It was the people of this world who forced him to do it step by step.
After fighting MuZixing, he thought that if he had no adverse purple fire, he would have no advantage in this world, because without purple fire, there would be no soul light spear, it would be impossible to refine the dragon catcher and Xuan Ming fiend armor, and it would be even more impossible to have nine prison dragon guns.
What is he without these?
Every time he thinks about it, he breaks out in a cold sweat. Without purple fire, he is nothing! Just as he fought MuZixing, there was no Xuan Ming fiend armor and nine prison dragons. His roots could not be MuZixing’s little girl opponent! Of course, I’m not sure if she’s really a little girl.
It’s said that his skill is not as high as he thought, and he has to work hard.
When he needs it
Since he came to this world, Li Wei has always been in a state of urgency, and with his deepening skills and growing strength, this sense of urgency has become stronger.
Now it’s time to deal with the Red Sun Palace!
He didn’t expect the Red Sun Palace to turn into such a situation. At present, it is possible for him to master the whole Red Sun Palace, but the key is Mu Zixing, a enchanting little girl or a thousand-year-old monster. Why does that little body contain such a powerful force? If the whole Red Sun Palace is turned into his own power, his power will be doubled in an instant.
You will be more sure to achieve your goal.
Put some clothes that Guo Sijia wanted to see in the ring and put her in her arms. Before hugging her tightly, he had a simple hug and kiss with Guo Sijia. He felt that Guo Sijia was hungry and he was very distressed and insisted on taking her to dinner first.
They kissed together, and Guo Sijia immediately felt his strong face, winking at him like silk and calling out, "Brother …" She was also moved, hoping that the two of them could merge at this moment this month respectively.
"Sister Jia Jia, I’ll take you to a very beautiful place …" Levi reached into his T-shirt and stroked Guo Sijia with one hand and hugged her slender waist with the other. He had already propped up the cover and left with time.
He really wants to caress Guo Sijia here before leaving, but after doing it in vain, Sijia’s sister is feminine. He will definitely be reluctant to wake her up and take her on a long flight, which may delay until night, and he wants to finish the Red Sun Palace in the day. Maybe it will take a day to heal Mu Zixing. Another autumn chrysanthemum led a Yuanying repairman and ten younger brothers to leave the Heavenly Palace …
For a moment, even in the middle, Li Wei’s mind still lingered in Guo Sijia’s breath, and he didn’t notice that there were two shadows following him on the sea in the distance.
Li Wei estimated that it would take two and a half hours to get to the Red Sun Palace when he came out of Hong Kong and flew northeast, but it took him so long to save Dan Li and fly slowly, which made the absorption of aura and consumption of Dan Li base even, and even the cover was not put up.
Now, with Guo Sijia flying, Li Wei estimates that there is not much Dan Li left when he returns to the Red Sun Palace. After all, he did not recover much Dan Li before.
Guo Sijia’s touch and kiss in Li Wei didn’t take long to reach it. Perhaps it was stimulated by the special environment that Li Wei was holding in the sky. Li Wei felt her hands wet in her legs and thought that if she was not in a hurry, she could take a mandarin duck bath with Sister Sijia in the Pacific Ocean, the world’s largest bathtub.
Guo Sijia said with a blush on her arm around Li Wei’s neck, "Brother, you are good or bad! After making my sister feel bad, I fell asleep in his arms and slept very peacefully.
Li Wei’s clothes wrapped around her and held her sideways. I thought of Muzixing’s huge power and prestige. What is Kirin called? Purple eyes? Ranbo and Mo Qilin, if they have such a head, can let Jiajia sleep on the back of Kirin.
Li Wei gave him his head and kissed Guo Sijia in his dream. As soon as Guo Sijia descended from it and walked on the sea, it would save him some strength, but he would arrive slowly.
Suddenly, Li Wei felt that there was a weak spiritual fluctuation in the seawater hundreds of meters ahead, and his figure had not stopped yet. The three water columns in front went up into the sky and the two shadows behind him flew with a roar!
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The fourth volume Landscape Tour Chapter 21 High difficulty and high adventure in bed play
The fourth volume Landscape Tour Chapter 21 High difficulty and high adventure in bed play
Levi’s body was pulled up from the sea and went straight for thousands of meters.
But he immediately got rid of these five people, three yuan baby masters, two golden elixirs, four men, a woman, three swords, a knife and an old man holding a golden wishful handle.
Stopping a man in the golden elixir period from losing his temper and spilling out a trace of spiritual power in front was Li Weijue.
If he keeps looking at Guo Sijia as a sleeping beauty, the consequences may be serious if he is suddenly attacked.
Guo Sijia woke up when Levi soared to the sky and suddenly added a line, but without saying a word, he put his arm around Levi’s waist and sipped his mouth to see his husband.
Li Wei didn’t look at those people and bowed his head and asked, "Are you afraid of me?"
"I have nothing to be afraid of if you are here!" Guo Sijia also smiled.
The big fellow with the knife seems to dislike Li Wei and Guo Sijia very much, and he hummed hard and said, "I don’t know it until I die!" "