Just when Lin Zhaoyun was wondering, a bodyguard beside him whispered some doubts, "How come no one is guarding the door outside the general’s office?"
Lin Zhaoyun smell speech in the brain instantly clear moment.
Yes, it’s already late in the day, but Xiao Fu’s tall scarlet door is still isolated there and no one comes out to guard the door, which is obviously extremely abnormal.
What did you go beyond your own expectations? Something happened. Lin Zhaoyun was uneasy.
And seems to be reflected in his heart guess moment that came out from Xiao Fu gate familiar with men let Lin Zhaoyun pupil a tightening up.
"Father" Lin Zhaoyun lost his way.
Why is father here? He didn’t inform him when he came to the General’s Office today. Besides, why does the father’s face look so dignified and no longer happy last night?
Lin Zhaoyun was a little nervous and clenched his hand.
At this time, he also ignored the hidden shape and immediately came out of the alley where he was hiding.
Lin Zhaoyun saw the former imperial guard stalking outside the mansion. After seeing his figure, someone came to stop him and immediately shouted Prime Minister Lin’s sentence.
When he called it that, he was ready to stop his imperial army. Even if he stopped and just walked out of Xiao Fu, Prime Minister Lin raised his head.
"Zhaoyun, why are you here?" Prime minister Lin sink a way
Lin Zhaoyun lowered his eyes. "If my father didn’t come back after waiting for a long time, he would just come out and turn around and come here."
Lin Zhaoyun is still a white man up to now. It is reasonable to say that Prime Minister Lin can’t tell him about things in the court, and at this time, besides Prime Minister Lin, there are other officials in the court. Lin Zhaoyun can hint that Prime Minister Lin promised that thing last night.
However, it seems that the official behind Prime Minister Lin is also the hand of Prime Minister Lin. Therefore, after hearing Lin Zhaoyun’s words, Prime Minister Lin sighed and said directly, "My son’s father promised you something and I’m afraid I’m going to break my word."
Lin Zhaoyun leng a "father …?"
Prime Minister Lin’s face showed a trace of anguish. "The Xiao family has disappeared."
Disappeared Ran away!
Lin Zhaoyun’s heart is like a body blow.
He lost his way. "How is that possible?"
How could General Xiao do such a thing? How could he run?
Yeah, how is that possible?
Prime Minister Lin naturally thinks so in his heart. He has fought with General Xiao for most of his life and thinks he knows this staid and foolish man very well.
General Xiao, even if others have spilled sewage on his head, he will insist on clearing himself and waiting for others to clear his name.
And he is so loyal to the position of Nanyang Guozhong Yu Longyi.
So how could he run? Who gave him the message and sent the urgent letter to the capital only yesterday afternoon, and only a few people knew about it, Prime Minister Lin.
And what worries Prime Minister Lin more is what will happen next.
General Xiao represents not only himself, but also holds nearly 70% of the troops in Nanyang.
Although it can be said that the other party defected from the capital and then commanded these troops, sometimes things are not so simple.
In the past few years, the Huns invaded the border of Nanyang repeatedly, and General Xiao was the only military commander who could lead the soldiers of Nanyang to beat the shit out of these invaders. Therefore, in the eyes of the soldiers at the border, General Xiao spoke more than the emperor sitting in the dragon chair today.
If general Xiao stays at home and waits for the emperor to clear his innocence, as Prime Minister Lin originally speculated, it will be easy to say.
But now that the other party has escaped, it should be feared that the Xiao family will become others in the court.
Prime Minister Lin couldn’t help feeling a little annoyed. If I had known that things would come to this step today, he shouldn’t have tried to persuade the emperor yesterday.
Now it’s good that all his plans have gone up in smoke in General Xiao’s unreasonable behavior department.
Prime Minister Lin shook his head and stopped Lin Zhaoyun from saying anything more. "You go home first and your father has to go to the palace to meet you once."
He has to persuade the emperor to let the other side dispel his original calculation. It’s best to wait until the Xiao family emerges again and let the emperor say that this time they were all calculated by the Xiongnu.
Prime Minister Lin hopes that when the emperor softens, General Xiao will be loyal to the emperor again as in the past.
Lin Zhaoyun wait for a while watched his father go away, and his mind was in chaos at this time. He turned his head and opened Xiao Fu’s door when Prime Minister Lin came out just now, and his eyes fell on the swinging courtyard that opened the door.
He was a little confused and thought it shouldn’t be like this
At the same time, a road leading to the edge is made up of all the people in the government, and the motorcade is heading for the edge day and night.
At noon, the motorcade stopped by a stream.