Liu Yichen glanced at Sue’s blushing face and said, "Mom, we are working hard. Don’t worry, I’ll go first."
"Smelly little" Wenyiting criticised the sentence and took Sue to sit on the sofa and chat.
Aunt Liu walked over and was busy preparing dinner. The lady was happiest when the gentleman and the mistress came back.
The atmosphere here in the main room is warm, but the small building behind is quiet, and you can hear a pin drop.
Fang Nuo Nuo was sitting motionless on the sofa holding her words. Just now, my mother called and said that she had been optimistic about the wedding date. It was said to be an auspicious day on the sixth day of the twelfth lunar month.
At the end of the year, Lu Yizhi is getting busier and busier, and sometimes it’s early in the morning when he comes back late.
He left before she woke up.
When I picked up my mobile phone and looked at my eyes, it was past work. When I found Lu Yizhi, I dialed the past.
"Hey …"
Fang Nuo Nuo cu frowned "where are you? Why is it so noisy? "
"I have something outside. You have something?"
"Er … you’re busy first, wait till you come back."
The words were hung up as soon as they fell.
Fang Nuo Nuo looked at the screen and bit by bit blacked out.
She wanted to tell him the news just now. I wonder if he will be as happy as she is.
She admitted that at the beginning, she and Lu Yizhi were trading together.
But after this period of time, he worked hard, and his lightness seemed to make him care about nothing, which made her more and more fascinated.
She knows this is not a good phenomenon.
In the emotional world, whoever is tempted first will lose first.
Although even if she has no feelings for Lu Yizhi, she will still be with him in this generation.
But now I have a concern in my heart, and some things are different.
They joined hands to make success and not to fail.
The servant gently knocked on the door. "Second mistress has dinner."
"got it"
Liu Zhengying came in from the outside and saw Sue late feeling sitting on the sofa talking with Wenyiting affectionately.
Eyebrows Cu die this woman will WenYiting hold tightly.
"Sir, you’re back." Aunt Liu was carrying a dish out to see Liu Zhengying busy greeting.
Sue night feeling heard the sound came into contact with Liu Zhengying cold eyes suo suo neck.
Get up and hold your skirts in your hands. "Dad, you’re back."
"Um … come with me to the room-I have something to tell you."
"… good"
Wen Yiting looked at Liu Zhengying discontentedly. "This horse is about to eat. What can I do for you?"
Facing Wen Yiting, Liu Zhengying couldn’t put a face. He smiled and said, "It’s just some trivial things."
"Well, then, hurry up."
"Good mother" Sue said with a smile at night and then followed Liu Zhengying to the second floor.
As soon as Lu Zhengying entered the door, she threw her briefcase in her hand on the sofa and turned her back on Sue. She said coldly, "Miss Su, you turned a deaf ear to my words every time, didn’t you?"
Sue sighed, "Dad, I don’t know why you want me to divorce Liu Yichen."
Section 23
Lu Zhengying turned to ridicule and said, "Do you dare to say that you married Lu Yichen for no purpose? Don’t you have no purpose in entering Lujiamen?"
Sue’s eyes drooped at night. She married Lu Yichen for a purpose. Only Lu Yichen could get her into Su’s class smoothly.
It is true that she entered Lujiamen for a purpose, and Mrs. Lu’s status allows her to do what she wants.
See Sue late feeling don’t talk Liu Zhengying sarcastic smile "what? You can’t refute it if I poke it? "
Do you want money to send her away?
Heaven and hell are not two worlds, but a set meal
"Dad, I just made a deal with Liu Yichen, but now …"