Mad dog dragon does not move. "You can’t just send me away with such a little thing, can you?" I can go to the imperial city even without this evil bead. "
Wu Dashuai smiled. "Don’t worry, I will reward you once it is done. I hope you’d better keep it a secret and don’t let others know."
Mad dog dragon certainly knows what he’s thinking, and he wants to keep making money from those who know.
"I’m not demanding. I want money. Don’t say anything!" Mad dog dragon gets tough.
Wu Dashuai took out a handful of holy coins and put them in his hand. "This is a deposit of holy coins. If you want to find the entrance, I will give you two more conditions. Are you satisfied?"
Mad dog dragon is of course satisfied. Buddy is not a saint. He will never learn from the three great poems. His route is to make money desperately and get rich and strive to get out of the primary stage of socialism and enter a well-off life as soon as possible.
His idea changed again the next evening, because after the auction of Wu Dashuai, the three great poems sat in the corner of the temple whispering and seemed to be discussing something.
Mad dog dragon walked over curiously. "Three or three great poems!"
Gambling is negative. He hurriedly greeted him and sat down. "One brother came just in time. I was waiting for three people to find you."
"Oh?" Mad dog dragon said, "What are the three great poems looking for a younger brother?"
The gambler said, "Uncle, I visited the palace in this city during the daytime, but I met a group of evil thieves in the West District and found me to drink water in broad daylight. I have a brother. Do you think these bandits should be killed?"
Mad dog dragon hesitated, "this …"
He didn’t say anything about Pear Sunny Zhao’s anger on the spot. "This city has been dry for a long time, and it’s hard to find fresh water, but it’s robbed by a shameful villain, which makes Little Sister Fa sit back and watch this revenge."
It’s also a moment to touch Hu’s head. "Forced to grab his lifesaver, he will be punished according to the law of the current dynasty, and at the same time he will be sent to the frontier. It’s natural for us to make a trip to the rivers and lakes. Later, we will wait for the people in the same Tang Dynasty. Surely you won’t sit idly by?"
"This … that …" Mad dog dragon is in trouble again. I want to find an exit later, but the three of you want to fight without such waves.
Gambling negative staring at the mad dog dragon "does a brother have any concerns?"
Mad dog dragon was stared at guiltily, but it was embarrassing to think that three great poems had helped themselves several times without asking for anything in return.
"That’s no problem!" Mad dog dragon hits the nail on the head
Bet on big rejoicing. "A brother deserves to be my hero in Datang, and the color of a hero must belong to a brother."
Li Qingzhao also raised his arms and shouted, "What do you think of a brother who is a pure man, a good brother of the iron and blood people, and a good father, Li Xiong?"
Force master nature is a moment to smile and touch the invisible Hu and then give directions. "Hehe, I’ll wait for three people to join hands … Oh, no, this time, it’s four of us, hand in hand. Heaven and man can be enemies. This night’s ghost town, killing thieves in the mountains is a pleasure, and killing people will definitely leave a lasting farewell to the famous achievements, but … at the moment, my stomach is empty and my hunger is unbearable. Don’t you still have spiced beef jerky? Can you first river’s lake emergency a … "
Mad dog dragon "…" To be continued.
Chapter two hundred and forty-five Imperial City Chamber of Secrets
Mad dog dragon doesn’t want the three masters to follow the mountain, not to abandon them, but mainly to worry that these three will fight too hard for a while and make a big noise, like the guy who ran the thunder last night. I don’t know how many such masters there are in the west side.
This time, it’s not as bad as the evil horse platform. The evil horse platform is sinister in terrain and too powerful in monsters. This time, it’s fun for players to fight with each other, but it’s also dangerous and poor.
While it was dark, I touched the long-order mad dog dragon leading to the imperial city. Before I took out the beads to ward off evil spirits, Master Pear spoke first. "Brother Li, Brother Gambling, and Brother Yi are extremely yin here, and there must be ghosts haunting you, so wait for your retreat and let your little sister go."
Huh? What are you doing? Mad Dog Dragon is curious to see Master Pear. This time, it is not "Stinging Order" and "Peach Sword", but a round mirror with a red ling tied to it.
"What is this?" Mad dog dragon expressed great interest.
Master Li is full of confidence. "This is my Li Jiabao’s artifact-"Looking in the Mirror "!"
Damn it, is this true or not? Mad dog dragon looked at the mirror with a grain of salt.
Pear master Bao Jing is in his hand. God, I also learned from Mad Dog Dragon. I set up a powerful platform to subdue evil spirits and remove evil spirits. It seems that it will be taken away, but in a moment, she turned to smile again.
This time mad dog dragon has experience. "Did the master forget the spell password again?"
Master Li said, "The parents who gave birth to me know that I am a brother!"
Mad dog dragon thought for a moment, "I have a demon mirror that I take every day? Is this the case? "
“no!” Master Li waved his hand. "This is a song, not a password!"