Inside this crystal box, there is a dark stone-like object the size of a fist, which is constantly being released at the moment. The ghost gas seeps out from the sealed crystal box and slowly spreads in the darkroom.
Look at this situation. Just now, the darkroom was dark and full of ghost gas. It should be that the objects in the crystal box are constantly emitting and infiltrating.
"What is this?"
Xia Qi stared at the black object for a long time without any clue.
However, although it doesn’t automatically know what it is, Xia Qi knows that it is extremely important for the golden crown, the ghost snake and the ghost tree, because both of these two visions are in turmoil at the moment.
Especially in the outside, if it weren’t for Xia Qi’s words, the golden crown ghost snake would have been impatient and jumped directly to swallow this black stone.
Xia Qi didn’t study too much what this black stone was, so it was good for the Golden Crown Snake to be so jealous of it. In that case, it was nothing for the Golden Crown Snake to swallow it directly.
The Golden Crown Ghost Snake was forced by Xia Qi’s command not to wait until it smashed the crystal box directly and swallowed the dark and strange stones.
Swallowing this dark stone, the golden crown ghost snake directly fell to the ground and was overwhelmed by exhausted ghost gas. His breath is rapidly becoming stronger.
Xia qi face a low shout a.
The change of the golden crown and the ghost snake was unexpected, and the fierce breath made no secret that Xia Qi had to cover the breath for the golden crown and the ghost snake.
Xia Qi is not the only one in this fairy house.
Being able to break the ancient array before him Xia Qi is sure that the strength of the other party is not unusual.
Xia Qi covered the breath for the Golden Crown Ghost Snake, but after a while, his face turned into a wry smile. Because the Golden Crown Ghost Snake was so noisy, it was difficult to cover the breath.
I don’t know what it is when the Golden Crown Snake swallows that dark and strange stone. It looks great to the Golden Crown Snake. At the moment, the Golden Crown Snake looks like it has a kind of momentum that will impact the realm of the Great!
Xia Qi face wry smile LianQu became serious.
The Golden Crown Ghost Snake is obviously at a critical moment. No matter how big the movement is, Xia Qi should guard the Golden Crown Ghost Snake at this time so that no one will disturb its breakthrough!
"Someone is one step ahead of us!"
The Golden Crown Ghost Snake made a huge noise and shook the whole underground palace, which greatly alarmed all the immortals in this underground palace.
In a palace far away from Xia Qi and the Golden Crown Ghost Snake, at least dozens of immortals gathered together and felt the movement of the Golden Crown Ghost Snake at this moment, and one of them exclaimed.
"F * * king! How come someone is one step ahead of us every time? It’s so secret here that we have a map. It’s hard to find it here. Who can get here before us? !”
There is a statue of the emperor-to-be, who is extremely angry and yells.
"damn it! Kill me in the past, no matter who leads us into this place, we must kill that person for the treasures here. We are sure to win and lose! "
A young man in the crowd looked gloomy and drank coldly.
This person is impressively punished!
A group of people here is also an elite of Wan Jianzong.
They didn’t show up at the back of the demon family’s imperial wares, but they appeared in the ancient nest of the golden crown snake.
Wan Jianzong, a group of elite snakes, are rushing towards the golden crown and the ghost snake is breaking through the dark room, including the punishment name. In a group of elite Wan Jianzong, they all look angry and murderous!
They do have reason to be so angry.
The purpose of their trip into the second world is not to try their best to search for all kinds of treasures like other immortal brothers, but to try their best to accomplish two things.
The first thing is naturally to rescue the Golden Crown Ghost Snake and strive for an alliance with the Golden Crown Ghost Snake. Wan Jianzong strives for a powerful ally to keep Wan Jianzong’s power.