Three thousand miles away, the ice fields and icebergs are banned. The more you go in, the colder the climate is. The sun is out of control. In the gloom of the dark clouds, a faint white shadow is faintly revealed, but the iceberg is shining and the snow is shining.
I don’t know whether those whales and sea urchins just crashed out of the ice sheet or whether there are so many icebergs here. The more you fly, the more icebergs you will see, and the more icebergs will collide, the more they will crack, especially when a huge iceberg suddenly stops and then breaks, and several huge pieces of ice are smashed into pieces.
That rumble clanged! Or the distance of the flood will become a complicated and strange shape, and the sudden change will be overwhelming. Nine people can’t help boasting together while watching and seeing it on the shore. Although there is no life struggle and no magic weapon competition here, there is another strange scenery.
Lingqi pulled in with several people and laughed. "You are still rare and strange. It’s not enough. It’s still good to come later. I’ll decorate it a little bit to show you a wonderful sight."
He said that in a short time, several people flew out for more than ten miles, and suddenly an iceberg floated to the front side. The mountain was rich and sharp, and half of it was bigger because it was hidden in the water. In the blue sea, it stood without bias and looked straight like a cloud, and slowly flew across the sea. When you look near, the iceberg has a perfect body of thousands of feet, and the waist of high school is fine, just as the water situation is getting more and more steep.
When the top is covered with white snow, the dangerous cliff is several feet away from the top, and the valleys and streams are endless, and the peaks are different. The best thing is that the whole crystal is even more dazzling, and the cold light is shining. When it floats to the side of the coast, the strange spirit suddenly stops and points out. A faint green light goes to the iceberg and stops at the sea.
Seeing that a piece of blue brilliance will go to those crystal caves and peaks, it will stand in a strange glow. Because the mountain is too big, the ice cubes behind it are coming in with the waves, blocking the way and colliding one after another, and then a magnificent sea of nature is flying, flying high and then scattered in the middle.
Those broken ice waves eat the iceberg glow, and they become layers of ice and fog, wrapped in ceiling and flying in it without falling into the sea. Behind them, the waves churn and surge one after another, and the more water vapor grows, the brighter it becomes. The eyes are bright and colorful.
Qi Jinchan, A Tong and others have seen the rise of childishness, and each of them has released his magic weapon Bao Guang, which will make it even more magical to have thousands of golden lights. Xiang Xia Jing Mang’s long-range exotic colors float and reflect, and the sea surface is full of golden lights, and even the sky has become a heavy cloud. Everyone clapped their hands and screamed.
Has been silent language dry spider god did not see laughed "you guys also said that the child temper that naive I think you are a child’s head here is already trapped in the island. Naturally, some people always supervise the sea here. Now you can see it thousands of miles away.
Wouldn’t it be difficult to find trouble if we were to wake up the monsters in the front islands? Let’s get down to business. If you really like it here, let’s play when we get back. "Say that finish, we don’t care if everyone walks alone, but it seems that they are still looking down in thought.
Look at him. A Tong pouted, "It’s really interesting. We just don’t go to the Middle-earth monster because these evil spirits in the Arctic are arrogant and arrogant. This time, they don’t want to upset their owners because they want to. Are we afraid of him?"
Bu Tiantong shook his head at him and said softly, "You don’t know his origin. He’s not like this. It’s because he’s been robbed by love that his temperament has changed greatly. I’ve known him for a long time. He wasn’t like this before."
While they were walking and talking, they suddenly heard the dark clouds drooping in front of them. Because of the distance between them, the waves in the open sea were noisy, such as walking thunder. Everyone was walking and watching the wonders. The comedian paid attention to the dry spider. It seemed that he didn’t look at these scenery. He was alert first. He just wanted to turn back and tell everyone to be alert, but he saw the clever hand inching up and down in his sleeve.
After a long time, Lingqi suddenly frowned and seemed to say angrily, "I’ll go into the water and make a method to see how high this iceberg is."
Say before you answer, you can’t see the trail. Before you react, you can faintly hear a bird calling several people in front. Although naughty, everyone has a root. People’s alertness is not low. This sample is expected to be something. What Lingqi just said is a decoration, but he refuses to tell everyone first that there must be a reason.
Now that everyone has been aware of it, they are on the alert in the dark, waiting for Wen Chang Gung. Song Chang Gung can’t help frowning. When these people walk so slowly, they can go to the place and let him go to the boat, but they are all here. It’s really unfinished. If you want to know the funeral, please visit the chapter for more.
Chapter four hundred and twenty Suspicion is growing.
For about half an hour, Lingqi suddenly appeared in the water to see him smiling and doing some hands and feet on the surface. When he flew in, everyone was a teenager, and a boy was the most childlike. Seeing that the iceberg had nothing to do after he came, he couldn’t help but ask, "What’s the bottom of the sea?" Why don’t you make it float? "
Lingqi smiled and said, "This iceberg is sometimes heavy and sometimes light. I forced it to stop and support it. At these times, the house bottom is unstable and the good scenery is often falling." He had not finished listening to the iceberg, "Click!" Even crunchy and then "boom!" As soon as it bursts and bursts, thousands of valleys and peaks vanish, and the avalanche seems to collapse.
Crushed ice has excited the sea water into the sky, and the waves are rough and the mountains are flying. Everyone’s treasure light has not been withdrawn, and a large number of wonderful scenery has been reflected. Seeing that there is no wonder here, he casually said with a laugh, "There is nothing to see. Let’s go!" When everyone sees the scenery, they have to collect their magic weapons and fly together
Environment and location are the most exercisable. Although Qi Jinchan’s personality is still childish, he has been pretending to be the boss in front of Shi Sheng and others for a long time. He said a lot less than usual, and he also thought a lot when he encountered things. He knew that icebergs were clever and wanted everyone to take a quick road, fearing that everyone would indulge in the wonders of ice and sea and would not be willing to go to the secret place immediately.
Otherwise, the iceberg has been forbidden by mana to stand in the sea, but something is abnormal, that is, the demon spirit is so enthusiastic about them, which can be said to be congenial, but it is a bit wrong to let them go in such a hurry. Qi Jinchan looked suspiciously at the eyes leading the way in front, and Lingqi could not see anything to hold back for a while.
Shi Sheng broke off a leg, though he was tied behind his back with a cloth belt by Ji Jinchan. But Shi Sheng did see Ji Jinchan’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled and his eyes looked at Lingqi in his ear because of his head attached to the front of his body. "Brother Cicada is suspicious of them?" I think so, too. "
See JiJinChan side head looked at his one eye in a different place Shi Sheng continued, "one of them is Song Chang Gung’s brother, and the other is Song Chang Gung’s introduction to the door. I don’t believe it. I guess he first deliberately dazzled the dew and made a noise to attract the evil spirits around here to be invisible and deal with the contact alone.
It’s because he came back so quickly. Although I looked around carefully, I didn’t see any signs of responding to the enemy except for two distant sounds. Just now, it was time for Lingqi to come and be happy. He broke the iceberg. Isn’t it so secretive to show off to us? It puzzles me. Brother should be more careful.
Ji Jinchan couldn’t help wondering that he didn’t see these things when he saw Shi Sheng’s simple and honest personality. He didn’t want to see them better than himself now, but it was hard to say much about what was gently nodded his head.
They flew forward for thousands of miles and saw that the sea surface had disappeared and frozen for thousands of miles, and there were icebergs everywhere. The vast ice sheet in the ice valley was a little angry again. At first, when the ice was frozen, the ice was not thick, and the cold waves and currents stirred, and sometimes there were broken and scattered places, and the ice became thicker and thicker.
The thicker the cold fog, the more white the gangsters are until the horizon, and they can’t tell where the sea is and where the land is. A few people exercise their skills and break through their legs, but they are faint. Fang Yao should be heard from time to time by a few people. The sound of ice breaking is endless, and the silence is quite sudden and embarrassing.
People and people are very strange. The more they don’t talk, the less they want to talk. But even if they say something they don’t know, the more they talk, the more they get hotter. Although Qi Jinchan doesn’t know this truth, he also knows that being so silent is very depressing in this dead environment, so he talks with Shi Sheng in a creaky way, but his eyes aim at Lingqi from time to time.
As soon as the two of them spoke, everyone was depressed by the quiet environment. Many A Tong complained, "That trapped bodhi old zu is really strange to make such a large area banned. If there was an ice sea just now, it would be fine, but you can see that there is nothing to see now, except ice, which is really boring. How long will it take?"
Lingqi, after hearing it in front, slightly reduced the degree and laughed after everyone posted it. "In fact, setting up a ban here is not only to stop the footsteps of ordinary people, but also to stop the footsteps of foreign practitioners. Look at the mountains on the front, left and right sides of this neighborhood. There are many mountains of mixed snow and ice, and some of them are hidden in dense fog and frozen snow because they are far apart.
In fact, these mountains and peaks, together with many towering cliffs, are all accumulated with thousands of snow and ice, which can’t stand the huge vibration. If you drive through the Leng Yun, it will be very powerful.
The convergence sound is approaching, so don’t say that the collision must collapse, and this break and the clouds that are blocked by light will also break up one after another.
If these broken icebergs are allowed to slide down the ice sheet to the sea downstream, the more ice in the nearby Arctic current, the more dangerous it is to pounce on fishing boats in the North Sea. After the icebergs melt southward, it is easy to cause climate change, such as snow, cold and floods. Moreover, this ice sheet looks quite solid when we walk on it.
In fact, if an ice cliff breaks, it will inevitably lead to a great flood and a huge earthquake. Even a little bit of interest here can’t help but cause such an earth-shattering earthquake. But once a cliff near a collapse can’t stand the sudden crack vibration, it will also crack and collapse one after another, so the chain reaction will spread to all directions accordingly.
This ice sheet collapsed at one peak and even thousands of mountains should change the topography of Fiona Fang and Wan Li together. It often stops after several months. The amount of ice is blocked by the future broken mountains and debris, and the accumulation is more and more. From small to large, the overlapping still accumulates into mountains. If there is a way, the terrain is low and concave, and it will slide into the sea along the ice surface, which will make the great cold current harmful.
First, I set up such a big ban to stop people from coming. Second, I set up such a big ban to protect the surrounding environment of the trapped island. Otherwise, we practitioners would not do this work even if we were full of time, wouldn’t we? "
If ordinary people walk thousands of miles, they should not only eat and drink Lazarus, but also pay attention to the climate. However, they are all practitioners, and they are also born in the realm of cold and long journey. Everyone has entered the realm of nature, and their dietary needs have been reduced to a minimum. It is not too lonely to say a few words occasionally while traveling.
Song Chang Gung has been following not far behind. Let’s leap and raise the snow and fog to cover it up. Follow him all the way. He knows that this is the coldest area in the middle of the Arctic ice sheet of the earth. The dense fog and thick clouds have frozen into layers of ice, tightly covering the earth, and the terrain is getting higher and higher.
Everyone except Ji Jinchan can see through the clouds, but everyone else has to work hard to form a smart eye to see far away. If you don’t work hard, most of them can’t even distinguish the terrain. Seeing Ji Jinchan’s eyes deep and ying ying, you smiled at him. "I heard that your eyes used to be moistened with cheese fairy liquid to see through the clouds."
No more luck than us. You can see a little trace by paying close attention. When will I go to Emei, will you ask Zhixian to lick it for me? Ha ha saved me a lot of trouble. "
Qi Jinchan couldn’t help but feel embarrassed and didn’t know how to answer his back. He laughed. "You are delusional. Brother Cicada and I are so good that we didn’t get the cheese fairy to lick our eyes. You should know that the cheese fairy licked your eyes into an eye, and he would have lost a hundred years of repair. If Brother Cicada hadn’t saved his life in the mouth of the Jiuhuashan snake demon, he wouldn’t have done that."
Lingqi couldn’t help but smile and walk for a while before he relieved himself. "How far is it now from the three-thousand-mile ban in the underworld? We will go more than three hundred miles, but the terrain in this area has changed. It’s not that there is a high ridge across the plain in the past, which is trapped in the ice sea around the island."
The main reason is that the bodhi old zu was trapped in recent years because different evil spirits came to collude with his disciples. The waiter was very unhappy about banning outsiders from entering the country and dividing this most marginal forbidden array into two ridges. When there is a strange light looming in the distance, you can see that when you walk for a while, be careful not to jump too high. If it is forbidden here, it will be entangled in the ban. "
Everyone should be careful when you listen. Song Chang Gung will also pull the distance to avoid contact too close. Everyone walked carefully for hundreds of miles and suddenly saw a peak looming in front of them. When they got closer, they took a look at the Arctic mountains, all of which were extremely thick ice cubes, and the snow cubes piled up into a unique peak. There was no ice and snow in the ice peak.
Look at this situation, everyone will know that the peak must be a fire eye, because they look at the future from a distance. The denser the clouds on the peak, and the smell of sulfur and a trace of warmth blowing with the wind are so obvious in this ice and snow. You should pay attention to the straight stone in the clouds ahead, and the solitary peak and green smoke are swaying.
This section of the road has been severely banned, and many people have slowed down. It takes about half a day to get to the vicinity of the mountain peak. Now it is the beginning and summer of the Arctic, and there is no night. Although the weather is cloudy and cold, there is a little sunshine at noon. All day long, the weather is dark and gloomy, and the weather is sad and desolate, but there is snow and ice light reflecting that the near-earth area is still bright (to be continued)
Chapter four hundred and twenty-nine Drunken tortoise
Qi led the way alone in front of Zhang Qi, and soon Song Chang-geng was near the lonely peak. A few people saw it carefully. The stone peak rose like a pillar of heaven, and everyone had good eyesight. We could see that the peak seemed to have a wisp of smoke curling up in the concave, with a thickness of feet.
When the fog outside the top was washed into a cloud hole several times larger than the peak, at least it was forty or fifty miles. Fiona Fang Lingqi knew that he had arrived at the farm and gestured to inform the people behind him, and then led everyone to the peak, and they followed him for about half an hour to reach the edge of the ice sheet before the peak, and a spectacle appeared in front of him.
It turns out that the Arctic ground is full of ice and snow. These days, everyone is walking around in white, but the front is surrounded by peaks and feet, but it is unique. The peak shape of the land is round and straight as a pen. At first glance, it will be known that there is a fire source, but the ancient ice and snow are not condensed. As a result, the terrain is naturally concave, and it seems to be a mountain set in ice and snow.
Overlooking the peak in the ice sheet is like a deep well in Fiona Fang, where there is a Tianzhu. There are many snow rings in the ice sheet elsewhere. This circle of peaks is solid ice. It looks like a circle of crystals. The edge ice sheet is slippery and high-lighted, and the fog on the hair head is washed away by the blue smoke at the peak, showing the sky in Fiona Fang for dozens of miles.
Clear and clear, the ice well is opposite to the circle and artificially built. Song Changgeng came here last time because Xu Feiniang said that the path flew by the side of the underworld. At that time, he was going to catch creatures. The vicinity of the underworld was as dark as anywhere else. After the night crossed the border, it was ice and snow, and the clouds were much denser than today.
Song Chang-geng, it’s all desolate and cold here, which means nothing. Although when listening to Xu Fei-niang’s introduction, he talked about the mysterious underworld and the extraordinary scenery of the sacred peaks and fire eyes. He was used to volcanoes at the beginning, but he was not a fairy, so he naturally didn’t want to provoke people like the bodhi old zu.
Shisheng and others meet in a circle around the peak. Although there are dozens of Fiona Fang peaks, there are many flowers, trees, springs and stones because of the temperature, which are somewhat different from the external scenery. In the world of ice and snow, it is more and more miraculous, but the ice walls around the four sides are ten feet apart, which is firm and smooth. Everyone knows that the road must be accessible, but after watching the ice and snow for so long, the vision is very tired, and the scenery here has stopped.
Lingqi saw that everyone wanted to see the wonders, but he wanted to stop Song Changgeng from saying to him, "If something is abnormal, it will be evil. If you hurry all the way, they will be suspicious. It is also indisputable that the wonders are rare. It is good to let them see them once, so that you can show off and dispel their doubts."