Pure power will not bring anti-shock effect. Just as the magic arm is castrated for a moment, the cold will directly break and appear in the back of the magic arm when it is in contact with Ying Long’s main array attack.
The impromptu variant of the magic arm with a length of 1,000 meters was weakened by Chen Han’s three-style combo again by ten percent.
The snow cloud opened its mouth and sucked a large piece of white light at the magic arm, and it spread to the magic arm. The rich magic energy quickly passed away just in the blink of an eye. The magic energy was weakened by more than 10%, and the power was still in its early 70 s.
Booming …
The magic arm and Ying Long presided over the war, and the two sides attacked each other head-on, but there was no external force. With the help of the magic arm method, the combat power was greatly increased through external factors
After the ruler is used to strengthen the horse again, the attack power ratio is weakened by nearly 20%, and the gap between the magic arms is no longer the same.
The central power launched a blow, and the magic arm was immediately repelled by the anti-shock. Thousands of meters of condensed magic energy also melted away on the spot. In turn, the strong repair of the physical body has reached Taiyi, Jin Xian, and Ying Long, that is, the body has shaken a few times, but the equivalent impact can’t be so easy to stop for less than two dozen people who are not able to repair the physical body
In no particular order, all the people were almost broken on the spot, among which Jing Ningxue and others, who were the weakest and had no special physique, were seriously injured.
Just one blow!
It seems that the comprehensive attack power is almost the same. The magic arms of both sides didn’t even have any damage to form a war. More than 20 people were injured except Ying Long.
Although the people hurried to the elixir, the injury almost healed in an instant, and it was cold, they were still anxious. Just now, the war was broken by half an hour. This is just a blow. How many attacks will there be in half an hour? Who can guarantee that the war will be lucky every time?
Once the war is broken, the consequences are unimaginable. The magic arm root will not continue to entangle with them, but will escape from the seal for the first time.
At that time, it will definitely help other human-god remnants out of trouble. At that time, the magic statue and the residual weight will be merged again. Who knows who else in this world can ban or kill them?
The difference between the realms of the two sides is thousands of times. Xuanyin can’t weaken the remnants of Chiyou!
By the same token, their purpose is only to stall the magic statue, to discuss the seal or to punish. It is not that they can break the defense only if they can do it. Only by this point, they have not attacked the six robbers and scattered immortals to launch witchcraft. How can it work for the immortal emperor?
"Dad, let me help you. Haha …" Laughter came from an extremely weak mask.
"You … I’ll fuck your mother!"
Chen cold scold out this sentence and didn’t notice that in the war, Avril gave him a hard stare and shouted at the excited Chen Tian, "Are you going to die?" You’re here to help me with your little repairs? Get away from me and don’t fucking get in my way here! "
What does Nine Xuanshenglei have?
Although he has a great increase in talent, the Mahayana period is the Mahayana period. In this level of fighting, he has one thing to do, that is, to become a burden to everyone.
Rushing in with him, there are a large group of young people. First of all, Qin Yanger, the only brother of Chen Han, is Xiaojie. This guy is still in Du Jie to repair this world. There is no metal he needs to practice. He was stuck in Du Jie’s late peak and made a breakthrough.
For example, a ghost hand married a wife 300 years ago, and after years of hard work, he gave birth to a pair of twins, such as Duanmu Yunhai, a beautiful woman who had a baby, a Duanmu family who had to be included in the income family, and a crazy man who also married a wife as beautiful as flowers and as pure as jade, and gave birth to five children for hundreds of years, etc. Anyway, they all came from Chenhan’s brothers’ first-in-laws.
Since Di naturally got the best training and added students, their parents have good talent and the worst have a step in talent growth, both at the level of Du Jie and Mahayana.
It’s a pity that you can’t help anyone in this catastrophe.
Head-on confrontation again and again, the war was greatly impacted every time, but for the similar immortal elixir, it would have been blown to pieces by the magic arm.
Regardless of every blow, the master in the war field needs more than 20 pieces of instant recovery pills every time except Ying Long’s external injury. Even if this layer of concern is removed, it is dangerous and almost broken every time. No one knows if it can hold up at a time.
"Dad … am I as bad as you said?" With hundreds of two sai-jo Chen day was cold scold the sad face.
"Get out of here and stay!" Chen Han drinks and scolds mercilessly.
It is impossible for the ruler to be used by Ying Long in the disposal to give them a channel. The aftermath of the battle at this level is so powerful that a careless aftermath can kill the Du Jie period, which is the Mahayana period. Chen Han doesn’t want to be killed by the aftermath.
Chen Tianshen is haunted by a layer of purple-blue light, which is the unique symbol of the Nine Xuansheng Thunder Body, constantly resisting the aftermath released from the battle.
"Brothers, do it!"
With a wave of his hand, he waved his ring and magnified the number of grotesque parts. With the appearance of each part, it was very clever, and there were as many as 30,000 medium-fairy materials, which was not like the magic weapon seen in the routine.
Chen cold can’t help but froze. Even the knife froze them. Even if they hadn’t seen this little thing.
Hundreds of two sai-jo immediately took action to inject truth elements into the parts and put them together with the help of those truth elements.
What happened?
In a short time, there was a monster on the scene, which looked like some kind of high-tech military weapon.
The thick and long barrel protrudes more than 20 meters. This part of the material is comparable to the first fairy, especially a small part of the front end of the barrel is made of the middle fairy material. The barrel surface is a huge oval base, which is made up of extremely complicated parts. This part is extremely spiritual material.
Before Chen Han wanted to know what was going on, she heard the son shout, "Did Dad have a fairy stone? The higher the quality, the better the power. But it took my brothers and I several years to draw a drawing, put all our fairy wares in it and pestered grandmaster for a long time to make it out. "
"What the hell is this?"
"Ha ha … Dad, your son, I didn’t have a fairy stone before I was a genius. I finally got a chance to move it today!"
"I asked you what the hell is this?"
"Its name is super kinetic energy instant fairy gun? Great, right? "
"get out!"