However, the reason why silence is so powerful is actually because of the power of laws contained in it. As for reiki, it’s just a key to the power of law.
However, the bigger the key to open the door, the greater the force that can be opened.
Therefore, after Meng Qi fully exerted his silence, the whole sky was suddenly clouded. It was already a dark cloud that was about to stop raining, and it began to thunder and lightning.
After the preparation, Meng Qi opened his eyes wide, and then shouted, "Silence! Extinguish! " Originally naked snake was a claw appeared out of thin air.
The claws waved hard in the air, and then a black arc blade with white light cracks flashing around it was a surprise.
Just for an instant, it was crossed for miles and split on the puppet’s body.
At the moment of hitting the puppet, the original seemingly harmless puppet actually sent out a dazzling red light. This red light just flashed for a moment, and then it turned into an iris covering the puppet.
Chapter two hundred and one Unexpected infatuation
Chapter two hundred Unexpected infatuation
The black blade that should have been cut into pieces actually stopped in front of the iris. But in contact with the iris is issued a dazzling white light.
One second, two seconds, although the iris is constantly shaking under the attack of silence, it seems to be about to collapse. But it just stopped on the brink of collapse, and there was no other change.
Meng Qi’s heart is tight. Is it difficult to fall short? Thought of here, Meng Qiyou is desperately sending spiritual power to silence.
With the increase of Meng Qi’s spiritual strength, the iris quivered even more, and it was about to break. Meng Qi was delighted and was about to continue when something emerged from the inside of the puppet. Then, above the puppet, a monster was formed.
The monster has a cow’s body, very strong, but his eyes look very strange under his arm. What surprised Meng Qi most was that the monster’s face was exactly the same as that of Tao Lao!
As soon as the monster appeared, it let out a huge roar. Meng Qi felt that under this roar, his own space was shaking. It seems that it will be broken at any time.
And after that huge roar, the monster stared at Meng Qi and opened its mouth.
Although the shadow of the monster is not very big, it is only the size of a calf, but Meng Qi feels that his huge mouth can easily swallow himself.
Just then, the figure of the monster suddenly turned into an old man. It was Tao Lao, who seemed very angry when he first appeared. Who is this, even after building his mind, incredibly still don’t stop, is to want to die?
However, when seeing who was attacking clearly, Tao Lao was stunned at first, and then thundered: "Meng Qi, what kind of madness is your boy?" Actually come to fight this body double puppet! "
Meng Qi didn’t feel angry at all when he heard Tao Lao’s denunciation, but he was extremely happy. Hurriedly came to the front of Tao Lao, and suddenly became a person again.
Then he suddenly knelt in front of Tao Lao and begged, "Please help Ruowei and Xianer."
Tao Lao was very angry. This smelly boy actually beat this body double puppet himself. I don’t know what I think, but this puppet can save his life at a critical moment.
Moreover, the puppet making is very complicated, and he managed to make one. This boy almost ruined it. Can he not be angry?
However, just as Tao Lao was about to get mad, he saw Meng Qi kneel down at once. At that time some doubts, what is going on? So I put my anger behind me for a while and asked, "What’s going on? Get up first."
However, Meng Qi insisted on kneeling on the ground and said, "If Tao Lao doesn’t promise Meng Qi, Meng Qi won’t get up."
Tao Lao frowned and then said, "What is it?"
Meng Qi told Tao Lao that Cheng Rewei and Hu Xianer were trapped in Lingxu Gate, and then buried their heads deeply. At this time, Meng Qi has neglected any self-esteem and bottom line. As long as it can help him rescue Hu Xianer and Cheng Rewei, he is willing to die.
And Tao Lao, after hearing what Meng Qi said, felt a rush of anger. Actually for two women is to use such a precious treasure, this boy is too disappointing!
However, Tao Lao remembered the black light blade he had just seen, and then remembered the body double puppet that almost collapsed. In my heart, I am still very satisfied with Meng Qi. This boy is first-class in both the cultivation speed and the avatar. It can be said that it is of great value for training.
Therefore, Tao Lao reluctantly suppressed his anger and patiently said to Meng Qi, "It’s just two women. Since you have escaped, don’t worry about it. When I have time, I will choose two handsome dragon girls from the dragon. "
Meng Qi shook his head and said, "If Tao Lao doesn’t want to save them, then Meng Qi doesn’t want to live alone." Then he looked at Tao Lao with unflinching eyes.
You!’ Tao Lao looked at Meng Qi, and his heart was full of hate for iron not to produce. How can you achieve great things in the future if you care so much about your children’s affair?
Thought of here, Tao Lao felt that the two women had better not be saved. So I just said coldly to Meng Qi, "I tell you, they are probably dead now."
Tao Lao’s words were like a bolt from the blue, and Meng Qi suddenly entered a dull state. Then he suddenly yelled out: "Impossible, impossible, with the situation of the spirit virtual door, it will last at least a month or so. Impossible, impossible. "
Speaking of the back, Meng Qi was already mumbling.
And Tao Lao just said coldly, "If you don’t come out, maybe the two of them can escape from here. Because I have already said hello to the other side in advance and told them to release all the monks then. But if you leave, I guess they will surely be regarded as ordinary spiritual monks.
As for what you said about the Lingxu Gate, I’ll tell you, in fact, we have the power to turn all the besieged Zongmen into fly ash in an instant.
It’s just that I want to let the messenger go on purpose, and after the right path sends someone, I will have a round-up to help. Do you understand that? Maybe the day after you left the Lingxu Gate, the Lingxu Gate was already turned into fly ash. "
In an instant, Meng Qi seemed to feel that the sky was falling. He stood up fiercely, and then looked at Tao’s old face straight wait for a while, trying to find out a little false feeling from above.
However, everything Meng Qi did was just in vain.
"no! ! !” A sad voice spread all over the sky, and that kind of heartbreaking is so familiar. This feeling is so familiar that Meng Qi once vowed never to have such a day again.
But …
Under the strong stimulation, Meng Qi turned black. This fainted, and the field naturally could not support it. Meng Qi is directly fell from the air.
Seeing Meng Qi fall, Tao Lao ignored him, just a little finger, which slowed down Meng Qi’s downward fall, at least not making him seriously injured when he fell. Then Tao Lao’s virtual shadow returned to the body double puppet’s body, and then turned into a streamer and entered Meng Qi’s body.
"oh! Finally came out and finally left. " Zi Xuan came to the ground, regardless of the small puddles on the ground, just jumping around happily like a cute deer.
The old man also showed a happy smile. After all, he could leave the place where he had been besieged for hundreds of years. How could he be unhappy?
However, at this time, something suddenly fell in the sky. It landed in a small puddle not far away, splashing muddy water everywhere.
Zi Xuan was startled by this sudden thing, but after it fell, there was no other movement, so Zi Xuan stepped forward carefully. Found out it was a person.
I feel sorry for this man when I think that I suddenly fell from the sky a few years ago. But Zi Xuan didn’t look so ugly when he fell. Zi Xuan looked at the long hair of the man lying in the mud, remembering that he had just dumped a butt and felt that he was very skillful.
Zi Xuan finger, want to touch this man, but when the finger touches his body, Zi Xuan looked at him covered in mud and wanted to think, and then a flash of light in his hand, there appeared a slender spiritual force stick made up of spiritual force.
Then Zi Xuan gently poked the man on the ground with the psychic stick, but the man didn’t respond. Zi Xuan increased his strength and then stabbed him twice, but the man still didn’t respond.
Zi Xuan induction, this guy is not lower than himself, but he seems to have no spiritual power. I wonder what happened.
Zi Xuan looked at the man in a coma and frowned, thinking: Do you want to save him? However, people like this dress best. What should I do if it gets dirty? Zi Xuan seems to be in a tangle.
But by this time, the old man had come to Zi Xuan’s side and asked, "Why, do you want to save him?"
Zi Xuan wanted to think, between his favorite clothes and a complete stranger. Finally, I chose my beautiful clothes. Anyway, this guy has a crush on nothing but spiritual power, and there is nothing serious. I guess I should wake up by myself after a while.
So Zi Xuan shook his head and stood up, but before he stood up, Zi Xuan tied the man’s hair in his face with that psychic stick and gently pushed it away.
Suddenly, Zi Xuan froze. This, how is this possible? !
Zi Xuan can no longer consider his favorite clothes. He stepped forward and picked up the comatose man, then put his hair behind his ear.
Really, really a master!
Zi Xuan suddenly laughed out, tightly holding the missing person. Let the mud on his body stain his favorite clothes.