Chapter 32 Thrilling!
They avoided a row of yellow rays and straightened up. In the early stage of physical fitness, the youth suddenly exclaimed, "Be careful and …"
Hsuanchan was immediately surprised at his direction, just to see that the wall that had just emitted yellow rays reappeared with red rays. This was never the case, and there were few two rows of rays appearing one after another, let alone two times on the same wall. He hurriedly leveled his body with everyone to avoid red rays urgently.
However, one person was not so lucky. Although the mature woman put her body flat, I don’t know if it was because the spar giant was chasing her, but she didn’t come to the scheduled position too hastily or her ass was too full. As the red ray appeared in the second row, a burst of scorched smoke rose in the chamber of secrets, and the mature woman screamed in pain. Two plump tender meats on her ass had been cut off by the red line with high temperature.
But her nightmare is not over yet, and she is chasing her. Suddenly, the giant SPAR disappears, and her huge body appears directly on her side, kneeling down suddenly. If she is won, can she still live?
"insidious!" In Chen Xuan’s heart, the former spar giant appeared around them every time he teleported. I didn’t expect that this time it was insidious and directly appeared in a mature woman. If she were herself, she would almost form an inertial thinking, and she was injured. Can she escape?
"Boom …"
The spar giant’s right knee came into hard contact with the ground, leaving no trace of it, so that we can know that the mature and beautiful woman has disappeared into the world forever without looking at the gap in life.
Hsuanchan was surprised, really surprised. He didn’t expect that people would die at the last moment. Let them be quite sure to destroy the SPAR giant, but now he has no bottom in his heart.
Five people changed their eyes, and everyone felt that the matter was serious. If you don’t try your best to attack the SPAR giant, you won’t be able to make it later. Can five people make it in time?
"boom", "boom" and "boom" bsp; Five people took out all their unique skills. Hsuanchan frantically made the ever-changing old man take out a powerful sword array composed of twelve flying swords and sweep it at the SPAR giant. The demon family spit it out. He didn’t know that he had been practicing Dan for thousands of years. At this time, if anyone keeps secrets and doesn’t take out the biggest attack, he will not only kill others but also die himself.
But even so, the SPAR giant’s health value is still glued to each other in the hourglass. Although everyone has tried their best, it is still not good to pull the distance and keep it from being pulled in various attacks and interferences.
237% … 1745 … 1O1% … The SPAR Giant has 1% of his health left, while the remaining time in the hourglass is less than o5%, which is almost one minute.
"When you go back like this, it’s definitely not enough for everyone to fight!" Chen Xuan roared and put all the real yuan into the virtual evil sword. The other four people didn’t reply very tacitly and prepared for their strongest attack at the same time. They knew that if they attacked one by one like this again, it would be better to put all their eggs in one basket, and there might be unexpected effects.
It’s a combination of five people, all the true elements, and five attacks, with decisive momentum, to attack the SPAR giant. This will definitely be the last round of attacks. After this round of attacks, there is not enough time left for them to recover the true elements, and then a second round of attacks depends on whether it is life or death.
"Boom" exploded to five attacks and fell on the spar giant’s body. The powerful aftermath directly blew out the real yuan. Five people flew out, but in the middle of Hsuanchan’s mouth, there was a smile. He had already seen the sky in the hourglass and stopped at oo2%, which means that they finally wiped out the spar giant before the end of the time.
"Hua …"
The huge body of the SPAR giant collapsed into a pile of sparkling crystal, but they didn’t have time to pay attention to these. When the SPAR giant died, they almost pulled into a straight line, and suddenly they all collapsed and fell to the ground panting.
Hsuanchan couldn’t help feeling a little scared. He almost got there. All five of them had to die together, but in the end, they survived. The feeling of the rest of their lives haunted him and made him very refreshed.
All of a sudden, Hsuanchan’s SPAR giant didn’t immediately disappear for a second, two seconds, three seconds … The pile of spiritual crystals was still quietly scattered there and didn’t disappear. Hsuanchan couldn’t help but realize what it was like to secretly take out an epiphysis to give him qi. Dan Zhenyuan was recovering from the rapid recovery of medicine.
After waiting for a moment, Chen Xuan shouted excitedly, "Grab it!" People have flung themselves at that pile of sparkling crystal.
See Hsuanchan move four other people zheng see that pile of crystal suddenly white rushed at the crystal pile, but it’s already a little late. Chen Xuanchong rushed to the crystal pile and waved his hands very quickly. Crystal has entered his black jade ring.
In the five people’s crazy looting of the secret room, a spirit crystal was not found soon. The last 30% of the spirit crystal went into Hsuanchan’s pocket, and the remaining four people added up to 70%, with an average of less than 20% per person, almost half of Hsuanchan.
Feel four strands of murderous look spread in the chamber of secrets. Look at the four people who are worried about it. Hsuanchan knows that they are obviously not satisfied with the result of this dirty work. That pile of spiritual crystals is a full ten thousand, but ten thousand. They can be satisfied.
Chapter 33 Naked extortion
"Why? Want to fight? " Hsuanchan erected a virtual evil sword with a face of evil. "Don’t forget, you just ran out of all the true yuan, but I have already passed a recovery capability Dan medicine in advance. Do you want to fight? See if you have the qualification to say again first. "
At the same time, his body suddenly rose, and the strong energy fluctuation showed that he was not lying, and his true yuan had indeed recovered.
Tao Feng, a bone old man, a young woman, a slightly taller demon race and a young man in the early stage of fit, suddenly froze. I didn’t expect Chen Xuan to be prepared in advance, and the yoshimitsu in his eyes suddenly weakened. At this time, their bodies were almost real, but Hsuanchan didn’t know when they had recovered their capability. Why did they fight with others?
And they didn’t recover their skills. It’s impossible for Dan Yao to recover himself in a short time unless … four people are together.
Four people can’t help glances quietly approaching.
"Hold your feet!" Chen Xuan stopped drinking abruptly and let them stop. Suddenly, Hsuanchan’s eyes fixed on the old man, Feng Xiangu. "The old guy don’t want to make a small move. Give me the Dan medicine in your hand, otherwise … we are in a state of each other. I will kill you. Maybe it’s easier than the spar giant."
"Ha ha ….." The old man seems to have a bad smile and put back the Dan medicine from the bracelet. "Don’t be angry, little friend. Don’t be angry. I want to restore a real yuan to cope with one. It’s just meaningless."
However, although the enemy is strong and we are weak, their real fear is not much. If Chen Xuan really dares to kill one person, he may not kill the second person, which will inevitably lead to the other three people’s self-destruction, because the four of them know that now the four of them are on the same side. Since Hsuanchan dares to kill the first person, he will naturally dare to kill the second person. If he does not resist, he will kill one by one. In the end, even if he wants to kill himself, there is not much threat to him. It is better for the three people to die together.
There aren’t many real yuan in their bodies, but if they are forced to die, the real yuan will be seriously injured and reborn even if they don’t hide from Hsuanchan in this small secret room, although their violent power is a little small and less than 30% when the real yuan is sufficient.
Hsuanchan nature also white situation now they dare not do anything with them, they also dare not make a move, afraid to annoy their bad end.
However, he just spent one Qi-invigorating Dan. Grab more Dan pills and keep them from taking them away? Hsuanchan corners of the mouth over a crooked smile.