Wen Lianggong opened his mouth to shout people back. Just when he opened his mouth, he was hit by a barrier that suddenly appeared in front of him. The barrier looked very soft but very elastic. As soon as it was posted, it was immediately pushed back by the rebound of the enchantment for several steps before stopping.
The aura around suddenly became a little restless. Hu Yingxue and other people found that there was an extra layer of enchantment around, and the enchantment covered a wide area. Except for a face of anxiety and tenderness, Hu Yingxue, Mu Tianxuan and Wan Wenbin brought people with them.
Hu Yingxue didn’t doubt whether the people in the desert north city designed a pit. They sent it several times. She was already very familiar with how the aura fluctuation in the area where the circle was sent came here, so she made sure that the golden eagle didn’t lie to them.
However, the golden eagle concealed two things. The first thing was that the array was so large that it covered a thousand meters. The second thing was that the array should be randomly sent. He should have been accidentally involved in the array before being sent to the human world.
The golden eagle is dead. It’s not clear whether he is hiding these things or not, but Hu Yingxue can be sure that one thing will suddenly start after they step in, which means that these people will go to the nether world without any accident.
From the discovery of the enchantment to the sight of a piece of white but blink of an eye, the white light suddenly appeared before the people in the enchantment could react, and they disappeared.
Wen Lianggong was dumbfounded. Is this the day when they are going to die? Missing a Wan Yeyi in front of them is enough to make them nervous, which adds so many cloud nine immortals to kill the sea demons, and any one of them can shoot the northern desert city to death hundreds of times.
When I recovered, Wen Lianggong ran back to the desert north city with others, regardless of whether they would be angry or not. They had to immediately send the news to Jiutian, Xishan Xianzong, Zhahai Magic Sect, Nanting and Wuling Buddhism. These big names are very good. Maybe they told Hu Yingxue why they were missing, so they wouldn’t be angry.
On the other side, after a while, a large group of people fell into a valley like dumplings. The biggest feature of the netherworld is that there will be a blood day and a blood moon at a certain time every year in the dark. Now it is the time when the blood day appears, and their horses confirm that they have been sent to the netherworld.
It’s unfortunate to fall in a remote place and there is not a ghost repair around. Fortunately, although the road is different, these practitioners are a great help to many ghost repairs. If they fall into the ghost repair pile, they will be in big trouble. Shrimp and fish can’t stand them, but a ghost will be able to clean them all up.
It is not a good idea to check the valley and make sure that the whole valley is a place where no one has been sent to start, which means that we can wait for it to start actively. We are not sure what will happen in the waiting room. Besides, since they are here, they should also try to find the former missing person.
Just as they gathered around to discuss whether to go together or separately, a crack appeared in the valley, and a huge snake head came out from it, and then nine sounds rang. "Ying Xue, how did you come here?"
Chapter 227 Help
Back to the nether world, Jiuyou will no longer be bound by the laws of heaven and earth. Although after so many years of waste, he has made some progress compared with before being banned, and he is still at the top of the strong. Even though he has deliberately converged to intimidate him, he still makes outsiders feel a little unstable except Hu Yingxue.
Nine you shook your head just a hundred miles away, and the two ghost kings each took tens of thousands of ghosts to fight like a raging fire. Just being killed, the golden eagle was tossed about by them, and the lair was gone. It can be seen that this war will not be over for a while, and the valley is not a good place to catch up.
Open your mouth and spit out a palace. Jiuyou bowed his head and said to Hu Yingxue, "You bring them in and I’ll take you out of here."
Hu Yingxue turned to Wan Wenbin and others. "Brothers, this is a friend of mine."
What does Hu Yingxue mean when he says this? Wan Wenbin and others, of course, are white when they listen. It means that the snake is hers. If people want to believe her, just follow her and get to know Hu Yingxue. Of course, they choose to believe her, and even if they gamble, they should choose to believe it in the current environment.
Wan Wenbin, the leader of their peers, is naturally proud, but proud to be proud. They are not so arrogant that they can walk sideways wherever they go. This is the realm of the underworld. Their strength is equivalent to the fact that there are too many mortals in the human world who can crush them at will. In this case, it is absolutely welcome to have a strong backer.
When people find this moving surface, they come and see a magnificent golden palace submerged in a half-way, and a nearly hundred-foot-long crack in crack day. Many people have it, but if we look at the six realms and the netherworld in this way, there will be Jiuyuan Ghost Snake and Zijin Dragon. Zijin Dragon will not come to the netherworld, but Jiuyuan Ghost Snake will be there.
The ghost who was sent to find out the news will not be afraid, and his consciousness will make him look earthy. He will be laughed at as before, but this time he will not behave better because of others.
Six years ago, the ghost emperor’s blood coffin reappeared in the underworld with tens of millions of troops. It turned out that there were ten halls in Yamaraja, and there was a rival in the next year. Tens of thousands of years later, Jiuyuan ghost snakes suddenly came to life in Jiuyou Emperor, leading a hundred Jiuyuan ghost snakes to attack the blood coffin and leading the army. Where they appeared, the blood coffin army would be in flight.
The reason why this ghost general is afraid is that he follows the ghost king with a blood coffin, and a hundred ghost kings are in a deep place. The ghost snake has set out to make the ghost emperor’s blood coffin immortal. Even if he and he are pawns in their eyes, it won’t prevent them from giving up their breath and killing them bugs.
To tell the truth, these little soldiers and pawns of theirs are really not white. It would be nice to be a hegemon in their own place. Brothers, although they fight around every day, they just want to be lively. They don’t know when it will go out now, even if they have the means to give them a chance to start all over again, it’s not a good deal.
You can think about this in your heart. No one dares to say it. Defeat? If they had run away a long time ago, and declared their allegiance to the ghost king, it was time to give a wisp of life and soul to the ghost king for safekeeping. That thing was held in the hand of the ghost king and was waiting for death. Who dares to defect?
However, it’s also good for the ghost king to be beaten out of his wits during the war. It doesn’t matter if he goes back and puts the ghost soul in the soul-nourishing pool for a certain period of time, so he can start all over again. Although it’s better to start from scratch than to disappear, if the ghost king is in a good mood, he may still have a chance to re-enter the reincarnation, but that kind of opportunity is not for ordinary people, but he doesn’t want it.
When the ghost will secretly feel his bad luck, Jiu You holds his palace back to his former place, which is a camp where millions of troops are stationed. Although many people are curious about why he will hold the palace back, no one dares to gather together.
Nine deep and remote places the palace in the camp, and the human figure falls in front of the palace. A man in a white robe is surrounded by people. When this group of people approaches Nine deep and remote, he says to the first man, "Don’t blame me for walking out of my palace if Southwest is injured."
Southwest is the man in a white robe. He is a ghost king who belongs to a temple in Yamaraja. Zhao Xin heard the words and laughed. "Where did you invite the guests back so expensive?"
Nine you don’t intend to hide Hu Yingxue’s identity from the human world. Anyway, you can’t hide it and directly replied, "I know friends and her friends in the human world."
Xinan frowned. "Which one are they?"
Nine deep and remote gods swept the people who stayed with Hu Yingxue and couldn’t help but have some black lines.
Southwest Wei leng "your friend has a wide range of friends"
Nine deep and remote smiled, "the environment makes it friendly for everyone in their area to shout a few words except evil spirits."
"In this case, the trouble will be much less." Southwest raised my hand and smoothed my hair from the sideburns. "You should wait for someone to send me a ghost order. That’s what the Three Temples have made for these guests in the nether world. If the people here in Yamaraja of the Tenth Temples see the ghost order, they can’t make moves or they will be wanted by the Ten Temples together."
Southwest came here to ask Jiuyou what he was doing just now. Knowing that he was going to pick up some special guests, he left with a yawn and stayed up for more than three months in a row. Even if he didn’t sleep for a thousand years, he couldn’t hold his heart tired. He had to have a good rest while Jiuyou scared the other side.
I watched Xinan walk back to his tent, and Jiuyou turned and walked into the palace gate. This palace is for him to rest when he went out. The structure is very simple. There is a main hall and two side halls to receive visitors. The right side hall is his bedroom, and the left side hall is intended to receive overnight guests.
Simple is simple, but it’s not small inside. After all, there is a main hall with a serpentine volume of nine places. Among Hu Yingxue and others, there are two or three hundred people in the middle of the main hall together, which accounts for a small piece. Just looking at the ground paved with obsidian, they can guess that Hu Yingxue is an unusual friend. Although curious, no one has asked Hu Yingxue about his meaning.
Jiuyou walked into the main hall and went straight to Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan. "Why did you suddenly come here?"
Hu Yingxue replied, "Someone is missing in the door. When we searched for their trace, we were swept over by a messenger."
Listen to Hu Yingxue and you’ll probably know what’s going on when you go to the array for nine places.
About five years ago, there appeared many people from the human world, including practitioners and mortals. There were also many people here who suddenly heard from the soul lamp, and we can know that most of them are not dead.
After investigation, I don’t know that people have built many Unicom people’s squadrons in the nether world. Those squadrons are started from time to time. If someone appears in the squad, they will be sent to the other side.
The insiders all know what kind of chaos this kind of sending array will cause. It is a headache to find one and destroy another, and to find that many of those sending arrays have been destroyed since then.
Knowing these things from Jiuyou, Hu Yingxue frowned slightly and asked, "What happened to those who were sent to the array?"
Jiu You replied, "It’s luck to touch the Ten Halls here, but it’s still possible to touch the blood tree there, but it’s impossible to live there. You should know that even if the benefits are not as good as that, the flesh and blood of the practitioner is very attractive to the spiritual practice."
Common sense problem-of course, everyone knows that ghosts’ desire for flesh and blood stems from their desire for life, and their desire has turned into paranoia. Even if they get rid of reincarnation, they are rooted in the depths of their souls. Because of this paranoia, jealousy is derived, and because the practitioners’ body is really beneficial to cultivation, they are particularly rude to other practitioners. Most practitioners enter the nether world just like sheep enter wolves.
"Dear, if we are looking for someone, where can we start?" Wan Wenbin asked Jiu You before he went, Brother, even if he knew that he was run, he could not give up if he wanted to have a chance.
Nine you looked at Wan Wenbin’s eyes and the horse moved back to Hu Yingxue. "Are you looking for someone to be sent to the array?"
Hu Yingxue replied, "Ten times, the soul lamp is still on, but if it is not connected, the missing place is near the place where we came to send us, don’t you think?"
Jiu You replied, "Because I can’t go back for a while, some practitioners are mixed up with the Ten Temple people. Who do you want to find and give me the information? I can ask someone to help me find out."
Hu Yingxue sent jade slips engraved with the information of those younger brothers who disappeared with Wan Yeyi. "That will trouble you."
Nine you took the jade Jane "you wait" and walked out of the palace.
Hu Yingxue didn’t care about Wan Wenbin’s reaction, because she thought Wan Wenbin wouldn’t have any idea, and that’s true. Wan Wenbin didn’t care at all, but after listening to his question, he talked to Hu Yingxue. After all, the identity gap is too big. Of course, my heart will be a little uncomfortable. After all, I have never been treated like this before
Wan Wenbin is glad that he has one advantage, that is, he can straighten his identity, so he won’t have any ideas about Hu Yingxue, and he will think that he should strive to become stronger and want others to face up to himself. Let him be strong enough for others to face up to himself. This is his creed in life.
Nine you don’t ask Wan Wenbin directly. There is a little temptation. It is not only tempting Wan Wenbin, but also trying to win Sue and others. If Wan Wenbin and others are dissatisfied, he will take care of Hu Yingxue and her Wan Wenbin, and they will give them a good response. He will send them when Southwest says that the ghost order has arrived.
It wasn’t long before Jiuyou came back and handed a bag to Hu Yingxue and said, "It’s a secret that you have to leave me. Although you can’t guarantee your safety 100%, you can save a lot of trouble."
Hu Yingxue took the bag and gave it to Mu Tianxuan to share it with everyone. She stayed with Jiu You and asked, "Have you heard from those people?"
Jiuyou replied, "I haven’t come from the human world yet. Many of them have hidden their identities. I have put up a reward order. If they are with the people in the Ten Temples, they can see Conghua and make me contact through a reward."
Hu Yingxue didn’t say thank you to Jiuyou, because Jiuyou didn’t need her to say this. She knew that she was now several catties and two weights. From the beginning, she didn’t expect to find someone on her own. Now she can wait for the news to come, so she temporarily put aside the search for personnel and turned to the topic "Do you know that blood has returned to the nether world?"
Nine deep and remote nodded. "I don’t know how he did it when I came back six years ago. After I came back, I defeated and swallowed the ghost emperor who had brought people to the nether world and replaced him. Now I am holding people and talking to the Ten Temples about overthrowing Yamaraja’s rule over the nether world."
Hu Yingxue blinked. "Yamaraja in the Tenth Hall is very unsatisfactory?"