Guardiola also noticed this situation at the scene.
Pique didn’t listen to his orders and pressed the attack without authorization.
He sent Pique back for the first time, but Guardiola didn’t do it.
After Pique’s arrival, Barcelona’s attack is indeed much more threatening, which makes Guardiola have some dilemmas.
Sending Pique back to attack will degrade the quality.
It’s really shocking to let Pique stay behind him in the frontcourt …
Guardiola didn’t make a decision, but soon he didn’t worry about it because Lazio helped him make a choice.
In the seventy-ninth minute, Barcelona attacked, and Pique once again ran directly from the backcourt to join the attack.
After a turn, the football was caught in his foot.
Pique made a fake move to the right, but in fact he gave the football forward and retreated to meet him, Fa Erkao.
After the ball, he didn’t stop in the same place but suddenly cut forward!
He also wants to score a goal like Passareira!
This is an excellent strategy. If Fa Erkao can catch the ball and move it aside, Pique can catch the football and make a breakthrough. Because he is very determined to move forward, Fa Erkao will not stick to the ball soon, and the time is just right.
But before … He had to reach Fa Erkao’s foot with this corner kick …
He rushed forward while he was sending the football out.
But just after two steps, he saw that the football was killed by Sai Passareira from the side, and he stuck his foot to intercept his foot ball!
Pique rushed up and found that his ball was intercepted and killed!
He can’t come even if he wants to stop and break the ball now!
This is the triumph of other methods over the laws of nature.
He can pass Passareira’s football and then turn his head and watch him poke it to modric next to him.
Then modric didn’t give it to anyone else, but a foot long!
Football goes straight from the backcourt to the frontcourt!
Seeing this scene, Pique felt a bad idea!
Who will make up for his assists?
Lazio is obviously going after him!
Now even if he wants to turn around, he can’t come!
How can he run faster than football in flight?
"Lazio counterattacked-!" The commentator roared.
Guardiola looked up at Chinese football and at this moment he also had an idea in his heart, "Oh, no!"
He now regrets that it was too late to let Pique go back earlier.
He can now pray that Lazio’s final defeat in this counterattack poses no threat to Valdez’s goal.
Chapter two hundred and ten Naturally
Watching football in Guardiola flew directly to the left of Lazio.
David silva has been there first. Where is he waiting?
However, because Pique’s Barcelona defenders all put the defensive formation in the middle, which led to a large number of two wingers. When david silva base was unmarked.
Especially here.
Lazio’s left is Barcelona’s right. Barcelona’s right-back is Dani Alves … This is a full-back with strong assists. Sometimes it is more suitable for him to say that he is a full-back than a winger.
In fact, when Changsheng just crossed the world to coach Hertha, he once went to Brazil to dig Senna. At that time, he also thought about whether to dig Alves as well.
At that time, Alves was still playing in Bachillat, Brazil. He was not even a substitute. He only played five games in one season.
It should be easy to dig it yourself.