"Ha-ha, these are all famous figures in the celestial world. Let me see Ha-ha, Yuan Tianzun, Tongtian Patriarch, Nu Wa Empress, and Gouchen Emperor. Kill them before you, and see who else in the whole celestial world can compete with my master!" The Hunger bodhi old zu ha ha laugh wildly abnormal arrogance.
The eyes of the Ji-Mao beast suddenly emitted wild light "whoops" and shouted that a huge body suddenly rose and opened its mouth like lightning and rushed towards everyone.
This monster was chopped by the bodhi old zu in The Hunger, and it was ten times faster. Not only was it scared that the leader turned pale, but Yuan Tianzun also changed color. Long Xingxuan picked up the purple-purple Nuwa empress and threw out Princess Lan Yan. At that time, everyone was in a mess.
"Haha, aren’t you all famous figures in the whole celestial world? Why are you afraid of this little beast today?" The Hunger’s bodhi old zu laughed wildly with pride.
"Death to the beast!" Yuan Buddha’s sword in his hand radiates a golden light and cuts it off toward the beast.
"Bang" a big ring wrapped in golden light, the sword is being cut in the scales of the hard body of the beast in Hebei Province, and the Yuan Buddha is suddenly shaken out, escaping and bleeding.
"Violet, take a good look at Lan Yan, and I’ll come to you when I clean up that monster!" Star Xuan Fang Zi Rui said that she flew to the front and the red blood pike dripped a rotation and stabbed at the eyes of the Ji beast.
Ji Mao beast immediately put his head and let his eyes go to the top of Xing Xuan’s red blood pike.
"Bang" a loud star Xuan red blood pike turned into a little blood fog and scattered, and a disordered breath also enveloped the beast with the collapse of blood
Ji Mao beast face a confused look.
Tongtian hierarch saw this opportunity and jumped up with a knife 50 or 60 meters high to look at the neck of the animal.
"Tongtian hierarch has such a little power in the suppression of the original power. It’s a strong and weak translocation!" Behind the waiting game, The Hunger’s bodhi old zu laughed and suddenly a black whip flew out of his hand. As soon as he wrapped himself in the sky and flew in the middle, he pulled his body toward the ground and "boom". A hard body and bluestone pavement came into close contact.
Fortunately, the bluestone pavement of the earth was smashed to pieces, but he was not hurt too much, and he got up from the ground again.
"Ha-ha, I was actually beaten by the younger generation. You have really fallen a lot over the years!" Yuan Tianzun laughed and looked at the teacher younger brother being humiliated. He was not only angry, but also gloated.
"whoops!" At this time, Ji Mao beast suddenly got rid of the paralysis caused by the collapse of Xing Xuan’s red blood pike, and his tail swept towards Yuan Tianzun.
"Pa" a big ring Yuan Tianzun’s sword was broken and his body was swept away by the huge tail of Ji’s beast, and he rolled out. He was smashing in a bluestone building. "Bang" a big ring, and the wall of the house was suddenly smashed into a big hole, and Yuan Tianzun went through it.
"Ha ha, brother, you’re just so much. It’s a shame to be defeated by a small animal!" Tongtian laughed.
"When did the two heavenly deities bicker and fail to clean up the ghost? He is the key!" Nu Wa Niangniang suddenly flew out of a colorful ribbon in a charming drink hand at this time and wrapped it around the bodhi old zu in The Hunger.
"Ha-ha, Nu Wa Niangniang is in the celestial world, but I heard how far your title is going to run. I never thought there would be any chance to fight with you. Ha-ha, today’s strength is easy. N Let me kill the ancient immortal addiction!" The Hunger’s ancestors are fierce
In the heart, the black whip is like a snake, and it strikes the colorful brocade of Nu Wa Empress first.
The two pieces of colorful ribbons are more flexible than dancing, and thick viscous forces are wrapped around the black whip, while the black whip is better than being clever and constantly avoiding the entanglement of colorful ribbons and waiting for an opportunity to attack. It is a different battle with Nu Wa Empress, a celestial multiplier.
"Two heavenly deities, we Qi Xin will work together to kill this beast first!" Star Xuan mouth spit out one mouthful blood again, condensed into red blood and long Dao said to Yuan Tianzun and Tongtian leader.
"good!" Two people also know that at this time, if you don’t work together with Qi Xin, you should probably answer the little fairy tale. Several famous figures in the celestial world will be killed in this small Ji beast and the little fairy hand. Although they are immortal and killed here, they can be reborn outside the forces of the original world, but that’s a lost opportunity and they will be squeezed out of the original world, which means that they will always be suppressed by the fairy who hides in the dark and casts great foresight in the future.
What’s more important is that being injured in the original world is better than not being injured in other parties. If this body is destroyed, it will hurt their source. If they don’t practice for tens of millions of years, they will never be able to recover. At that time, the world has long been someone else’s world, which must not be tolerated by them.
Although there are times when the three other disciples argue over who should carry forward the orthodoxy, and even there has been a deity war, they will work together with Qi Xin in the face of this threat to all of them.
"Xiao Gou Chen, Yuan Tianzun and I are entangled in this beast. You can exert another great foresight to kill this monster when you are free!" Tongtian hierarch called a steel knife in one hand and switched it to his left hand to fly to the front of the beast of Ji and Yuan Tianzun to attack this monster with a left and a right.
Xing Xuan took the opportunity to rest in the back and adjust his body to be able to run the real yuan. He once again cast the great foresight to turn the red blood suspended in front of him into a red vortex, and then read a spell in his mouth to run all the real yuan to cast the chaos.
The crimson vortex slowly fades into black and white. Spin it up quickly.
At this time, the beast flew into the sky, and its tail swept away the original opportunity. Xing Xuan shouted a black-and-white vortex and suddenly added it to the beast and covered it.
"poof!" The whole body of a Ji Mao beast passed through the black-and-white whirlpool, and suddenly a figure appeared in the whirlpool, so that Xing Xuan couldn’t help roaring in his mind.
But in a short time, the figure disappeared from the whirlpool and turned into a beast again, and suddenly shuttled out of the whirlpool.
Unexpectedly, Ji Mao beast was not hurt and shook his head. Once again, he called out "whoops" and came at Xing Xuan.
At this time, the star Xuan Zhen Yuan has exhausted the strength of the black-and-white vortex in the command, and saw that the black-and-white vortex trembled and turned into latosolic red color again, and then "pa" broke into a blood fog and scattered.
"Don’t hurt Gouchen the Great!" A charming drink came out from behind the star Xuan, and then he saw a flash of five-color light shining in the eyes of the Ji beast
"whoops!" When the beast of Ji screamed, the blood in his eyes kept flowing and he turned and fled.
It was Violet who threw the Jade Monkey Immortalized Five-color Stone to smash the eyes of the Ji beast and beat it away.
When the bodhi old zu in The Hunger saw that the beast of Ji had lost command and fled, he was flustered and commanded that the black whip was ineffective. "Pa" was crushed to pieces by the colorful ribbon of Nu Wa Empress, and then the colorful ribbon was wrapped around the bodhi old zu in The Hunger.
"Ha-ha, it’s worthy that Nu Wa Empress can display such a mysterious achievement method The Hunger Pei in such a big suppression force!" The Hunger bodhi old zu hey hey smiled and then retired into the virtual and disappeared.
Everyone is in shock.
"It’s really a ghost to blame this The Hunger bodhi old zu for being able to display such a powerful skill!" Nuwa empress put on a handful of heady sweat and said to Xing Xuan and others
Xing Xuan said nothing just now when he saw the human figure in the whirlpool, which shocked him until now. It was also because the figure almost made him be eaten by the beast of Ji. Thanks to the colorful stone thrown by Zirui, he saved him!
That figure turned out to be the morning wind emperor!
"Is it that the morning wind emperor has been killed and his power has been moved to the monster? Or ….. "Star xuan some dare not imagine.
"Xiao Gou Chen’s last blow, why did you suddenly show mercy? What did you see?" Or Yuan Tianzun’s eyesight is fierce, and now the star Xuan is wrong.
"I’m surprised that the beast is the source of the morning wind!" Star Xuan truthfully said
"What?" Like Xing Xuan, everyone was surprised.
"The teacher who buried the kingdom of heaven has the smell of the morning breeze emperor, the beast body and the shadow of the morning breeze emperor. Is it because the morning breeze emperor is playing tricks in the dark? Tens of thousands of years ago, he was also very close to the nether world and even taught the bodhi old zu on Sunday!" Tongtian hierarch said with a frown
"it’s impossible not to be the true morning breeze emperor, not a man with such great ambitions!" Xing Xuan really can’t stand other people’s speculation that the morning breeze emperor immediately shouted.
"We are also guessing Xiao Gou Chen, but this is really a bit strange. It is too far-fetched for him to give you the reason for not doing anything. Xiao Gou Chen, you are still short in practice. Some things can’t be emotional, and we don’t want to doubt the morning breeze!" Yuan Buddha unexpectedly reached an agreement with Tongtian hierarch at this time and said to Xing Xuan
Xing Xuan took a deep breath and said with difficulty, "Thank you for teaching me that I can’t be emotional. If the morning breeze emperor really plays tricks in the dark, Long Xingxuan will fight for his life and get rid of him!"
Yuan Tianzun and Tongtian hierarch both nodded and said, "That’s true. If you really practice it, you can control the power of the whole world. The highest level of great foresight is a disaster in the whole world. We should all get rid of him at all costs. This is not because he will violate our prestige, but because heaven is merciful and doesn’t allow such harsh characters to appear. Otherwise, the practitioners of heaven will all be under his control. What’s the fun in this world? What freedom does the practitioner have? "