Since he was rejected, he is a car-scrapping man, and his love for Younger is not unavoidable. It is a pure desire of zhan. Instead of chasing him, he vowed to find a more beautiful wife than Younger. He also resigned from his legacy and stepped into the rivers and lakes. Later, he heard that Nanmu Rou, ranked third in the "Pearl Spectrum", was going to compete to get married, so he came to Suzhou and came to this competition site.
In fact, he is not so reckless and fierce, but seeing Mu Rou Gongsun’s charming feelings and thinking of being rejected by Younger, he was so angry and impulsive that he lost his mind.
One wrong step and one wrong step. At this moment, he can go back and start all over again. If he washes away this shame, he can’t lift his head anywhere in his life! So he suddenly grabbed Lin night mans knife back force a pull! Night mans Lin saw that he had been silent for a long time and wanted to ask him questions in his mouth. At the moment, he was so caught off guard that Ma Xiangqian jumped down and Li Xiongze suddenly waved his right hand sword and stabbed him in the heart of night mans Lin!
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Chapter 10 Mysterious old friend
"Rats dare!"
"Stop it!"
Although everyone doesn’t want to see such a tragedy happen, it seems impossible to stop Lin Yemang, a fighter who has never been known in the rivers and lakes but has first-class strength, and he will be as fleeting as a shooting star at night. Everyone can’t help but feel sorry.
However, the world always surprises people. Lin Yemang’s center of gravity has lost, and there is no way to resist such a fast and urgent sword, but he doesn’t want to do nothing. His left hand tried to temporarily block the edge, but he accidentally found that the back collar flew backwards like walking on clouds. It was almost a slaying sword that was so missed.
Li Xiong was stunned by that moment and did such a despicable thing. When the sword was stabbed, he regretted it and couldn’t get it back. Now that it can be saved, he added a few minutes of strength to his heart, and then he must kill it with a blow, and then quickly escape or have a chance of survival. Where did he think of doing his best to stab a forest night awn with a sword? A tall young man was in his hand, and the man looked at himself coldly with a big knife in the other hand
"You’ve lost your master’s face because you deserve to compete for marriage?" The face of that man with bronzed skin is as sharp as a knife. It is the cold sky of Kunlun!
"I said, young Xia, should you let me go first?" It is reasonable to say that Lin Yemang should become angry from embarrassment when he is held by a young man younger than himself, but he does not smile at the cold sky at all, and his eyes are full of appreciation and gratitude.
"Oh, I forgot." The cold sky was too busy to send my hand in a panic. If it weren’t for Lin Yemang’s early preparation, I would have been thrown to the street. "I have a bad memory. Master always said that I was too stupid to suffer in the Jianghu." It proved to be an honest and simple personality, and I said it in front of so many people.
"poof!" Gongsun’s feeling at the edge of the ring was made to laugh by his silly sample, and Mu Rou couldn’t help smiling.
"Nothing to mind’s eye, good virtue, bad memory and nothing." Lin Yemang also smiled with deep warmth and glanced at Li Xiong who was sitting on the ground, but Li Xiong had lost all his pride like a SangGuQuan at the moment, and he knew that he was finished.
"You are a good person, just like the cloud I met when I signed up yesterday. Make friends!" The cold sky laughed heartily. He felt that Jianghu was more relaxed and fun than Master said. There were so many interesting people.
"Cloud? !” The cold sky started a thousand waves in one sentence, and at least a dozen different voices asked
"Yeah, why is my new brother famous?" The wrong novel network doesn’t jump, and the cold sky reminds me of the cloud’s notoriety when I hear so many people note the cloud, but I haven’t listened to his explanation yet. People don’t even have a movie. This time, they are quick to talk, but they are in trouble. Let’s pretend that they don’t know it first, but look at his stupidity. Most people will be confused. Where do you know that this person is actually ignorant?
However, when he asked this question, no one contacted Yun. At present, Yun is a super wanted man in the Wulin. This story is not clear in one sentence or two. If someone supports him, it will be a public leader in the Jianghu. Not many people have such courage or such awareness.
Lin Yemang broke the silence for a long time. "I’ve heard about him, too. How do you know him, Young Xia?" I can’t tell his attitude from his calm tone.
"What little xia, I’m Kunlun sent cold sky Li hate day is my master! Eldest brother, don’t be so polite. Just call me the sky. "Is the cold sky actually Li Hate Tiandi? "Heavenly Sword" Li Hates Heaven is not only famous in "Tianpu" but also the top three in "Jing Ke Pu". How can his strict and self-disciplined character teach such a somewhat silly apprentice? There is a heart that Mu Ting secretly nods, Li Hatian is really different, and he has the courage to dare to break through the innovation. Li Hatian’s accomplishments in fencing have reached the acme of Kunlun School. If you choose a character talent who is similar to your brother, even if you practice to the extreme, it will be difficult to make greater achievements. However, if you choose a completely different type and abandon your sword, you will have to admire the cold sky in front of you. Although it seems silly, it is actually quite principled and pure-hearted, which is very beneficial to your practice. If you cultivate it intentionally, it will not be difficult to shine in the future.
"What do you think of Yun?" Lin night mans continue to ask, he also seems to be a cloud.
"Yes, I’m also very interested in what kind of person is this recently famous Jianghu cloud?" This time, the speaker was dressed in white and handsome, which made women jealous of Yan Wudang and Zhang Tianling! He didn’t come to take part in the tournament to get married, but he came to hunt him down when he heard that the cloud was coming to Suzhou. He came here to watch the excitement. Just now, when Li Xiong shot against Lin Yemang, he also wanted to help each other, but it was a long way from each other. But when he shot in the cold sky, he was watching the score. This man’s martial arts was definitely not what he thought, and he was also very interested in his opinion.
"He is very famous? I don’t think so! " Cold Sky grinned. "He seems to be very human. Does he look like those sharp-edged young heroes?"
"Hum, it is this kind of hypocrisy that is the darkest and the most despicable thing to do!" There was a voice in the crowd that said, "Oh, correct one, it’s a fake monk, not a fake gentleman." This man came out of the crowd. This man is thirty years old with a triangular eye and a crooked nose. He looks very gloomy.
"What makes you say so?" Mu Rou finally couldn’t help it. He was just about to refute it and covered his mouth with Sun Qing. "Don’t say anything, it will affect your home." Sun Qing gently charged in Mu Rou’s ear.
"Why doesn’t Miss Mu also know that rogue Yun?" The man seized the opportunity and the horse took the opportunity to attack.
"Well, my daughter may think that Mr. Wang’s words are too arbitrary and she can’t help but want to be fair." Mu Tingma dozen circle field "My daughter is not married and not very sensible. Don’t blame Mr. Wang." Even the elimination and beating were so neat that it was watertight.
"So that’s it. I’m also fascinated by Miss Mu. Otherwise, today’s contest to recruit relatives will become a trick to recruit turtles. Didn’t it fool the young heroes?" The man who doesn’t jump words on the wrong novel network seems to be dedicated to making trouble, and his speech is also mean and mean. Many people are angry at this sentence.
"Where did the dog bark here?" A young boy in jinyi shouted to the man.
"Haha, that’s interesting!" The man said, "I’m kind enough to advise you, Mr. Mo Gui, but everyone seems ungrateful."
This sentence is too lethal. After he finished this sentence, no one said anything more, just looking at him and waiting for him to write.
Mu Ting spoke first at this moment. "Ge had better think clearly. Besides, it’s not easy to bully us if we slander our Mu family!" I don’t know the origin of this person or the purpose of this person, but I can vaguely feel that it is not a good thing to let him get rid of it like this. He came to plan to let the cloud come to dominate the crowd because he didn’t expect the cloud’s notoriety to have come to this point. However, the cloud can still come and go freely without restrictions, and I can’t help but feel that this little ability is much higher than my own evaluation.
Chapter 20 Wonderful monk rouge
After returning to vulgarity, the monk Rouge has made a big name in Wulin, and these names are not positive. His personality is extremely eccentric and he does things upside down. I don’t know what the so-called "acting according to his own preferences" means, regardless of other factors. The black and white roads in the Jianghu are quite a headache for him. Although Rouge has indulged in talking and laughing, he has never killed a person since he debuted. He just likes to play tricks on others. Whether this person is willing to accept it or not.
Later, I heard that he also accepted an apprentice, and since then, I have heard little about his deeds.
I can’t believe that after many years, dozens of people who once criticized the Jianghu said that they would appear here and at this tournament to recruit relatives. What does it mean that he came so suddenly?
"hmm? Why hasn’t anyone come to the tournament? Do you guys just watch my old man sit on a beautiful woman? " Rouge monk knocked at the wooden fish in his hand and shouted at Taiwan
"Where can the wild monk see the young master teach you a lesson!" After all, it’s been so many years since the name of Rouge Monk was great. None of the younger generation in these challenges knew that he had heard from his elders, and this person was rare. They were not in a hurry to challenge, but there were other considerations. This is a burly young man who jumped into the challenge with two short halberds.
"What wild monk has long been secularized? You were still in the womb at that time!" Rouge monk seems quite sensitive to the word monk.
Why is it secularization again? Apart from knowing that the older generation is present in the life of Rouge monk, the horses are associated with poor clouds. Will he be compared with this world-famous eccentric monk in the future? That is not a general shame.
"Then why are you still wearing a robe and holding a wooden fish?" Sun Qing is curious about her provocative personality and asks.
"Hey, hey, that’s interesting. Is the cassock dressed by the abbot of Shaolin Temple?" Monk Rouge retorted rudely, it seems that he has a lot of opinions about Shaolin Temple. "And the wooden fish, like the cloud fish, often wake up day and night and carve wood images to shock people, and it is also stipulated that it is a monk?" What he said is justified, but he is not crazy at all. Is it a mistake? However, if you think about it, there seems to be something wrong with what he said vaguely, but you can’t find out where it is. Sometimes common sense is not necessarily truth, but when you see it more, you will be convinced that fixed thinking will always be the first public enemy that hinders human development.
"I won’t talk nonsense with you. Please ask this elder for advice in Yang Wenyu!" Said waving hands that pair of silver halberds to rouge monk hit.
One of the ten ancient weapons in China evolved from Ge, including halberd and short halberd.
The spear-shaped tip of the halberd’s trunk crosses two steps, and it is embedded with crescent-shaped sharp edges, so that the halberd has the attack performance of stabbing, chopping, cutting, stabbing and splitting.
In ancient weapons, the halberd’s shape is very beautiful, with green light flashing, straight front, crescent curved blade, beautiful leopard tail and five-color tapestry, which show a clear and proud, noble and brave style everywhere, making it look so outstanding and graceful in the ancient weapons group! No wonder the ancients had the praise that "the halberd is a dragon among soldiers"
At the same time, halberd is a symbol of the dignity of the temple.
Of course, as far as the battlefield is concerned, there is hardly any martial arts expert weapon that is a halberd. The reason is very simple. The halberd is heavy and bulky, which is suitable for chopping and killing enemies in the battlefield. For such a heavy weapon of martial arts experts, it is not conducive to long battles and quick battles. It is really a kind of weapon.
Yang Wenyu chose Ji’s own weapon, either because his natural divine power can withstand consumption and his strength is profound and profound, and he can use this heavy weapon freely, otherwise, the Jianghu rookie will finish it when he looks at Ji Shuai without considering other factors.
Now it seems that his gesture should belong to the latter, and it is strange that his kinetic energy hits his opponent.
Rouge monk looked at the pair of silver halberds, but he was still and smiled at Yang Wenyu without even lifting his hand.
The couple of halberds are getting closer and closer, and the rouge monk still hasn’t moved. What medicine does he sell in the gourd? Or is it that he is not a rouge monk at all, and everyone is too subjective?
The pair of Euphorbia halberds stopped in front of the rouge monk’s forehead. It was Yang Wenyu who just stopped the original force blow. It seems that his martial arts are really not so good. Take back the blow. His face was blue and his eyes rolled. "You!" He was angry. "What the hell are you doing, wild monk? Why don’t you stop or hide?" He roared.
"Why do you want to take it back even if you smash it?" Rouge monk looked at Wu Jianqiu with a smile.
"I hit? You will die if I hit you! " Yang Wenyu’s answer caused a laugh. People were filled with dark passages. This stout young man is so cute.
"But then you’ll win," said Monk Rouge, curling his lips in the ring and admiring Sun Rou’s feelings. "You’re one step closer to getting those two beauties, aren’t you?"
"You are neither a foreign enemy nor a corrupt official. The local tyrants and bullies let you retreat, that is, to kill you?"
Yang Wenyu naturally replied, "But it’s puzzling that you, an old monk, wear rouge like a girl’s family. How can you still compete in Taiwan to get married? Even if you can win, won’t you spoil people?" The wrong novel network didn’t skip a word and glanced at the two women next to the ring. "Although I know that my martial arts are not good, I can’t see you being so stupid!" Although the words seem vulgar and vulgar, they are eloquent and eloquent, but they can be heard on the sidelines. Everyone secretly nods and despises him. Although this person is not good at kung fu, his backbone is worth appreciating.