A golden color runs through the white ocean until many years later, and this battle still flows to the Knights of Candelas. They sacrificed themselves to complete self-salvation and wrote themselves in the middle. The golden color runs through the eyes of Griswold. At this moment, the burning power of the entire Knights will converge on him, and the core of his own will has been ignited and condensed, which has far exceeded his strength.
"Even if you say the field, you have to destroy it for me." Grace Waldorf is firmly locked in this blow. Whether Leopold will take on the battle head-on or expand the field will eventually fall on him completely. Leopold will also expand the field together at the expense of his strength and carry the field strength to completely collapse Leopold’s field without expanding it. Leopold can never afford such a powerful blow.
"Boom" charge with yellow flash in front of Leo Rick came to an abrupt end, as if it had hit a wall, but at the moment their strength was too great. In this world, there are great ways to burn the will in exchange for mana and vitality, but it was a small burning, and no one would completely ignite the core of his will. At this time, the Knights of Candelas did so.
The V-shaped wall is retreating, and the power that once hindered the advance of Hirayama Printing in Zhi Li is retreating. Grace Wald and his knights are only hindered by this power. In an instant, the burning power of will has spread to Leoric rules along with their charge. The power of will comes from the will of rules, that is, the burning of the will of rules will burn out the rules of Leoric with one blow along the charge of the knights.
In the distance, the strong brotherhood of Horatim has just witnessed the fatal blow of Grace Wald and the Knights of Candelas. "We are one step late, and the Knights of Candelas are finished." Northrend sighed, and the ultimate sacrifice of the Upanishads will never be light until it is desperate, but once the enemy is killed, they will burn their will and even ignite the enemy’s will.
"Peng" broke through the rules of Leo Rick and prevented the golden rainbow from falling straight on Leo Rick’s body. A golden flame burst open and spread around. No high-order necromancer beside Leo Rick could stop it from being completely destroyed by the flame from body to soul. The flame nutrients continued to spread around, and the most condensed part of this flame power was King Leo Rick’s body
King Leo Rick’s body was cold, but he always suppressed the flame. The flame power penetrated into his body through protection and turned him into a flame skeleton. "Perhaps death is the best destination for Griswold and his knights. Griswold is a real knight." Kane sage looked lonely and said, "His mission has been completed. It is time for us to complete our mission."
The golden flame spread for a long distance, burning up all the burnable spirits, and burning a big hole in the original skeleton ocean. King Leo Rick was alone in the middle of the hole, and most of his body was destroyed, but it was meaningless for him to destroy it. He looked up at the sky and the broken body suddenly broke into pieces. A moment later, a skeleton core suddenly lit a golden fireworks.
"Leo Rick must be transformed and all the skeletons must be completely beheaded, otherwise he will be limited to rebirth. Let’s expand the field together and pull this necromancer into the field to completely erase Phoenix. Remember to take his will to prevent him from being still alive in other parts of the mainland." Zhi Li’s words stopped and stevo’s body moved directly to the necromancer’s side, and a faint pale light instantly spread over thousands of meters in his body.
Stevo moved, and everyone moved. The strong in the main field of stevo expanded the core of their field in stevo. The expansion of power in C? te d ‘Ivoire, Phoenix, Artemis, Izu and Northrend made stevo’s pale light limit expand, and Fiona Fang’s 10,000-meter area was shrouded in a moment. Rio Rick and his necromancer corps formed a skeleton ocean and disappeared into the earth in a flash.
All the strong figures disappear. Zhi Li, who is suspended in the sky, will not be shrouded in the field. The necromancers will kill one by one before entering the field to see the field. At this moment, it has become a strategic spell raging in the battlefield, and the overwhelming power of the field will be displayed incisively and vividly
A living hydra is running like a living creature in the necromancer’s army, while its body is crushing the skeleton. Spitting in nine big mouths is a destructive flame. No necromancer can resist his impact. There are necromancers burnt to ashes where Hydra passes, so that Hydra has summoned more than five in one breath. This is the sixth ultimate spell of the elemental mage. Hydra has such power that it is good for Izu to summon and manipulate both ends outside the field, but it is different to cast spells in the field.
Layers of fiery red in the sky are constantly generated in the sky, giving birth to a substantial sphere with flames. In a moment, fireballs fall to the top of the necromancer in the whole field. When the red tail falls to the ground, a flower composed of flames and shock waves opens. Meteors like rain make this flower bloom all over the whole field, and the meteor shower in C? te d ‘Ivoire has also been greatly strengthened in the field.
"Where is King Leoric?" Zhi Li asked Phoenix about the expansion of the field. King Leoric was also pulled into this field, but the battle in the back field did not start. Some of you strong men bullied the king Leoric’s necromancer corps and destroyed it. In this former powerful field, the strong men each used their strongest strategic witchcraft to strike spells. In the field rules, even the most powerful necromancer corps was destroyed by spells.
"I don’t know if King Leopold didn’t start the field, and there was no breath of his will in the field. I’m afraid his soul fire has moved directly to other bodies. Have all the necromancers in Winster been destroyed?" Phoenix asked Zhi Li. "The outside world has been necromancer again."
As the spell effect subsided, the field gradually quieted down, and hundreds of thousands of necromancers were completely destroyed in the field of the strong when they were just a cup of tea. It was the face of all but they didn’t get the pleasure of victory. The necromancer corps was destroyed, but King Leo Rick never died. He can always pull up an army of necromancers again through killing and transformation, and the shadow of death has been shrouded.
"Leo Rick once we beat him, so it is. He will gather an army through killing, and he will soon rise. At this moment, his will power is comparable to saying that it is not difficult to make enough killing." Cain Sage controls the elemental clouds and flies over. For this Leo Rick king, it is already the second time that he has been completely destroyed. I don’t know that after the complete recovery of the fiend, he will appear again in public, and the fiend is in charge of the necromancer army, and his strength is even stronger.
"In the future, I will set up mage towers in Candelas Plain, Tristram and Taimo Highland to cover the whole area. If he appears, we can attack him through the wizard tower and wait until the order is re-established. King Leoric will have no room to play in our territory."
"Cain Sage, you are well-known in Tristram and the highland plain of Temo, and this seal ring is in your charge for the time being. From today on, Cain Sage is the first administrative governor of Tristram and Temo provinces. Now the most important thing is to appease the civilians in the whole area and restore order and rebuild Tristram. I will appoint officials in Masef’s territory to assist you in choosing the sages of scholars and students."
Zhi Li took out a signet ring from his bosom and handed it to Kane’s sage. "The Knights of Candelas are a thing of the past, and the Tristram area and the Taimo highland plain will also be guarded by the outside world. There are still many creatures that have mutated due to the arrival of demons. These monsters and small-scale hell creatures will also be sent to guard the Knights to clean up the whole area."
Kane sage took the seal ring and nodded. "Lord Winster can rest assured that Horatim’s staff will meet and cooperate with the Lord’s work." Tristram and Taimo Highland are temporarily handed over to Kane sage to preside over his prestige. In this land, there will be a lot less resistance, and once there is a countercurrent surge to protect the Knights, he will never be stingy with his sword.
"Phoenix Candelas Plain is up to you, and the officials of Winster territory will cooperate with you. I hope you can bring Candelas province into normal order as soon as possible." Zhi Li took out another ring and gave it to Phoenix, which also gladly took over the so-called normal order in Zhi Li, not the territorial order in Winster.
Arrange all this, and the necromancer corps in Tristram will be completely destroyed. Then there is the Taimo Highland, where there is the Andariel Necromancer Corps, and you lost the legion and fled to Defense of the Ancients all the way to the east. It is also the only way to go to the Taimo Highland Plain in the eastern continent. At this time, the sage Kane took out his message box "A message from Winster Herason"
Kane sage frowned and said to Zhi Li, "What’s the matter with Herason?" Stevo didn’t good the spirit to tell the truth. Now, all the strong people present are too fond of Horatim at this time. It is one thing to find Zhi Li to duel inexplicably. This time, although the Hellscream Brothers reacted quickly enough, it still caused great losses. All this was also caused by Horatim’s sudden comeback, which made the original plan of Horatim Brothers fall apart. Of course, many people think so, but the latter can’t blame Heratim.
The Sage Kane opened the letter and read it roughly. "The Sage Herason of Winster hopes to postpone the decisive battle until all the hell forces in the world are cleaned up. Now the situation in the East China is not optimistic. It is said that mephistopheles is carrying out a very important plan to completely bring the East China into control through a powerful weapon, and Andariel has ordered the massacre of the Candelas Hell Corps. At the same time, the East China has begun to clean up the human beings."
"Now other places in the eastern continent except Kurast port have been transformed into a hell-like environment by mephistopheles. As the Supreme Council gathers strength to slaughter that weapon against human beings, the situation in the eastern continent is deteriorating rapidly. Herason hopes that we will fight in Candelas as soon as possible and join hands in the Kurast port to fight against hell. Otherwise, once mephistopheles’s weapon is completed, the whole eastern continent will be controlled by mephistopheles, and mephistopheles will turn the eastern continent into hell."
Kane sage said that everyone was silent. Compared with being almost completely controlled by the devil, this time the Horatim Brotherhood reacted almost with the power of hell. The next day, the situation was controlled and the losses were relatively limited. Once the Supreme Council of the East China launched a massacre, I am afraid that all human beings would be completely killed. That is the real destruction.
"Winster" saw that Winster didn’t speak. The sage Kane asked, "Tell him that I agree that the war in Candelas will soon subside." Zhi Li took a deep breath and recalled the plot of Diablo game. When Candelas was liberated, two extremely important things happened in Lugaoin and the eastern continent. One thing was that Lugaoin lost the whole desert area in darkness because of the disappearance of the sun, and the massacre in mephistopheles in the eastern continent began almost at that time. mephistopheles-made weapons were forced balls. He wanted to completely control the eastern continent through this ball.
"I originally wanted to accept faith like heaven, but once I saw that human power was relatively strong, I was desperate?" Zhi Li secretly speculates that there is something hidden in the game plot. This world contrast is not a problem for the devil if he can establish a long-term belief and keep harvesting human beings as lambs. However, once they have no long-term occupation and grasp, human beings will fall into the hands of their opponents, but their opponents will not believe in resources, so it is better to completely destroy them if they give them to their opponents. This is Andariel’s idea
Mephistopheles’s plan is much higher than Andariel’s. What does he do by killing so many people and making mandatory balls? Zhi Li directly thought of the Dunklee area, the center of Sakaram Sanctuary, where the souls of several followers of Sakaram Sanctuary eroded the earth vein after their death and successfully brought Dunklee area into control. Is it the same with the mandatory ball in mephistopheles? To slaughter nearly 10 million people and 10 million people, the soul force can be combined to create a hundred fields of theory
"You all go back to Winchester first, Dean of C? te d ‘Ivoire. You will temporarily stop the Mage Tower and send all your forces to the array. I will arrange for the Guardian Knights to send them to clean the monster. President stevo, everyone will go back to the territory Mage Tower first. I will go to the Taimo Highland to set up the array." When people come out of the field, there is no victory, and Rio Rick escapes, while tens of millions of people in the eastern continent fall into the hands of mephistopheles and his minions, and the slaughter has begun. What will happen to the eastern continent after destruction? No one dares to imagine all this.
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The second volume Vertical cone Chapter 39 Desperate dwarfs
Chapter 39 Desperate Dwarfs
The cloud is soaring in the middle of the sky, and the remnants of Tristram are faintly visible in the distance. From here, dozens of miles away, the altitude of the mainland of Geradim Monastery is also rising sharply in this section. People feel that the road is full of slopes, but when they look at the sky, this section is like a ladder. Here is the Candelas mainland ladder, which goes from Tristram to the Taimo Highland Plain, and there is a gap in the distance where the Taimo Mountain stretches.
Sitting in a cloud, Zhi Li enjoys the solitude and quietness of this person alone for a while, and everything in the shelter world seems to be far away from this moment. There is himself, and then all the external things disturb him. He can quietly think about himself. These two days, things have given him a great impact. Tens of thousands of people have turned to dust in the killing overnight, and millions of people in the East China are in dire straits. Every moment, several people die. The truest side of the dark world appears in front of his eyes for the first time, which also gives him a great shock.
If he is just a shelter, the indigenous people in the world have seen too many things that are common to these companies, so it is said that all these things are perfectly normal, but he comes from the main world, even though there are still some problems in society, compared with this world, it is suspected to be a paradise world.
At the moment, Zhi Li came to this hellish world from heaven. Zhi Li didn’t think too much about it. He really changed the world all the time. At this time, he felt that his pace was not fast enough. He deeply felt that the word hero and god carried great power.
The clouds flew quickly and reached a staircase in dozens of miles. The back foot of the ladder is the Taimo highland plain, which is like an iron curtain across the mainland in the distance. The Taimo Mountain has been in sight for thousands of miles. There is a huge gap here in the Taimo Mountain, where the center of a fortress city stretches out. This is the core of the famous Horadim monastery in mainland Candelas.
"Strange that there is still life in the city?" As far away as Zhi Li, I felt that the city was different. I couldn’t help but speed up the deployment and be ready to start erection at any time. It was until he flew to the city to see that the original hope was annihilated by cruel reality. He felt that the root of life was not human life, but a kind of blue-skinned dwarfs. These dwarfs were all over the city at the moment, and the residents of the Central Plains in the city had already fallen to their short blades. The whole city was killed by them.
The Necromancer Corps in Hell kills simply and purely, and the people they kill will be transformed into their own kind. Their flesh and blood will be transformed and consumed, and they will not leave too cruel killing sites to sink demons and dwarfs. They are living things, and there is no qualitative difference between humans and livestock. Now the dwarfs are doing this, which has turned the whole city into a hell of blood and meat.
The dwarfs of the Horatim Monastery are happier now. They have long coveted the delicious human flesh and blood in the city, but with the demon king’s ban, they can watch and dare not cross the line and live in hell. They have already taught them what it means to be obedient. What will happen if you don’t? Andariel is famous for being a torture queen who is good at mental torture. For her, death will never fall into her hands, but it will be eternal mental torture.
Last night, their leader got the news from the demon king in hell, lifted their ban, and laughed at the dwarves’ feast. Ten thousand dwarves poured out from the barracks of Horatim monastery and began their killing.
In fact, the dwarfs are very similar to the fallen demons in hell. They don’t have the immortal characteristics of the fallen demons. They are small and small, but their strength is very small. The only value of normal humans in hell is that their hands are smart enough to help make various tools, and the whole Hradim monastery is a city with 100,000 people. According to normal conditions, the dwarfs are no rivals.
However, there is not a big gap between sheep and wolves in physical fitness. One wolf can defeat a hundred sheep. This is the case in the Horadim Monastery. The killing of wolves and sheep happened at night, and the dwarfs killed so suddenly that people who surrendered and believed in hell were at a loss. This is how the killing began to confuse the city, except for a few wizards who had to escape in this killing, and all human beings were destroyed in it.
A dwarf who was killed late was soft, but after a lunch break, they have almost recovered. What they are doing now is to carry all the killed humans to the square and make them into food. Looking from the city, the city did not experience much damage in the chaos last night. The strength of the dwarfs is extremely limited, except for a few dwarfs who are very strong. Most of the dwarfs have no extraordinary strength. They all kill in hand-to-hand combat, which makes the scene particularly bloody.
Now the whole city has become a huge preserved meat processing factory, and tens of millions of dwarfs are busy taking human bodies to the square platform, where several wooden frames are erected. These wooden frames are made by them overnight from local materials, and are made to hang preserved meat. Hundreds of dwarfs are slaughtering knives to dissect the dead and break down the whole human beings into various ingredients.
Meat, dirt, bones, their craftsmanship is exquisite and almost artistic. For human slaughter, it is like flowing water. Soon, a complete human is dissected by them, and the meat is untied. They all hang iron hooks in the square and stand up for several wooden racks. It seems that this time there is too much food to prevent corruption, so they hang it on the rack and air dry it to make it into bacon for easy preservation.
In the clouds, Zhi Li looked at the dwarfs’ hearts, and a huge fireball was brewing in the palm of his hand. "Die for me." A fireball the size of a ping-pong ball flashed in his palm, and a small meteor pulled out a red light in the sky and crashed into a huge flame in the wooden frame of the square. The flame spread around and radiated more than half of the square, wrapping all the working green dwarfs in it, turning them into human-shaped torches and then completely turning them into ashes in screams.
The flame went out slowly, and the square was in a mess. The whole city suddenly became more silent than before. After a few seconds, a dwarf screamed and ran wildly to the strongest building in the city. His behavior soon affected other dwarves. One by one, they all ran to the barracks of the monastery city of Horatim in limited panic. Not all dwarves saw the fireball explosion, but when they saw their companions fleeing in panic, they started to flee with them even if it was not the case.
Zhi Li cloud slowly landed in the square. At this moment, he was like a fiend. All the dwarfs were far away from him and ran to the city barracks. Zhi Li didn’t stop it, but drove it away. He threw fireballs among the dwarfs, killing them. Every fireball broke out and dozens of dwarfs turned into ashes in the flame air billow. Every fireball caused them to be frightened and desperate. Screams filled the whole city.
Just like yesterday, they did everything to the city, but now the angle of sheep and wolves has turned around. Last night, they rushed into the sheep and wolves, but now they are being chased by wolves. The flame explodes from time to time. Every moment, dozens of dwarfs vanish in the flame, and no one can save them. At this moment, Zhi Li can’t see the slightest emotion in his eyes, and his face is callous. Every fireball is smashed out, as if he presses the mouse to destroy several demons in the game.
There is no love or hate, no excessive feelings, but simply killing the dwarfs to escape. Zhi Li has not stopped so many dwarfs from taking a walk. It is a very troublesome thing to want to kill one by one in the city. They spontaneously escape and gather, which is exactly what Zhi Li wants to see. Even the most powerful dwarfs can imagine. The death storm is coming instantly, and the dwarfs panic and escape.
The power of the flame is everywhere. From time to time, it explodes in their group and gently caresses the ground, leaving a lot of ashes, but the slate floor of their feet is not harmed at all. At this moment, all the dwarfs are driven by the flame and converge at the gate of the military camp. Now the dwarfs are screaming and rushing inside. Everyone wants to escape to an safe place as soon as possible, but what if there are companions in the way?