"Ah … you … you don’t …"
There were several screams at the end of the speech, and then the sound stopped abruptly, and the words appeared blind.
Cheng Mingzhong Yingtian looks extremely ugly.
Damn it! How dare you be so presumptuous in Huai ‘an Province? This is a bold attempt to rob relics!
Although these people are not elites, they are also cultivated step by step by Dragon Net. This time, several people died, which made Zhong Yingtian very hit.
"Zhong Lao, I’ll take someone there myself," Cheng Ming said.
"no!" Zhong Yingtian with the wave.
"Since the other party is so afraid to kill so many of us, there must be absolute assurance that you will not be their opponent," Zhong Yingtian said.
"What shall we do?" Cheng Ming asked
"Now I can invite reinforcements and then I will lead the team myself," said Zhong Yingtian.
"Zhong Lao, this is the ruins of Huai ‘an Province. If you get reinforcements, you are afraid that they will share a piece of it." Cheng Ming’s face is unwilling to show color.
"I can’t let you go to your death even if I don’t want a magic weapon," said Zhong Yingtian.
Hearing this, Cheng Ming’s eyes were full of emotion.
"Besides, Longwang is a province."
"I want to see who dares to be so presumptuous in Huai’ an Province!"
Say that finish clock should day then pull up the words.
Sanglinshan behind Yusang Village, Huai ‘an Province
There are two people on the top of the mountain blowing the wind.
At first glance, the fog around you looks like you are in a fairyland.
These two people are Shi Chengyun’s aunt.
They both held hands and looked happy.
"Xiaoyun, let’s get married when we go back this time!" Zhong Yingtian said
Aunt Yun showed a smile when she heard her face, and then a heartache filled her face.
Suddenly the fog surged out of the fog and several men came out.
They are all merchants dressed up. After seeing them, several people took off their coats to reveal a black ninja ornament.
"I’ve seen Lord Yin Zun."
This a few men kneel together in front of Shi Cheng wrong YunYi.
This scene made Shi Cheng stare big eyes and stay there, and then he slowly turned to look at YunYi with a puzzled face.
That seems to ask, "What’s wrong with you?"
Aunt Yun took off her coat and then bam, a young woman dressed as a ninja.
This looks like three years old.
"My name is Shan Ye. I’m really a Japanese ninja coach."
"You are cruel enough, I have been lurking around you for so long and refused to tell me that thing!"
Aunt Yun was wrong. Shan Ye really smiled at Shi Cheng with a long knife in his hand.
Shi Chengyi saw his face changing.
"Take care when Grandpa Xiaohai is gone."
Say that finish Shi Cheng use rapidly jumped to the edge of the mountain.
Chapter 135 Select Jade [One More]
Muhai froze when he saw the huge warehouse in front of him.
This warehouse is short of tens of thousands of cubic meters.
There is a pile of jadeite stone inside.
Every stone surface is still stained with mud, which must have just been dug up.
"Brother Mu, look at these. I bought 40,000 cubic meters of jadeite raw stone from Myanmar, and it cost 1.2 billion, including oil transportation tax, etc." Zhou Qinglong said.
"Can 1.2 billion buy so much?" Mu Hai’s eyes showed their shirts and kept nodding.
"Mu bro, you don’t know. I can buy these stones for several mines in Myanmar, and I also paid 100 million yuan in advance to buy a month’s output." Zhou Qinglong is eloquent
"Brother Zhou did a good job," Muhai said sincerely.
"Ha ha bro, I dare not do a word you said. By the way, Mu bro, you can choose one thousand cubic jadeite original stones from this warehouse." Zhou Qinglong said.
A thousand cubic meters?
Oh, my God, that’s not my ring.
The original ring was very big, but now it seems too small.
Be sure to make a bigger ring, and it’s better to hold 10 thousand cubic meters.