with lean bodies and dull eyes.
"Tear him up for me!"
Three resin Shinto immortals didn’t kill Xia Qi in person, but they actually called out more than a dozen fierce zombies who were carefully sacrificed in the celestial world.
More than a dozen zombies are coming out of the corpse, and the stench is terrible. The momentum is like the arrival of the Nine Mysteries, and the immortals and Du Qi in the holy land of Zi Xia are moving together in the distance.
It’s true that there are only four people coming from resin religion, but resin religion has carefully sacrificed zombies, so it seems that the strongest side of eye strength is resin religion.
Even Zhao Zifeng, the holy land of Zi Xia, can’t help but look dignified when he sees this situation.
However, at this time, Xia Qi did not consider other people’s emotions, and more than a dozen zombies were killed. He was caught in a crisis and his eyes were cold and locked in these zombies.
"Protect Xia Qi!"
Du Qi, Zhu Xuan and others all drank and hoped that Zhou Ruhe and his landscape brothers and sisters could draw out their hands to rescue Xia Qi.
In their eyes, more than a dozen statues are comparable to ordinary true fairy zombies. Xia Qi must be irresistible
Xia Qi is as calm as ever at the moment, and his eyes are even colder.
He is very familiar with these zombies. If I didn’t guess wrong, I’m afraid these zombies were cultivated on the island of resin Yin. After he interrupted them, the effect was much worse. Only then did a group of people in the resin religion give those zombies to these immortals.
It was fiercer than these zombies in the corpse island. The King of Golden Zombies can match these ordinary true fairy zombies. Can they resist Xia Qi?
There is no summoning vision. Xia Qi meets more than a dozen zombies.
The most tough thing about these zombies is that their bodies are almost invulnerable like magic weapons. Xia Qi met them like this and fell in the eyes of all, full of ridicule.
Even in the celestial world, there are not many zombie immortals who dare to fight hard against the dead body. Xia Qi’s move is like seasoned road in the eyes of others.
Figure such as flexible than rushed into the zombie group.
"dragon catcher!"
There is no vision to help, and nothing really moves, but Xia Qi feels carefree at this time, and he has not been tempted to capture the dragon hand for a long time.
The golden light burst into a big hand and gently wound it around a statue of a zombie. After crossing the zombie’s protective body, the corpse gas directly squeezed the zombie head and gently forced the hard and indestructible head of the zombie king to be directly picked.
There is no blood gushing, and the corpse gas is rolling out. In a blink of an eye, the dark, shiny and well-developed muscles of this zombie will shrink, and the corpse will fall and rest.
"Surround and kill!"
Three Immortal Immortals’ Immortal Cold Passwords
A zombie dies. They don’t even look at it.
More than a dozen zombies embraced Xia Qi and trapped him in the center. The rolling corpse gas and stench enveloped a day that made people afraid to get close to their hearts.
"Come on!"
Xia Qi’s eyes burst into excitement and low color, drinking one foot and welcoming a zombie.
He punched like a dragon and collapsed. One day, a zombie was directly bombarded by him with one punch, and the power was greatly reduced and flew out. However, at this time, there were four zombies around Xia Qi. At this time, the black and hard hands were caught at Xia Qi.
The fingernails around the corpse are extremely long and dark as ink, just like daggers, flashing cold light. It’s terrible. There is no doubt that falling stones fall on people, and even if people don’t directly tear a piece of meat, the side with ptomaine is enough to greatly affect immortals.
Four zombies are coming from all sides, and Xia Qi can avoid it!
Three resin shinto immortals show faint smiles and confidence is in hand.
Du Qi, Zhu Xuan, Gu Yue and others looked anxious and panicked, but unfortunately they were entangled in their opponents.
"Get out of here!"
Avoid can avoid Xia Qi will no longer avoid! Angry drinking, every cell in the body seems to swell up, and the strength is surging in the body. Xia Qi’s two big hands are like talons to grab it from left to right.
Xia Qi’s hands are sharp as a hook, which directly runs through two zombie corpses. Wait until the two big hands are taken back again, and both zombie spines are caught out.
Two zombies collapse instantly!
But at the same time, the dark and shiny hands of two zombies in tandem also caught up, one just fell on the chest and the other fell in the middle of the back.
Xia Qishen’s blue robe was torn directly.
But when tearing Xia Qi robes, two zombie hands came into contact with Xia Qi’s skin, they were suddenly blocked. Xia Qi’s skin was as hard as iron at this moment, and two zombie hands with ptomaine actually broke Xia Qi’s skin.
"This is impossible!"
"it can’t be true!"
Three resin gods stare big eyes incredible exclaimed.
It’s comparable to the sight that a true fairy zombie can even break the skin of an ordinary monk. It’s hard to believe that three resin gods are Du Qi, Zhao Zifeng and Ma Feng.
"So that the flesh can be tempered?"
"Is his flesh comparable to Jin Xian?"