"I haven’t slept yet!" Hearing that she was called a witch bed, Nie Yinger said angrily.
"What girls in Muqingfeng don’t have to take it to heart, but it’s just a hollow reputation. It’s just that I have something to do with this witch girl." Muqingfeng suddenly felt that the title of witch girl was really appropriate.
"I repeat that I haven’t slept yet! ! Speak ill of others behind their backs and not be afraid of bad tongues! !” Listen to the sound will know that NieYing son is very angry.
Mu Qingfeng told the story of what happened in Yan Wangfu, especially when he was finally deceived and forced by Sanchong Dan to explain why he wanted to be with Nie Yinger.
"The public is really resourceful, and the charm pavilion is so poisonous that it can be seen through to get the moon to make a toast to the public!" Chess fairy gulped down her glass with Mu Qingfeng’s celibacy to save Yecheng people from the fire and water, and she admired his ingenuity and courage.
"I’m flattered by the girl, but I’m doing my best. I don’t make much contribution." Mu Qingfeng also drank it dry.
"Dog men and women are still drinking when this is the wedding." It’s not a taste to hear them talking and laughing. Nie Yingying’s psychology has been crushed everywhere since the emergence of this wonderful moon.
"Don’t blame me for being a martial artist. It seems that my left hand has some strength. Is it hurt?" Zhuo Longyue saw through Muqingfeng’s problem at a glance. You know, although Nie Yinger is not good at martial arts, it doesn’t mean that she is an ordinary person. It is obvious that Nie Yinger is short of gas during the daytime. This is only when she is seriously injured and recovers. Seeing that Muqingfeng is disabled, she has this question.
"That silly little girl was hurt by something there. That’s what his bodyguard longed for mountains to do! !” Nie Yinger was so angry when he was injured that everything was under control. I didn’t know that Mu Chongshan almost killed himself on the spot.
"But the Jianghu people call it’ scabbard knife’. Did Mujiazhuang only admire the mountains on the first day? However, my tutor told me that he was a personal bodyguard of Ling Wang Zhan Yujiang very early. How did he become a public bodyguard? " Zhuo Nongyue became more and more curious. This man in front of him is really unpredictable.
"It’s a long story." Since it’s good to have a chat at leisure, it’s not convenient for Mu Qingfeng to tell Zhuo Nongyue what happened in the south of the city, but to hide the reputation of Wang Shi’s war and finally get caught.
"It turns out that the prairie people’s attack was beaten off by the public to get a good month! Let’s make a toast to the public again! " Although she’s a daughter, she’s as bold as a man.
"It is known that the information from South Lincheng at that time worried that my family teacher was sleepless at night, and I couldn’t wait to go to my apprentice in person. I planned to take my place. I didn’t expect that thanks to the public’s adherence to South Lincheng, my summer people were ruined. So Yingjie’s family teacher would definitely like to see that it is better to go to Painting Heart Square with me. I think my sister can definitely solve this’ Three Insects Dan’ poison." Zhuo Nongyue sent an invitation.
"You really respect Lin Jieyu. Are you omnipotent?" NieYing son heard MuQingFeng some lie still, early know so why Liu Min just find MuQingFeng directly, now it seems that MuQingFeng is one hundred times stronger than Liu Min.
"It’s not the first strange poison in the sky. Is the sister’ Caizhen Lingwei’ too confident?" Zhuo Nong yue Huan se
"It took me three years to develop this’ Three Insects Dan’. The material is very simple. It’s just three poisonous insects. It’s okay to tell you, but the order of adding the three poisons is there. I know that if the antidote is not in the right order, I wonder if Hua Xian dares to gamble?" Nie Ying’s son has fear.
"The charm pavilion is really despicable. No wonder it has been made crooked!" Zhuonongyue heard that the poison was so complicated and angry and said
"The noble family is decent, so don’t talk too much about yourself. Your uncle Jiang Yun doesn’t know. Don’t you know?" Nie Yinger retorted
Hear Nie Yinger’s silence when she comes to her sect’s private affairs.
Ling Wang’s original wife Jiang Yunying? Mu Qingfeng heard a word from Li Daoling in those days, and now there is still a chance. Of course, he wants to know that the more he knows about the enemy, the better.
"I’m sorry that this matter involves the secret of our sect, so I can’t tell you about it." Zhuo Nongyue was a little sorry.
"How to open painting heart Fang three immortals and one outstanding moon also dare not mouth things? Why are you afraid that this silly little guy in front of you will be suspicious when he knows? " Nie Yinger’s reason and tide wait for no man.
"Shut up!" Zhuo Nong’s face was covered with frost.
"You let me shut up and shut up? I insist on saying it! You and I don’t know? ! Jiang Yunying is my teacher’s father and sister! !”
"Shut up! !”
get away
"How still clear? Is that how respectable people in Jianghu view their secrets? You’re a chess fairy, but you’re good at martial arts, otherwise you’ll kill people. Anyway, few people here know that I can kill two birds with one stone and have fun? " NieYing son know ZhuoNongYue can’t be more reckless.
"Uncle Jiang is the main sister of Yinyin Pavilion. We never thought of hiding it. Besides, Uncle Jiang is famous all over the sky, although she was born in your Yinyin Pavilion, but she knows that Princess Ling died in battle and you can’t speak slanderously! !” It seems that Jiang Yunying’s position in Zhuolong Moon is really not low.
"Hum! God knows how she wants to make a good fortune and go to the painting heart workshop! !” Nie Ying’s son muttered a little. In fact, this mysterious cabinet master and sister used to be the object of his own longing.
Mu Qingfeng found Zhuo Nongyue a little sad, so he raised his hip flask and gently poured her a glass of wine.
Zhuonongyue picked up the glass and didn’t drink it directly, but sprinkled it gently on the ground.
"When I was a child, I was naughty and was always sent to the detention room by Master. Every time, Uncle Jiang found an opportunity to secretly send me food. Just like my mother, we painted the three immortals in the heart workshop. I need to practice martial arts frequently. If Master beat me all over, Uncle Jiang would secretly apply ointment to me at night and told me that my body and daughter must pay attention to their physical appearance, or else I couldn’t find Mr. Right." Zhuo Langyue was picked up by Nie Yinger, and Jiang Yunying floated to her heart in the past.
"Later, Master didn’t know what had a conflict with Martial Uncle. During their quarrel, I learned that Martial Uncle was actually our biggest enemy, the main sister of Charming Pavilion. At that moment, I was really scared. I was afraid that Martial Uncle would never return and never want me again, so I secretly cried outside, but I didn’t expect to be heard by them." Zhuo Nongyue fell into memories of the past.
"Master and Uncle Shi heard me cry, so they stopped arguing. Uncle Shi saw this wall crying, so I quickly ran over and held me gently in my arms, feeling the warmth of Uncle Shi. I cried even more, sobbing and asking her if she didn’t want me or if she was going back to the charm pavilion."
"I’ll never forget Martial Uncle’s careful arrangement of my hair while saying,’ Silly girl, how can I give up my crescent moon?’ Martial Uncle, I won’t want you anywhere. You are my pride.’" When I said these words, Zhuolong Moon’s eyes were a little red and I couldn’t help but take out a handkerchief with body fragrance and wipe my eyes.
"The master didn’t tell me what happened until Martial Uncle left. Although she and Martial Uncle were not biological sisters, their feelings for many years were much deeper than that of the so-called elder sister. Their conflicts and contradictions were actually the Ling Wang’s war in the corner of Xinjiang. It was time that Ling Wang was not so famous. It was a general report that he didn’t know what Martial Uncle saw in him and wanted to marry him.
! "Zhuo lane on some emotional excitement.
"Master said that Martial Uncle was born in Wulin and now he is an important figure in Painting Heart Square. If he marries Ling Wang again, there may be countless troubles, so Master strongly opposes it. However, although Martial Uncle is easy-going, no one can stop it. Therefore, she quarreled with Master and finally married Ling Wang to fight in the corner." Speaking of this, Zhuo Langyue’s expression became very heavy, and it would not be a good thing to want to happen next.
"Although Uncle Shi got married, she still came back to see me from time to time. I was like this. Uncle Shi stayed with me as before until one day when he came back, but he was a soldier in the mausoleum palace. Then Master heard the news of Uncle Shi’s disappearance, and the whole person was shocked. That was the first time I saw Master shed tears, even though he was seriously injured and dying, he didn’t lose his manners. Later, he kept himself in his room for three days without eating or drinking. At that time, although I was not big, I knew that Uncle Shi had an accident, and she could no longer pat me on the head to bring me all
Speaking of which, Zhuolong Moon’s eyes shed crystal tears, and Mu Qingfeng couldn’t bear to pick up the table handkerchief and handed it to her.
"Thank you for being rude. I don’t want to let the public laugh without controlling my feelings today." Zhuo Nongyue took the handkerchief and gently dried her tears and took a few deep breaths to return to normal.
"Hum, at the end of the day, you didn’t kill me. If you don’t go to your stupid painting heart workshop, Jiang Yunying won’t die, which made my master sad." Nie Ying, the bed, unwilling to mutter.
Neither of the two people at the table paid attention to Nie Yinger. This is the difference between noble decency and crooked ways. One cares about the meaning of sacrifice and the other wants to avoid the process of sacrifice.
Maybe it’s because I feel that I met my bosom friend, a thousand cups of wine, and Muqingfeng said a lot of things late, except for her own life and Xuelian Zhuonongyue, who almost knew Muqingfeng’s department