Thank you, chief. Goodbye.
Don’t forget to say thank you when Yang Tian snigger, and take them into the city quickly.
Son of a bitch dares to make a mistake in front of me and I’ll twist his head
It’s only a few steps away, and the black bear is swearing and fierce.
Black bear, are you trying to cause us trouble on purpose?
Yang Tian suddenly stopped and stared at the black bear for a moment.
Immortal also don’t understand looking at him is not white he this stray.
Oh, my God, how could I
Black bear suddenly one leng hurriedly want to explain.
I’m sure you won’t, but your actions worry me.
Yang day still cold way
Brother Tian, I didn’t mean to
The black bear’s fierce arrogance disappeared at once because he felt cold, which proved that Yang Tian didn’t joke with him.
Okay, I’m sure you didn’t mean to forget it this time. Don’t do it again.
Yang Tian finally slowed his face and moved his eyes and turned to move on.
It’s brother Tian
The black bear looked at Yang Tian with a sigh of relief, and his eyes were much more awed.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-five Rio Tinto
On this day, the imperial city was serious. When Yang Tianyi entered the city, he immediately fell sharply into the cave, and his magical power was lost.
Obviously, the city world has been subjected to some mysterious ban by the great avatar, and its power is stronger than that of Huayang Fairy City.
Let Yang Tiannai be the silk feeling in my heart and disappear at the moment I step into the city.
This makes the target tracking immediately lost its direction.
But Yang Tian was still convinced that the enemy was hiding in the city and lost his sense of induction, which was due to the limitation of spiritual awareness.
All these abnormal prohibitions are caused by a huge demon atmosphere. Yang Tian can now hope that the secret method of the absolute secret will not be affected, so that Wen Xin can trace his soul to his spiritual position.
The city is bigger than expected, and there are many streets full of monsters coming and going.
Demons don’t talk about this place, and the bustling degree is not inferior to Xianshi.
It is here that the air is filled with a kind of violence and bloodthirsty taste, which is not as beautiful and leisurely as Xianshi.
Yang Tian-changsheng really looked at it all the way.
Even the black bear’s eyes are extraordinary. I don’t know whether it is excitement or surprise.
There are many kinds of shops in Tianhuangcheng, and it’s better than Xiancheng.
Perhaps the customers here are mainly demons from all walks of life, and the sellers are also colorful. Some things are not necessarily found in the human fairy city, but it is common here.