Luo Xiu’s speed will soon come, even if he doesn’t carry out dragon’s blood super-fusion with Blackie, he can also burst into a speed that ordinary knights can’t.
Wait until Luo Xiu has seen that he is carefully advancing more than 100 people at a distance, and his horse is super-fused with Xiaohei.
But this time Luo Xiu did not come from behind, but directly appeared in front of the first knight.
Start shooting and bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang.
After instantly killing the knight in front of him, Luo Xiu walked sideways to kill a sword attendant and then the horse retreated.
Seeing this scene just now, more than 100 players are stupid.
In fact, what they are moving so slowly is that they have been on guard against the shadowing and bursting without a shot.
There are 20 stealth assassins not far behind the first 30 people. Their purpose is to wait for a shot to burst and suddenly appear behind the 30 people, and suddenly make a move to control the shot to burst here.
They believe that the speed of one shot is so fast and the attack power is so high, so it is inevitable that one shot will destroy qi and blood and defense.
This is their chance. To seize this opportunity, they can kill a gun that is very important for Diyan City.
After all, these five players are going to kill each other, and the strongest player should be shattered with one shot.
If they even destroyed one shot, they wouldn’t worry about the remaining four people.
They didn’t think it was a shot. This time, it was not from behind, but from the front
In fact, after Luo Xiu approached Ma Xiaolv, he sensed that there were twenty stealth assassins nearby.
Stealth may be available to other players, but it is like a joke to Luo Xiu.
After killing two people, Luo Xiu’s goal is not the thirty people in front. Luo Xiu also knows that the thirty people in front are very strong, so why should he deal with them?
Luo Xiumu’s purpose is to create chaos.
Rush to the rear player formation, the horse and Xiaobai are super-integrated.
In less than five seconds, more than thirty players fell to the ground, and Luo Xiu smiled at those around him who wanted to rush to kill themselves but were very afraid.
"So much for people in Xingyan City."
At the same time, Luo Xiu disappeared again after lifting the super fusion of Xiaobai and Xiaohei.
Watching the disappearance of a gun burst, these players in Xingyan City immediately entered a very tense and alert state.
Even many players are ready to leave.
"What are you doing? Do you want to escape halfway first? " The first knife among the top 30 players roared
These players in the back are too scared to move their horses.
"We come here this time to deal with a shot burst! And you all know that after killing a gun, besides the unified reward, our holy star guild will also have a generous reward! Before you came, you all agreed to obey the command of our holy star guild 100%. Why do you want to go back on your word now? "
In fact, these players don’t want to go back on their word, but they didn’t expect to say that one shot was so powerful that they wouldn’t come if they had known that one shot was so strong.
Besides, at that time, some people said that they had received a unified message, and it was only a unified message, not a message. Naturally, players wanted to come and have a try.
Everyone will feel that he is the luckiest person in this world.
But the result is that these people are not only not taken care of by the lucky gods, but also just saw the god of death burst into the room with one shot and wantonly slaughtered their partners around them.
"It’s not that we don’t want to continue fighting, but that this shot is so strong that you can’t beat the knight just now?" A player is not airway
"Yes, your most defensive knights have been killed in front. How can we fight these professions?"
Other players who don’t want to stay have chimed in.
Leading the team, the knife maniac informed the guild that a shot was shattered.
While comforting the players here, "Ahem … everyone is just one person when one shot is shattered, but there are more than 100 people here. Why did he leave after the sneak attack was successful? It’s not because he is not strong enough, he is not our opponent."
According to the knife-mad idea, his words can make these players feel that the post-battle is not so tragic, so that they can contain people who have lost a shot here.
And after these players heard the knife madness, adding a shot to smash it was really a blow, and it also temporarily calmed everyone’s mood.
But at this time, a shot burst again.
And this time just appeared a shot burst directly killed a knight holding a shield.
Like the first knight killed, he was killed without a chance to fight back.
By the time other players come around, the target has been moved to another knight not far away.
You know, if this knight is not a high attack type in a team, the base knight is the team with the highest defense and the most blood.
Of course, there are also some knife fanatics who also take the bloody route.
But it’s easy to kill you knights when one person comes.
Then the second knight, then the third knight
This kind of fighting rhythm and visual cognition shock to players are still great.
At this moment, players far away can’t imagine whether this shot is a player or an NPC pretending to be a player.
"Everybody together! One shot is shattered, one person! " Shout at the first knife and then rushed away.
At this time, Luo Xiu stood still because he already knew that the assassins around him were approaching.
Turn around, the gun front sweeps and kills.
In an instant, seven people were preparing around, and at the same time, the assassin’s department was shot out by Luo Xiu’s gun, and then one after another was killed by a shot.
The process takes less than ten seconds.
After Luo Xiu looked at his distance, he still had some distance, but he didn’t dare to be the crazy captain of the knife in front.
"The knife crazy just didn’t you say let everyone together? Why don’t you move there yourself? " Luo Xiu also smiled and looked so friendly.
But this friendly guy just killed more than 50 players here.
Scared the players around them to have no confidence in fighting.
Although the knife fanatic has no confidence at all now, he knows that he can’t be unintelligent at this time. Once he is unintelligent, he may be looked down upon by everyone whether he is in the guild or in Xingyan City.
"A shot burst you don’t satisfied! Our elite players have been surrounded from all sides! You can’t run! "
But just as the knife maniac just uttered this sentence, Luo Xiu received a friend message.
When the player receives the friend information, he can not only see the name, but also see the first few words in it.
This time, the message is an arrow with a number 1 in the ice.
This is a pre-agreed code, and 1 means that everything is OK.
Luo Xiu smiled after seeing this message.
"Do you really think you can surround me? Young people "
An instant Luo Xiu contacted and merged with Xiaohei, and at the same time recalled the little green in the distance and summoned it by his side.
Although the first seven assassins have been solved, Luo Xiu knows that there are still many assassins around.