The killer let out a scream, half-twisted, buffered and floated to the ground, but he couldn’t stop kicking and even stepped back a few steps, only revealing his eyes and showing a flash of surprise.
The fist is full of blood, and a little bit of dark red blood overflows slowly, but the wound is shallow and only a layer of skin is scraped.
Chen cold took three steps back, and this pain is worthless compared with the back injury.
The smile on his mouth became more and more cold, and his eyes flashed with murder. He said slowly, "You will die today!" "
Killer chest ups and downs have obviously been impacted, staring at the murderous Chen cold suddenly strange laugh "very good! I can still break through the realm temporarily. At this age, you have such strength. Your qualifications are beyond imagination. I have to say that you are the strongest opponent I have ever met. Unfortunately, is it possible because you want to kill me? "
It is true that after the breakthrough, Chen Han is stronger than him, but the gap between them is not very big. Although there is little chance for the other party to kill him, it is almost impossible for him to kill the killer.
"It is often fatal for a body killer to underestimate the strength of his opponent."
The mysterious air flow in blue, gold and blue is slowly flowing at the fingertips of Chen Han, and the hands are rapidly intertwined to outline the metaphysical knot.
Three colors blink and fuse. In the heart stage, the unique red symbol of Xuanyin appears on the top of the head like a blink, and then it explodes into the body.
During the two-hour rush, he has been releasing SHEN WOO’s seal to practice, but he has been turning his back on the killer and can’t see him.
Now seeing this magical scene with my own eyes, the killer’s eyes flashed and I was deeply shocked.
When the red symbol is fried, Chen Han’s hands are intertwined and dashed again.
After the breakthrough to the cardiac stage, the new Xuan seal is gradually formed at the fingertips in the specific trajectory of the five elements of Xuan Qi, and the center of the symbol seal is impressively a character-body belonging to the realm of revision.
"Don’t destroy the seal!"
The second slightly different symbol has a layer of misty gold gas outside the fried body on the top of the head, which is like saying that Lohan is a golden body.
The speed has suddenly increased by 70%, and the strength has doubled. Chen Han’s body is rushing like thunder. When soft sword’s sword is greeted, it is directly shattered by a powerful force and becomes free energy to dissipate in the air. The fist and the tip of the sword are slammed together.
Soft sword was blown into an arc-shaped violent horse on the spot. The impact killer flew backwards like a broken kite, and a stream of blood rushed out and sprayed a wet towel. His eyes were full of incredible horror.
He saw that the fist that hit the tip of the sword left a faint red mark without any damage after smashing the sword mans.
Getting stronger?
The other side has improved both in attack power and defense power in that strange optical character fusion. This change is simply incredible!
How do you say that your whole body is repaired in the division of martial arts? It is also the highest level of peerless realm, which was actually punched by the other side.
He looks less than twenty years old. How can he have such strong strength?
When the killer knocked down a folded tree, Chen Han took a rest and walked over step by step.
At this moment, he is like killing a god, clutching his fist and making a terrible click. "I don’t like being chased. I feel that there was once a time when those people would die soon and you didn’t have a chance to watch them die because you would die before them."
Hoo …
Chen cold suddenly forced a step on the ground, and the whole person shot forward at a high speed, and his right foot tilted forward and kicked hard to get the killer alongside of.seem.
Speed to the limit, he now speed each other can’t hide this foot kick the killer’s head!
"Die … die!"
The killer with martial arts and peerless strength has never encountered such a situation. Every time he assassinates the target, he is too weak. The habitual smooth sailing makes him never know the dangerous things. When he first experiences this feeling personally, he is as calm as a bubble.
Soft sword once again set off a large piece of green fern to meet his left hand and pulled out a lot of bottles and cans from his waist, no matter what it was, it was thrown at each other at random.
Once again, the result did not reverse the killer’s screams. One inverted flight was stronger than boxing. The high-pressure leg shattered the black towel killer by nearly 20 meters. When it was struggling to get up, it was cold and stood on the spot. Some people didn’t believe it and rubbed their eyes.
A beautiful face exudes a different kind of coldness and a little bit of despair and panic. Her hair is scattered all over the floor like a black waterfall.
When the emperor shook the sky and advanced to the cardiac stage, he gradually developed a sense of not being pure, and his sense of cold was ten times stronger than before. He could feel that the other person was cold and unreal. This is not a killer who has been honed by life and death, but it seems that he has never suffered and spoiled a child.
None of this matters anymore, even if she is a woman and she is an extremely beautiful woman. So what?
A murderer always kills a killer, so he must have the consciousness of being killed. Anyone who wants to kill himself must pay the price of his life!
The surprise lasted only a few seconds, and he quickly recovered. "Now that you are a woman, I can give you a decent way to die. How do you want to die?"
Three minutes ago, the other party spoke to him in this tone, and the situation reversed after three minutes.
The female right arm was shattered into a fracture by Juli. She was holding the broken part with air conditioning, and there were faint tears flowing in her eyes, but it didn’t fall with the pale and beautiful face. The corners of her mouth were red with blood, and she looked like a little girl bullied by bad people.
Of course, Chen Han won’t have any pity on her. A killer who wants to kill himself is not worth paying any sympathy.
Footsteps stopped at a foot away, Chen Han bent down and squatted down to stretch out his hand to stir up a sharp ground. She desperately tried to get rid of that hand, but the other party’s strength was unimaginable and almost crushed her proud and beautiful jaw.
Boom boom …
She mobilized the strongest qi and fists, and rained attacks on each other. Sadly, the super Tyrannosaurus Rex didn’t even frown.
It is no wonder that before, when there was no injury, the master gave the sword to help him cut each other’s skin. Now, his abdominal injury has greatly reduced his strength, and soft sword has also been shocked. How can he hurt such a freak with his bare hands?
"How many people have you killed?" Chen cold suddenly asked
"Hum!" She persisted in her last stubbornness
"Don’t say? Hehe … I like to challenge others’ personality best. Which way do you want me to make you behave? "
"If you win, you want to kill me, and you want me to reveal the secret dream!"
"Are you not afraid of death?"
"Body killer would have looked down on life and death me …"
"So you just looked scared?"
Chen cold viciously exposed her disguise and sneered, "well, even if you are not afraid of death, so what?" Now answer my question, or even if I die, I will strip your body and throw it in the busiest city street for tens of millions of people to watch. "
This sentence has just been finished. Keep the killer’s code. The pretty girl’s face has changed greatly, swearing on the spot to cover up the panic in her eyes.
Tear …
Ten thousand Jin Juli tore the clothes easily. When the killer’s chest clothes were torn to reveal the delicate clavicle, the harsh screams rang all over the nearby forest.