Meng Xin is quite calm. Since she was a child with her father, she also knows that not everyone in the same country has the same conditions. This is why her parents donate some money every year, even if they don’t pay much, but many people make light work, so that those who need help will always get some help.
Ladies’ priority seems to be everywhere. The village chief also asked Meng Xin to choose Meng Xin first, so he pushed a bed in the left door. I could see that he was going outside to buy a new bed. Many things were new Meng Xin and said thank you later.
I don’t seem to know what I said except thank you.
Grain township is a certain distance from the nearest town. It must be the village chief who has been preparing these things for them for several days.
Meng Xin is really grateful to the village chief for thinking of her, running all the way to let her go to bed early and taking Zhang Yiding to the next room, and then arranging the bus master. After a while, the village chief personally brought hot water and his wife.
The weather in March is neither too hot nor too cold, and it is still relatively cold in early spring. Because of its special geographical location, it will be colder than the weather outside, so you can’t sleep if you don’t bubble your feet with hot water.
"Girl, do you need aunt to help you get a warm pot at night? This is my daughter’s front. If you don’t dislike aunt, I’ll bring it for you." The village chief’s wife likes Meng Xin very much when she sees it in vain.
In addition, she also felt distressed that such a girl who looks like a castle should come to their side to suffer. Their daughter has been reluctant to come back here since she married in the city.
But it’s still half a year since such a girl who is more delicate than their daughter came here so willingly.
She is really distressed and involuntarily feels better about Meng Xin.
"thank you, aunt, if it’s no trouble." Meng Xin didn’t refuse. It’s really cold in G city, that is, it’s very good if there can’t be a hot blanket here in winter and a kettle can be used.
"Don’t bother, don’t bother you waiting for me." The village chief’s wife walked over.
Section 5
"Village head, in fact, you and your aunt don’t need to do this. We are here for work. Don’t treat us as VIPs. This is how the two of us will arrange our lives. I don’t know, but you and your aunt are so dedicated to arranging our food and shelter. You must accept the money, otherwise we will live where we should live."
Meng Xin is a clever person. She knows that her accommodation with Zhang Yi and Ding Yuan is definitely not so good. This is because the village head and aunt have given her two rooms in their house. She is very grateful.
"Girl, you-"The village head is holding Meng Xin in his hand and giving such a large sum of money. I really don’t know what to say. The environment in Grain Township is hard. I heard about it a few years ago, but those teachers and doctors in the township, no one wants to come to Grain Township. Even if they come, they will run for a long time.
This time, I finally expected these two doctors and nurses. He just wanted to make the conditions better and keep the people here. Judging from the expression of the male doctor, he knew that he had not done enough. Who made the conditions here too bad? But the girl showed calmness everywhere and made him feel a little ashamed.
"…" Zhang Yiding heard the conversation between the two men. He couldn’t believe that their accommodation was even worse than it is now. Isn’t it that Grain Township is not the poorest village? How bad is the environment in the poorest village?
But seeing that Meng Xin took so much money to the village head, there should have been 10 thousand in the past, but he had 1000 yuan in cash in his wallet. He didn’t expect that he would have to pay for it himself even if he paid that 1000 yuan, but Meng Xin had to pay less for it, didn’t he
There is no internet in Grain Township. As soon as the mobile phone comes here, there is no signal. He just wants to pay Alipay to transfer money to Meng Xin, which makes him so good.
"The girl can’t give so much even for life. You have to take some back." The village chief knows Meng Xin is serious, but so much money is hot in his hand.
"Two beds are not cheap either. Today, eating chicken, duck and fish is all about you and your aunt breeding green and healthy, and taking it to our place to sell. It’s worth the price, so you can accept it calmly. This is the first three months, and I will give it to you three months later." Meng Xin smiled and said that she would be very sorry if she didn’t live here.
"That … that I accept you, don’t say what three months is not three months. This is where you live." The face of a village head who is dozens of years old has become a pig liver color. He is also quite eloquent at ordinary times, otherwise he would not be a village head, but he still looks too dull in front of Meng Xin.
Meng Xin didn’t say anything more. Anyway, things will be discussed in three months.
The village chief’s wife soon sent a thermos full of hot water and a clean towel to Meng Xin, which was really sweet.
Meng Xin took it and walked over and thanked it. It doesn’t affect their rest. The village chief and his wife will be leaving soon.
Zhang Yiding’s face turned red at this time and looked at Meng Xin. "I didn’t bring much cash to that life with Meng Xin. I’ll pay you back then."
"If you don’t come to the township government and allocate money, we won’t pay extra for living." Meng Xin shook his head and refused.
In fact, Zhang Yiding also knows that this is why he didn’t bring cash.
But Meng Xin is sorry to see her pay him alone as soon as she pays so much cash.
"But you …" Zhang Yiding felt that this was taking advantage of Meng Xin.
"The village head’s family condition is not very good either. Life is an excuse to make them feel more at ease. So is it. Let us live here more comfortably. I don’t want to go to the place where we should live. It is definitely not as good as here." Meng Xin said with a smile.
"So that’s it." At this moment, Zhang Yiding also felt that Meng Xin was a kind-hearted daughter of Meng Haidong. No wonder Wang Yang liked her so much.
"Well, go back to your room and sleep. I’m sleepy." Aunt Meng Xin yawned and soaked her feet in hot water for a while and went to bed to sleep. This sleep was fairly comfortable, and it was still warm with a kettle under the covers.
-dividing line-
The next day, the two men went to work.
Not far from the front of the village head’s house, the village head set up a temporary tent with the villagers for more than a month. The village head has two vans, which are sent to the nearest town hospital when someone in the village is seriously ill.
Now there is an extra way for two cars. Zhang Yiding needs medical equipment and medicine, and everything needs this van to come back.
Generally, villagers can tolerate any minor illness. For example, some people have their feet nailed by rust nails. They don’t know that rust is easy to infect wounds. Generally, they just disinfect their own homemade white wine, but after a while, their hind feet limp. They don’t know why.
I didn’t know it was infected until I went to the town hospital for examination. Now there are doctors in their village, and everything is very convenient. Now the villagers gradually know how to cherish themselves. When they feel a little uncomfortable, they come to Zhang Yiding and Meng Xin.
Zhang Yiding’s edification in Meng Xin is also very patient with the villagers, and he doesn’t think the villagers are dirty and smelly. They are very enthusiastic to work together.
Some minor ailments and pains can be handled by both of them. In case of serious illness, the village will send the patient away. In case of serious family members, Meng Xin will accompany him all the way by car to explain the patient’s situation and then come back by car.
In this way, the villagers cherish their health more and more, even if they have a cold and fever, let Zhang Yiding take a look and feel free to go home and continue to work.
Time flies, and a week has passed.
The villagers are very grateful to Zhang Yiding and Meng Xin. From time to time, they will send their own fruits and vegetables to them. Sometimes when someone has something to ask the village chief and his wife, Meng Xin and Zhang Yiding also become invited guests to attend.
There are also many villagers’ activities, who celebrate their old people’s birthday, who have children, who marry their wives, and who have piglets. The first week, except for the first three days, Meng Xin and Zhang Yiding went to the owner’s house and went to Xijia three days after dinner.
Zhang Yiding also accepted things that were made black more and more. On the first day, he looked at things that were disgusting. After a week, he gradually accepted them.