Her smile was so full of smiles that Ruanbin was stunned and her heart missed half a beat.
Xia waved in front of him. "Hey, I’m asking you something."
Ruan Bin held her slender waist with one hand and moved from back to front with the other hand, holding a large bunch of flowers. He said, "Flowers for beautiful women, the most delicate roses for my favorite girl."
Summer giggled and took the flowers. What a big bunch. "Why are you so sweet today? Is there any happy event in sending flowers so old-fashioned? "
Ruan Bin didn’t answer the rhetorical question, "Send flowers to the old country?"
I can’t help laughing in the summer. "Old-fashioned, but I like it very much."
Ruan Bin provoked her to bow her head and kiss her lips. "I love you, my little girl."
Xia’s heart is so rippling that I don’t know where it has gone. Her face is getting redder and her ears are red. She bowed her head to cover her face and said shyly, "Isn’t it a little disgusting to say this at the door?"
Ruanbin half hugged her and pulled her into the house. He was so happy that he kept smiling at his mouth.
Summer see him so also can’t help but smile "what’s wrong with you today? Got a promotion and a raise? Still winning the lottery? "
"I’m happier than this." Ruan Bin took the bouquet and put it aside, then took a certificate from his pocket. "Look, it’s freshly baked."
Xia brightened at the moment and blinked hard to make herself see more clearly. Although she hadn’t beaten yet, she couldn’t help crying. When tears came, she covered her mouth and choked, "Really?"
"Of course it’s true. I dare not make a false certificate to show you why the silly girl is crying. This is something to be happy about." Ruan Bin comforted her while wiping her tears.
Xia shook her head, cried and laughed stupidly. "I am happy. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?"
"Because the appointment with Shen Jiaying before failed to come true, I’m afraid I said before and it didn’t work out to disappoint you for some reason. I’ll tell you this time when it’s done. She was discharged from the hospital today and we went to the Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce. I’ll come back and tell you that I’m free."
Xia took his divorce certificate and read it carefully to make sure that she cried and threw herself into his arms, too excited to speak.
Ruan Bin was also very excited. He patted her on the back and said, "Stop crying. If you cry again, others will be bullied by me."
Xia bian cried and said, "My mom just called me and asked me if I went to your house and asked me when I would let my parents meet. Do you know how flustered I was at that time? Can I say that you have been busy at work recently and I am looking for a worker to send my mom away?"
"I know you’ve been wronged. Your mother thinks about things. We can do them slowly. Let’s go to my house tonight and meet my parents and your future in-laws."
"Today? Is it too sudden? "
"Not only is your mother waiting for me, but her mother is also waiting to come home with me for dinner tonight."
Chapter one hundred and forty-three The first door
Chapter one hundred and forty-three The first door
"Today? Is it too sudden? "
"Not only is your mother waiting for me, but she is also waiting to come home with me for dinner tonight." Xia Gang asked Ruanbin to say first, "It’s a deal. It’s better to take you shopping when you go to my house for the first time. My parents pay great attention to this etiquette."
Summer excited to stammer "you? ? Are you sure you want to go now? "
Ruanbin looked at her face and smiled wickedly. "You can take a bath before you go out."
Xia decisively nodded. "Uh-huh. I can’t go out like this. You wait for me to take a shower first."
Ruanbin stuck her arm around her waist and followed her to "wash together"
“? ?” Summer is really a language, pushing and saying, "Don’t do this, okay? It’s not appropriate in broad daylight."
"Nothing is inappropriate. It’s appropriate to do anything at home."
Ouch! Ouch! Our water must have gone up a lot. Do you know what saving water means?
Ruanbin went home in the summer dressed up. Although she was dressed up, she actually put on a light makeup. It took her half a day to try on more than a dozen sets before she was selected.
It’s not summer picky. It’s Ruan Bin who chooses to wear bright colors, which is too eye-catching and dark, which is too boring. It’s not good to dress, not good to wear, and not to pick and choose. Finally, this set was decided.
Inside, a long black dress with long ankles is dignified and elegant, but black is too boring, so she wears a white crocheted blouse outside, which is a little more dignified and casual.
Ruanbin is more nervous than Xia for the first time.
Section 35
It’s getting darker and darker every day after autumn. By the time they get to the gate, it’s getting darker and darker. The car and everything are brought together. Xia went to Ruanbin and asked him, "Is this ok?"
Ruanbin finally checked her makeup and nodded, "Don’t be nervous."
Xia quipped, "I think you are nervous."
Ruan Bin was said to be right. "Let’s all relax and let’s go."
Ruan Yongnian and Zheng Yushu at home have been ready for a long time. From noon, they received a message that they would come back for dinner later, and their parents prepared it.
Ruan Yongnian wore a suit without wearing it for a long time. He also tried a suit, but it was not appropriate to wear a suit in a wheelchair. He specifically told his aunt to iron the suit flat.