Parma’s tenacious success helped them not concede a goal in the first 25 minutes.
Lazio is a little impatient when they see that they can’t score-everyone is waiting to celebrate this game. If they can’t score, it will be disgusting …
But soon Chang Sheng was on the sidelines, signaling everyone to calm down.
His exhortation had an effect.
The players reacted-in terms of strength, they are definitely better than Parma. The key is to be calm and calm. It is time to score goals. They are used to all kinds of things in the game.
Some media have joked that Lazio is not playing against other teams, but is fighting with these teams by bus.
It can be seen how common it is for Lazio to stick to tactics.
The key is that if you can’t keep your mind calm, no matter how good your skills and tactics are, you can’t play them.
Soon Lazio all calmed down.
Suddenly they were not in a hurry to shoot.
They kept passing the ball horizontally outside the Parma defense zone and tried to pass the ball forward frequently at the same time.
This is the characteristic of Lazio.
This kind of crossing caused great trouble to the opponent.
The Palma line was finally in a state of high tension.
Finally, in the thirtieth minute, something went wrong with their impenetrable defense line …
Lazio missed a direct ball by Parma defender!
Veteran Rocchi quickly inserted behind the back line and caught the ball.
Then face Parma goalkeeper Nicola Pavarini one-on-one!
"Rocchi! Lazio is a good opportunity! "
The commentator suddenly shouted.
Lazio fans, who had been waiting for half an hour, also gave great cheers in the stands.
In the cheers, Rocchi was very calm in the face of attacking Parma goalkeeper Pavarini
Cheering in the stands didn’t shake his heart.
He didn’t shoot hard, although he seemed to be trying to do so
But when his feet fell, he rubbed the football up!
The football passed Pavarini from the ground. He just shot vigorously, but it was a false move that fooled Pavarini!
Pavarini lay on the ground and turned his head to look at the football flying into the goal behind him in despair …
"The ball … into-la-! ! ! !” The commentator Fabio Caressa shouted with his arms raised.
Like him, there are tens of thousands of Lazio fans who jumped up from their seats at the first time, waving their fists and cheering for Lazio’s goal.
"Lazio rhythm-!" They are shouting such a word
After Lazio took the lead, the game was much easier.
Everyone is convinced that the victory of the game belongs to them.
Although he was confident before, his confidence was not as strong as it is now
Football is always round. If the players are too eager to win and don’t play well, it’s not impossible for anything to happen.
Now, if Lazio advanced the ball, it would be no problem.
"Tommaso Rocchi! After the old Lazio captain was injured in cavani, he and Klose, two veterans, took on the responsibility of Lazio’s goal! In such an important game, it is really appropriate for him, a conscientious and diligent veteran, to score the first goal! "
"Tommaso rocchi scored a beautiful goal. Facing the attacking goalkeeper Pavarini, he shot calmly! This ball fully shows the veteran’s psychological quality, but it is very difficult for him to remain calm before he is about to make history! "
After the goal, Rocchi got excited. He jumped around the goal and jumped over the billboard behind the goal without stopping. He went straight through the running area and came to the north stand where the fans interacted passionately!
After Changsheng cleaned up the "incorrigible", the North Stand of the Olympic Stadium is still the place where the most hardcore fans gather, but they are much more honest than the "incorrigible".
They don’t tear down the stands and throw them on the runway. They don’t set fire to the stands, and they don’t clash with riot police. They are no different from ordinary fans except that they shout louder and sing more purposefully and disciplined.
In fact, there are also extreme fans or former extreme fans.
But it is not an "incorrigible school"
After witnessing the match between the "incorrigible" and Lazio club, they were all scared to pee.
Have abandoned the "extreme fan gang", which usually looks cool and arrogant, and returned to the fans to support Lazio, but to support it by smashing stands songs and shouting instead of tearing down seats and fighting.
On the contrary, it makes Lazio’s horrible home atmosphere stronger and purer.
The fans in the North Stand saw Rocky and they sang Rocky songs.
This is the best interaction between fans and players.
Instead of going to the extreme fans in the north stand to pay homage to the Nazis after the Lazio players scored the goal as before!