Later, I discovered the Association of Love and Wolf clan, and learned that Love is the fourth member of Wolf clan, ranking the top ten.
After arriving at the Wolf clan guild, the leaders of all the temples of the Wolf clan came out at the same time to meet Liang Ping and entered the temple of God.
In this issue, Shen Jianing decided to stay and help the Wolf clan guild.
Liang Ping understands this because the president of the Millennium Wolf Association is Shen Jianing’s biological father.
The wolf clan guild is her father’s legacy, and she naturally has righteousness. Her father protects this industry.
However, when he left the wolf cave, he found that San Li, the second elder of the wolf guild, turned out to have saved his life in the harsh winter when he was a child.
Followed by Xiao Fei’s private meeting in Shuijia Village, Fan Sangong’s wife, a triad elder, killed Fan Sangong and also killed Fan Sangong’s wife in this incident.
It has always been difficult for Liang Ping to understand why Xiao Fei did this for a purpose. In the current situation, his actions have another interest for the Wolf clan guild
Then Liang Ping returned to Bimeng Inn and found that the proprietress and boss of Bimeng Inn were not faithful men and women.
This discovery doesn’t seem to be too big for the whole nine-deep event.
However, it was then that ale, the seven killers of the Heroes’ Guild, suddenly pretended to be a beta player and tried to persuade Liang Ping not to join the Wolf clan guild.
Liang Ping didn’t believe from the beginning that ale was followed by Fan Qigong, the leader of the triad society.
Fan Qigong easily found Liang Ping’s chat record with ale in Liang Ping’s room. Liang Ping didn’t think too much about it.
However, it didn’t take long for Jiuyou to rob the Dragon God in the Millennium to be born, and the Bimeng Dynasty was attacked by monsters.
It was also in that period that Liang Ping discovered that Wang Cheng had placed Wu Dao Lang, the left commander, and Huangfu Yanbin, the right commander of the triad ghost.
At first, they wanted to win the throne of the left and right churches, but later they found that they just wanted a better life and just wanted to sign up.
Liang Ping got a lot of important information from Wu Dao Lang’s mouth. Come on, Fan Qigong is one of the seven great killers of the heroes.
After that, Liang Ping single-handedly killed the monster who raided the Bimeng dynasty.
It didn’t take too long, and then I failed to track down the dragon god and came to the hinterland of the heroes.
In the group of heroes, I gave Yan Yan Dan to Yan Lao and Yi Shuang Yi Shuang to find her former appearance again.
But it was also at that time that Liang Ping learned that Zhao Si was detained by the heroes in the dungeon of the heroes
I was just about to find Zhao Si Luo in the Qunying Club, but I accidentally found the princess’s room, and at the same time I found the princess and the two elders of the Wolf clan guild, San Li, who were very rich.
Not only that, princess tease paper has also saved Liang Ping’s life.
Knowing this, his mood became complicated.
Back to the Bimeng dynasty, he killed the monster, and at the same time, he decided to ask Mushroom Gong to help solve everything.
However, the people who spent a lot of money to send them didn’t bring back the mushroom, but they brought it back to the front.
I rented such a comfortable room in Shuijia Village outside the Wolf Cave, but I lived very comfortably. When I witnessed the true scene of the Wolf Brothers War, Liang Ping and his brothers were moved by their brotherhood.
However, this once again returned to Bimeng Inn and witnessed the fiasco of Xiao Fei.
Also witnessed the Wolf clan guild sent Dai Fei, the right protector, and Jin Xiaodong, the left commander, to rescue Xiao Fei, who was half disabled.
Zhuang zai, my wolf brothers, Zhuang zai, my desert pride, I was moved again when I heard Dai Fei sing this song that they sang as children.
However, when I returned to Bimeng Inn again, I finally waited for ale.
Ale led Liang Ping to the heroes’ meeting, where he was still so calm and sensitive.
But rival ale is also a calm guy.
After ale Li Huang’s affection, he revealed his affection to Huang Shao.
In that issue, Liang Ping kept drinking wine from Huang Shaojing’s underground palace
Strangely, the wine in the underground palace seems to have special magic, but for Liang Ping’s perseverance, I’m afraid they would have drunk him unconscious.
Huang Shao and ale probably didn’t find that Liang Ping was still conscious in that period. Their bold remarks made Liang Ping unforgettable at the moment.
At that time, ale said with a fine face, "In my opinion, the president must be a wolf, fourteen young and ten old. He has been in the League of Heroes for five years, and he has successfully obtained your trust. I think his purpose is to understand the mechanism of our League of Heroes, and I am afraid we will feel overwhelmed when we break them one by one."
Huang Shao also said, "ale, I always feel suspicious when you talk, but now that Xiangxiang and the funny paper princess are behind him, I’m afraid it’s not easy for us to kill him openly."
Ale said, "Would he really do it if he were asked to kill President Zong Ze, the 14 th, 14 th, 11 th, middle and old wolf clan?"
Huang Shaodao: "He is an excellent spy. He will definitely kill Lao Eleven, but we can also successfully slay him in the wild and give him to the Wolf clan guild when he is exhausted."
Ale said, "President, in your opinion, it is more appropriate to send someone to punish the situation."
Huang Shaodao: "Li Huateng has always been dissatisfied with his feelings. I think it is most appropriate for him to punish his feelings and vent his personal anger. This will also boost his morale. Do you think so?"
Ale heard this and laughed. "The president really has a good opinion, but if this matter is different, the final outcome will probably not be too good."
Huang Shao said with a dignified look, "If this thing doesn’t succeed, I’m afraid the last person to sacrifice is you."
Ale fell into a long silence but said with a loyal face, "Even if I fail in the end, I would rather be this sacrifice. If the heroes can win the final victory and kill the ghosts to avenge the ancestors of the heroes, then my death is worth it!"
After they had said these words, Liang Ping pretended to be drunk and was thrown into the extremely cold water prison of the heroes.
Huang Shao has always wanted to go to Liang Ping’s fate. Both he and ale can freeze Liang Ping to death.
But they never imagined that Liang Pingshen’s shadow cloak could easily resist the chill in the cold pool, and other places were not hurt too much except his head was slightly cold.
Hp is even more influential.
The most incredible thing is that after the whole head of the cold pool was frozen into ice, he actually saw the memory of Qunying bodhi old zu staying in the cold pool in his mind.
It’s a distant memory from a thousand years ago.
At that time, the bodhi old zu of Qunying took dozens of elites of Qunying Club and killed the gods to easily break through Jiuyou City.
Fu Gongjun, the King of Nine Yous, was forcibly discharged by the ancestors of Qunying, and Gu Qiu, the princess of Wangcheng, was also under house arrest by the ancestors of Qunying.
One of Guqiu’s two daughters stayed in the city, and the other was suddenly taken away by Yin Yuegong, the king of Jiuyou.
The president of the Wolf Clan Association came to the king’s city with hundreds of thousands of troops from Wolf Cave City to rescue Guqiu, but after a fierce battle, dozens of elite members of the League of Heroes were able to defeat the hundreds of thousands of troops of the Wolf Clan Association.
But the result is not optimistic.
The so-called fists lost to the four-handed heroes’ club, and all the elites fell to Jiuyou City in succession.
Hundreds of thousands of troops of the Wolf clan guild have also fallen, and the battlefield area is thousands of miles.
In the end, it is the bodhi old zu of Qunying and the president of the Wolf Association, and the vice president of the Wolf Association.
They are all super-strong, Wushu, and super-strong, and they are also strong at the top of the nine places.
Lien Chan stayed awake for three days and nights, and their physical abilities were greatly limited.
Finally, the ancestors of Qunying released the killing skill, and the president of the Wolf Association pushed the ghost of the vice president to fight the killing skill of the ancestors of Qunying alone.
Since then, the president of the wolf clan association has fallen
Ghosts have not yet set their shape, and the extremely fast flash of the bodhi old zu’s shape turns out to be the last strength to seal the ghost ability in the polar regions.