Double-headed blue-eyed pythons threw body double 17 up with a single tail stroke, but the height did not seem to reach the requirement of 5 meters in the sinkhole, so when body double 17 was about to land, the old cat rose and chopped it up again.
This time, the old cat cut a blow with all his strength, and this time it was different from the next. Because his feet had ground to focus on, the impact was much stronger. This attack successfully hit body double 17 to a height of 5 meters
The cat has created a sinkhole trap from time to time.
In order to ensure that in case of loss, Grandet once again launched the evasive stab skill, which appeared on the top of body double 17 and then rushed directly.
Grandet pike directly pierced the armor of body double No.17, and at the same time, the dizzy state also enabled body double No.17 to fall straight into the sky. The sinkhole trap had already been set up.
This time, there was no emergency. With the pale gold energy in the sinkhole of body double 17, it was bound in a shallow pit.
Then it was time for everyone to take revenge on the impostor.
Although body double 17 is poor in magic defense, the secret is to change two one-handed weapons again
Did the cat think of it and directly started the double whirlwind skill of Longfeng?
Although this copying skill is not the skill of the celestial body, the previous one [mysteriously passed away] cooled all the imitation and input skills of the celestial body, so it would be a shame for the celestial body not to unify these powerful skills again.
After two tornadoes attacked body double 17, he suffered a lot, but fortunately, the attribute of instant death did not fall on him.
Then there is the lotus dance of green fire, the seven swords of green fire, the sword of candlestick and the crack blow.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-two Trapping tactics
The secret will be able to imitate all five skills by himself. After finishing the trick of close-range physical attack posture, he once again changed back to the mage posture and honestly threw arcane missiles and twilight bombs.
Then everyone else put their big moves into this fake body.
Fifteen minutes seems like a long time, but it’s fleeting in this fake body
When the 15-minute sinkhole bondage ended, this damn body double still had 33% blood.
The tiger’s release will naturally not make Gao Rang and others feel better than just getting rid of the bondage of the sinkhole. body double 17 directly launched a powerful bone storm skill.
Everyone has suffered this skill loss, and this time this damn body double actually made this move again, but everyone is still capable
After a round of attacks, everyone entered a state of residual blood.
Crape myrtle in white knows what to do, moves away from the dangerous area at the first moment, and then drinks medicine to treat herself, so that her blood volume can be filled as much as possible.
"Leave me alone!" Said Ye Ye, rushing towards body double 17 with his own residual blood.
At the same time, I rushed to body double 17 and there was an old cat, but the old cat shouted, "Set my blood at this value. I’m going to be mad!"
Then body double 17 swung his sword and hedged in front of the bloody night to make a fatal blow.
"The skeleton is afraid of the king!"
See body double 17th hand epee cut out that firm but gentle directly into a hand-held sickle, a god of death hand up the knife and fell a actually even more scarlet half moon blade as Ye Ye Ye.
Ye Ye doesn’t hide or flash, smiles and greets this firm but gentle slaying.
Just when the shock wave was about to cut the middle of the night, Ye Yeshen suddenly emitted a soft white light and directly resolved it to get the scarlet overbearing shock wave, which was perfectly resolved without leaving any residue, just as the previous attack had never happened.
And one second, the white light of Ye Ye’s body fills up the surrounding white energy and flows into Ye Ye’s body. At the end of Ye Ye’s body, the whole person is replenishing energy, which is like turning a white jade statue.
"Heaven and earth dry Kun Reiki sword, all spirits break evil!"
Blink night eyes stare at his body. All the white energy condenses his right index finger and middle finger. Ye Ye gently refers to a white energetic gas sword and flies directly towards body double 17.
The speed of this gas sword is too fast. Although body double 17 has tried hard to dodge, it was still stabbed in the left shoulder by this gas sword.
A damage of nearly 5 million came out from the top of body double 17. This is a magical sword skill, and it is expected that such a high damage will occur.
Ye Ye immediately started to flee for life after seeing a successful blow, and turned a long sword upside down to escape.
While the old cat in the back suddenly flatters him, and now his blood volume has been fixed at 34%, when this blood volume is the most powerful attack of the old cat.
In the reception, the old cat bravely proved himself to be an iron man, but he fell down after the freeze.
There is nothing that can be done. After all, body double 17 has just been killed with nearly 50,000 blood. Naturally, it is necessary to vent all the anger on one person. At this time, the old cat has been killed. Think about it and you will know the result.
After putting down the old cat, body double 17 went straight for the cat with the worst running ability.
This is also expected to make body double 17 so embarrassed. It is the sinkhole trap, and that trap is set by this guy. When trapped in the sinkhole, it caused the most damage to body double 17, and it was also this guy’s set of melee super skills, and then the double magic attack skills of dim light bomb and arcane missile. The cumulative damage before the sinkhole was the most.
However, before body double’s No.17 sword got there, Gaorang controlled the polluted air pollution in its original place.
Everyone is another round of control and fire attack on this impostor.
Of course, the old cat was also pulled up by crape myrtle in white.
After everyone’s control skills have cooled down, this fake still has 11% blood.
"The outcome depends on how far you can run!" Grandet gritted his teeth and pulled out a bottle.
When Gao Rang saw something in Grandet’s hand, he quickly retreated. When he retreated, he did not forget to wake up other humanitarians. "Everybody, please retreat this thing. Six parents don’t recognize it as a super nuclear weapon!"
Since Gao Rang said so, others will naturally not listen to persuasion, so everyone runs around.
See you run about, Grandet directly whole out a pair of Dong Rui posture to throw the bottle in his hand to body double No.17 foot that has killed him.
"Boom! ! !”
With a terrible noise, the whole Star Tower trembled violently, and the place where the explosion just happened was also filled with smoke.
At this time, Grandet has been grayed out in the status bar of the team, which means Grandet has been directly killed by this explosion. I don’t know what the result of the impostor is.
The smoke gradually fell, but at this time there was a sudden fluctuation in the smoke.
Every second, a black shadow jumped out of the smoke and went directly to kill the white crape myrtle.
It was so fast that the white crape myrtle didn’t come to dodge, but at this time Tutu flashed in front of the white crape myrtle, and at the moment Tutu flashed out, the fat sheep around her actually flashed out.
In this way, a killing blow was easily resolved by a fat sheep.
Now everyone finds out that this damn fake is still alive, and the blood volume is still hovering in the range of 6%
Now this monster attack is not generally high, and the crit rate and crit damage are also much higher.
Then the crowd had a few more moves with the impostor, and as a result, the old cat Ye Ye and the cat fell down one after another.
However, it doesn’t matter that the cat died. Although his rebirth from the fire didn’t work, it was better to explode and give the original blood, which was not a lot of body double 17.
With the explosion of the secret, the blood volume of body double 17 has dropped to 3%