In the huge cry, he always wins and raises his arm to signal that Montera is offside when scoring.
At the same time, the camera quickly aimed at the second linesman Javier PaPavic.
I saw him standing straight in the same place, then raised his flag and pointed it slightly at the DPRK.
This is a very standard far-end offside semaphore!
Montera was offside!
Chapter 40 Goal Effect and Effective Goal
When Montera shot the football into the goal, two people on the court raised their arms at the same time.
One is a constant winner, and the other is assistant referee Javier PaPavic.
Changsheng actually didn’t see if Montera was offside. Anyway, it doesn’t count that goal kick is going to enter his home. No matter what the reason is.
Javier PaPavic, on the other hand, held it very firmly
Even referee Luo Saidi wasn’t sure whether it was an offside or a successful anti-offside, because just now, Derossi moved too fast and then Montera appeared behind Lazio’s defence.
The flag on his arm vibrated to show that someone had pressed the button.
So he turned his head to Harvey PaPavic.
His eyes asked Pa Pavic for advice.
Palmer Pavic nodded his head with a serious expression.
He is sure that this ball is offside for Montera!
Luo Saidi still hesitated for a while before he blew the whistle for the goal after all the other Roma players in Montera celebrated him.
The Roman players whistled as soon as they scored, but when they heard the cheers from the stands, they immediately booed them, and then they reacted and ran to the referee and found that it was not an effective gesture to score.
Winning hands in the air celebrated.
It’s really fucking offside
Lazio players escaped, while Roma players quit.
They were appalled and divided into two groups. One group ran to besiege the referee Luo Saidi, and the other group ran to find linesman Harvey PaPavic.
Go to PaPavic people more often. On the one hand, everyone will go here to celebrate the goal. On the other hand, PaPavic is a stranger. Everyone knows that persimmons should be picked up and kneaded. Everyone who is inexperienced will be scared by their fierce and aggressive momentum.
When these guys rushed to yell at the assistant referee, they found it was not that easy!
"How can this be offside?"
"Are you sure you are not mistaken? Are you really so sure? I’m not so sure. How dare you? Don’t you think about it any more? "
"This is a scandal! Scandal! We are not offside! "
"You can’t do that, referee! Are you a Lazio fan? If not, don’t get involved in this matter! "
They shouted at each other with exaggerated expressions and fierce movements, as if they were going to eat Pa Pavic at any time.
But they underestimated the psychological quality of this young coach.
In the face of the roar of these Roman players, he looked at the distant players’ faces without focus.
Speaking to them, words can’t hurt themselves anyway.
He called Luo Saidi on the intercom, and he didn’t care about anything else.
Prandelli was angry at the penalty, and he shouted a big victory on the sidelines
But nobody paid attention to him.
The video broadcast is much clearer. The video broadcast gave a slow-motion shot at the first time.
Slow release from different angles leads to a unanimous conclusion-Montera was offside in Rome!
Although he leaned out half a body, offside is offside.
"Young Harvey Pa Pavic’s observation of the flint in the autumn has made him observe!"
"He made an accurate penalty Montera really offside! Roman players have nothing to argue about! "
Luo Saidi dispersed the Roman players who besieged him and ran to PaPavic.
Pa Pavic nodded to him. "I judge there is no problem."
At the same time, Luo Saidi’s headphones also came to the fourth official voice on the sidelines. "Montera is indeed offside. He is over half a position!"
So Luo Saidi firmly waved around PaPavic to disperse the Roman players and said to Totti, "Restrain one of you, Francisco."
Both of them are old acquaintances. Luo Saidi whistled in Italy and played many Totti games.
All two people would be much friendlier if they were not working.
Totti was not so easily dismissed by Luo Saidi. He pestered Luo Saidi. "We scored a beautiful goal and it’s gone. We need a statement. Isn’t that too much Roberto?"
Luo Saidi shook his head. "All right, I know what’s going on. You Montera are offside. It’s as simple as that. Don’t pester me. No, I won’t change my penalty because the evidence is conclusive. If you don’t believe me, you can go to the game and replay it on the big screen." Luo Saidi made a signal with his lips toward the big screen.
Totti also knew that Montera was probably offside.
Now that the other side has produced the evidence, it is really bad to continue pestering, so he waved to the players to retreat, but at the same time he did not forget to be a captain and put pressure on the referee. "We demand justice!"
Luo Saidi nodded.
The storm caused by Rome’s goal has passed.
Rome may think that since they can all score first-though it’s a primary goal-then they can definitely take the initiative to win the game, but they are not pestering.
But they will soon be disappointed. They will want to know that we protested with Luo Saidi just now!
Because seven minutes after the goal in Rome, Lazio scored!
First, Leigh vilani was violated again, and then Luo Saidi gave Lazio a catch 30 meters from the goal.
While the Roman players were still waiting for the queue to find Luo Saidi’s theory, Melo suddenly made a quick serve. He put the football on the ground and jerked it forward before lifting it!
The ball is gone!
And the Roma players are still around Luo Saidi at this time.
When they found out that Luo Saidi suddenly ran out, they realized that Yi Shida was in a wrong situation!