The two elders were stunned by Li He, and then they listened to Li He’s words, "Find a quiet place and be quick."
"Oh," the two elders woke up after their conscious promise, but when they saw their beloved’s injury, they were about to get angry, but they swallowed it hard and led Li He to a quiet place.
On entering the room, Li He put the two women in a big bed and worried them to explore the injury.
"Brother Wo, is that you?" Take the lead in waking up. Du regrets seeing Li He, but there are still some unbelievable things.
"Regret that I am back" Li He came with tears.
"Wo brother … poof" Du regrets that he will hold Li He with a face of joy, only to find that he was poured out with one mouthful blood.
"Regret …" Li Heyin brought a vibrato, and his hands and feet were chilled by the vomiting blood. Baidu search bubble read the most novel///
Chapter 17 Life and death
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Life and death
"Regret" then came in to extinguish the emotion. The elder rushed to the bed and stretched out his hand and held Du Regret’s wrist. After some exploration, he suddenly screamed, "It’s all you bastards."
"Huh?" Always look on coldly, the elder of Fantasy Road lightly stepped across and stopped them. He picked a cold road and said, "What do you want to do to our benefactor of the world of mortals?"
This sentence immediately stopped the elder of the Daoist Road, and Li He only saved the younger brother. Otherwise, the aftermath of the two Yuan infant peak recklessly in the ring was present. These brothers of the world of mortals were 10% off, which was definitely not alarmist. If this situation came true, I am afraid that they would immediately fall into the first-class sect status and be directly swallowed up by other sects. Since then, the name of the world of mortals has completely disappeared in history.
Li He not only saved Qian Di who was present, but also saved the Sect of the World of mortals.
At this time, the elder of Fantasy Road immediately ran the elder of Destroy Love Road to hold the hand of the benefactor who sent the disaster to destroy the world of mortals. This kind of gratitude is called Destroy Love Road, and the elder who has always acted his own way can’t afford this stigma.
"What’s the matter with regret?" Li He turned his head to look at the accomplishments of Li He, the elder of the Daoist School of Extinguishing Emotions. It is easy to realize that her whole life flies away after she repents of vomiting blood.
"What’s the matter?" Out of love, big elders eyebrow top pick "is not you do good? Know that my brother’s love is destroyed and cut off all the love roots, but he has to come to visit my good disciple and let her die with all his heart. You can only return my disciple to return my disciple to "the elder of the love-destroying Taoist can’t help but pounce on Li He again at the thought of his imminent death."
"Master" Du repented. "I repented when I entered your door. Two things happened. First, my mother was proud in front of the fantasy road. I woke up before Li Shishi. This time, I won the competition. This first wish has been realized, and the other wish is to find my suddenly missing brother Wo. Today, I also got my wish. I regret my long-cherished wish. Master should be happy for me."
"I regret that you … Master has accepted you as a good disciple in this life. How can you walk in front of Master?" The elder, who has always been cold and heartless, showed his true feelings at this time, but he actually shed tears in front of the elder, the adversary of Fantasy Road.
"Brother Wo" regrets that he sat up and patted the edge of the bed on Li He, signaling him to sit by his side.
Li He was already in tears at this time, and his heart was like a knife. He didn’t expect that it was his own appearance that caused Du to regret and die. When he saw the regret, he immediately got together and choked, "I regret my sister …"
"Brother Wo" Du regretted to lean his body into Li He’s arms. "I have always had a wish since I was six years old. I hope that one day when I leave this world, I can lie in your arms and sleep quietly …" Du regretted closing his eyes as if he were going to sleep.
"Regret" Li He was heartbroken and suddenly turned his head to the great elder of the road to extinction. "You are the master of the road to extinction. In this case, you must know the way to rescue me. Tell me quickly."
"I sent my father to do a method in those days, but it’s a pity that the method requires conditions but it is achieved from one person." The elder of the Daoist Road tried to let himself speak calmly.
"What conditions?" Li he quickly asked
"Even if you have to die?" Out of love, the elder sound picked a pair of eyes and looked at Li He coldly.
"Even if I die," Li He did not hesitate.
"Good, but this method still needs a brother who is quite illusory …"
Before he finished, the elder of the Daoqing Road heard the illusion that the elder suddenly screamed and interrupted her. "Don’t you dare!"
"My disciples are dying. What dare I do?" Out of love, the elders looked coldly at the opposite illusion, the elders.
"You …" The elder of Fantasy Road flew into a rage. When he lifted his hand, he was about to send it up, but suddenly he heard a voice from the side of the bed, "Master’s disciples are willing to try." It was Li Shishi who had already woken up.
"Poetry, are you stupid?" The elder of the illusion road was in a hurry. "Why do you have to accompany others to die when you live well?"
"It’s my fault that the master regrets the younger sister’s joining the school, which is the reason why the younger brother naturally has to excuse me." Li Shishi seems to have a little relief in a calm face, and it seems that there is something in his heart that has been suppressed for a long time.
Li He, a "poem", choked and said nothing more.
"You have promised yourself. What else do you have to say?" The elder of Destroying Love Road looked at the elder of Fantasy Road aggressively.
"Poem poem" She wants to pull you to be buried with her lover when she dies. Don’t be silly. "The elder of Fantasy Road looked at Li Shishi with a face of almost pleading.
"Master, I’ve heard of this life-and-death lock method. I sent my ancestors to create this method, and I don’t think it would be to kill my own disciples. Today, I also want to see an ancestor who lost his studies and asked Master to become an apprentice."
As soon as Li Shishi said this, the face of the Elders of the Illusion Road turned blue and red for a while, and finally turned pale as if he were ten years old. He said with a self-effacing face, "It’s just that this is a’ life-and-death lock’. You can take it to see that Master is old. If you can survive this time, Master also hopes that you will take the Elders of the Illusion Road."
The elder of Fantasy Road pulled out a roll of silks and handed it to Shi Shi with a dim face. I can’t say that her performance is false, but she is definitely playing the last sad card. I hope Shi Shi can pity her misery and withdraw her decision at the end.
"Thank you, Master Cheng." Li Shishi respectfully took the roll of silk.
The elder of Fantasy Road turned around and left the room with a sigh when he saw that things were irreversible.
"ACTS son, this is a life-and-death lock half a roll, but you can also put it away. If you can survive this, I, the big elder, will also be in your hands." After the big elder said that, he also took out a roll of silks from his arms and stuffed them into Du’s regretful arms.
"Thank you … Master" Du regretted that he had the strength to speak at this time.
"Kuang" door closed the house and left three people.
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Chapter 1 Yi Method
Chapter one hundred Yi Fa
"Sister Shishi, you also want to marry Brother He, right?" Leaning in Li He’s arms, Du regretted suddenly.
"You …" Li Shishi thought it was one thing to be asked like this face to face, but it was another matter. Besides, this question was Li He’s childhood sweetheart, but it sounded like he had stolen someone else’s man, and he was being married by the media to find the door.
"Regret" Li He looked guilty but had to speak out at this moment. "Many things happened after I entered the mountain that day, and you will listen when you are cured."
"Sister Shi Shi can see that you like Wo Brother very much. I like you as much as I do. I’m afraid it’s also because of Wo Brother that you promised to save me this time." Du regretted that although he was weak, his eyes were still as black as stars and he looked at Li Shishi opposite.
"I …" Li Shishi simply wanted to find a place to disappear.
"Sister Shishi, I ask you one thing. If the rule of law is really good this time, will you please take care of Brother Wo for me?" Du regret sound if her heart is as clear as dye.
Li Shishi can’t help regretting this, but he is persuading himself to try his best. Don’t try hard. If something is really bad, you must first protect yourself and don’t take a life.
"Regret …" Li Shishi cried when he hugged Du Regret. Although it was in the name of letting Du regret his choice of Zongmen at the beginning, the Seven Immortals’ mind revealed a little regret that his mother had encountered in the fantasy road, and then told a little about it. The martial arts of the fantasy road is like bullying and killing people. It’s the best not to regret crying and crying to join the fantasy road.
As the name implies, the way to destroy feelings is not an emotional cultivation method. If we join hands to remove a big rival in love, the biggest contributor to this concrete proposal is naturally Li Shishi, who has the deepest understanding of illusion and emotion elimination.
Since the reunion of Li He, Li Shishi has been guilty of this matter. Speaking of it, Li Shishi is willing to contribute to help today, but most of it has brought her mental torture. To make a decision to help her regret is to seek a peaceful conscience.
I didn’t expect to hear regret at this time, and I was so bent on her poetry sister’s consideration. Moreover, the natural emotion in the speech made Li Shishi feel shocked and inexplicable. It was a kind of self-love to make Li He live a good life.