"Thank you, predecessors. Rest assured that no matter how difficult it is, I will try and never give up, even if it means risking my life," Mu Yun said excitedly.
"Well, it’s good to have my youthful demeanor. Let’s get up. I’ll tell you the method." The old man took Mu Yun to a sunny place and called Mu Yun to sit cross-legged and he sat face to face.
"I now give you this set of achievement method called Pure Yang Gong, which is an excellent achievement method for congenital yang cultivation. The achievement method is divided into nine layers. You can find a sunny place to practice every day according to the surface method. Because the yang is absent and the Pure Yang Gong has the inherent advantage of refining the true qi, you can practice anytime and anywhere, even if you sleep late, but the yang is thin. The best time to practice is that the yang is pure and gentle at sunrise every day, which can greatly speed up your practice." The old man said that he raised a finger and touched a paragraph between Mu Yun’s eyebrows.
Mu Yun couldn’t wait to read it in his mind. "Hey, how can I see the first floor with this skill? Didn’t you say there are nine floors?"
"You can see the first layer of strength now. When you break through the first layer, the second layer will naturally appear in your mind. This is also to prevent you from having problems in your practice. Because if you have problems in your practice, I will help you solve them because I am not a congenital yang. Although I tried to practice one in those years, I failed according to this achievement method. When you practice, you must be careful not to waste your life. I have already given you a dragon or a worm. You can decide for yourself." The old man then slowly got up.
"Hoo" Mu Yun took a deep breath and bowed to the old man and solemnly said, "Please rest assured that the younger generation will not live up to your expectations."
"Oh, if you succeed, I will treat the dead as my generation’s merit. Let’s call it a day. After you come to the back to practice every day, I can still hold on for a while. I will try my best to help you in these days. If you can practice the first floor, then I have something else to say to you." The old man waved to Mu Yun.
"Thank you, seniors. Take care. Come back next day."
With that, Mu Yun turned and walked towards the mountain. What happened in the past few days was so fast that Mu Yun could not believe this fact even now. However, Dantian filled with true qi and told Mu Yun again and again that it was true. From today, he will bid farewell to the waste title and formally enter the ranks of practitioners.
After much consideration, Mu Yun decided not to tell his family what he could practice, because after all, it was still variable. In case something went wrong, the family had a white joy. Besides, the old man didn’t seem to want to rock the boat. How could he explain it to his family? It was really nerve-racking, so Mu Yun decided to hide it first.
The back hill …
"Baili Mu Yun …" The old man didn’t leave, but kept chanting Mu Yun’s name in his mouth. "Don’t let the old lady down!"
After Mu Yun returned to the house, it was hard to suppress his excitement. He couldn’t wait to look at the method of Pure Yang Gong in his mind. Mu Yun now has the strength to see the first layer of method, but what makes Mu Yun happy is that this side has no method, and there are some points for attention in the process of cultivation and the conditions for upgrading the first layer to the second layer
This method is divided into nine layers, of which one or two or three layers belong to the primary stage, that is, the introduction stage of the method, while four or five or six seven layers belong to the intermediate stage, that is, the small-scale stage, and finally the ninth layer is the advanced stage, that is, the big-scale stage.
Mu Yun carefully looked at the first layer of art and scrutinized it again to make sure that he had mastered it before practicing cross-legged, because the old man said that the best time to practice in a day is to find a sunny place to practice at sunrise, while the concentration of true qi in other places is not much different. So Mu Yun practiced directly in his room …
Mu Yun feels that he has never been so comfortable in his life. He should be single-minded and follow the method. Pure qi roots need refining and will directly enter his abdomen. It is simply twice the result with half the effort and saves too much time than others.
This day was spent in Mu Yun’s continuous cultivation. When Mu Yun opened his eyes, it was already evening. Mu Yun had a stretch from the bed and his bones crackled. He felt the much more anger in the abdomen. Mu Yun’s body and mind were simply relaxed and his mood became more comfortable.
Mu Yun decided to go for a walk, pushed the door, and the afterglow of the sunset sprinkled on Mu Yun, which lit up his tender and handsome face.
Chapter VI The Battle Field
Since the day when Xue Zhong failed in his diagnosis, it seems that he has never been to any other place except the mountain. Mu Yun walked out of his hospital and walked in one direction at will.
Because Mu Yun couldn’t practice since he was a child, he didn’t live with his other brothers and sisters. First, he was afraid that he would be sad when he saw other people practicing all day. Second, he wanted to give him a quiet environment. Mu Yun Hospital belongs to a relatively remote place, and few people will come here.
Mu Yun walked for a long time before he came to the center of the hospital. The first thing he passed was the family warfare field. Before he got close, he heard that the warfare field was coming to practice. Mu Yun sighed at everyone’s work and couldn’t help but wonder to walk there.
This is the last place in Mu Yun, because every time I see other people in the family practicing hard, Mu Yun will feel inexplicable pain in his heart, but at this moment, Mu Yun really wants to see it. After all, Mu Yun is curious to see how everyone practices, and Mu Yun slowly comes to the martial arts field …
The Bailijia martial arts field is extremely vast and covers an extremely wide area. The first thing you see is that the hundreds of large and small martial arts platforms in the center of the martial arts field are all made of marble, but hundreds of people can compete at the same time, and there are some training tools around the martial arts field, most of which are practitioners in the quenching period, so practitioners in the training period will not practice in this place.
In the martial arts field, you can see some of the younger children in the family being taught by their masters from time to time. Of course, these masters are all baili’s families. Please come back and train these children specially. After all, if you want to practice, you must first lay a good foundation. In the crowd, Mu Yun vaguely saw Mu Lei Mu Shuang and Mu Yue, who are sweating and training. Although Mu Shuang and Mu Yue are both girls, they are no worse than Mu Lei in practicing, but a little elder sister Mu Xuefeng Fan Muyun walked over to them with a smile …
"Brother Mu Yun" saw Mu Yun as soon as he longed for the moon, and ran to him with a smile.
"Ha sister trained so hard." Said Mu Yun sleeve and wiped the sweat on Mu Yun’s forehead.
"third brother"
"third brother"
At this moment Murray and Mu Shuang also came along and greeted Mu Yun.
Mu Yun nodded one by one
"Third brother, why are you here today?" Six brother Murray asked.
"Oh, I just came out for a walk when I was idle. Who knows, I came here on foot just to see you. Do you train so late every day?"
"No, it’s because there are less than one hundred days before the clan meeting. Mu Yue and I are both in the middle stage of quenching, and we want to break through to the late stage of quenching at the last moment. Brother Wu can’t enter the field in the late stage of quenching, and they can practice with us in the outfield. They are all in the field of warfare, so that’s their hard work." Seven sisters Mu Shuang said.
"Third brother, I remember that you seemed to be in the late stage of quenching a year ago. You can also attend this clan meeting." Mu Yue said that the small nose was wrinkled and cute.
"Mu Yue, shut your mouth and go to practise. Be careful that his uncle spanks you." Murray said that Mu Leisheng was afraid to drag the topic to Mu Yun and make him sad. It can be said that he was careful and careful, but this nervous sister pulled over and didn’t pull herself in a word.
"Hum smelly five elder brother knew bully me, I’ll let three elder brother tidy up you" Mu Yue made a face at Murray and then turned and ran to practise.
"Clan meeting … Clan meeting" Mu Yun kept muttering, yes, if my sister doesn’t forget it herself, it seems that a while ago I heard that the Clan meeting is coming, but it’s a big family event. Do you want to try it yourself then?
Mu Yun lost in thought, but Murray was saddened by what the words just reminded the third brother of.
"Third brother, don’t be sad. Don’t care what she says about her novels," Murray said quickly.