☆, Chapter 436 Ye Mo origin
"These used to be slaves of saints. The taste of saints is wide enough!" The night wind pulled out his cheeks and remembered the pure muscular man who was originally found and placed in Pang Bo. He was tall and strong, and the three people in front of him had their own customs.
Qin Tian’s elegant leaves and ink are cold and uninhibited. I can’t help but feel envious of the appearance of the Monty Man. You know, private life is very chaotic. The Magic Man can sometimes be a man or a woman regardless of men or women!
I felt the change of night wind’s eyes, and then I remembered the former Luo Shuang’s narration and introduction of local customs and customs. Obviously, the night wind’s eyes reminded the three of them of bad things. They were all disgusting in their hearts. I would rather be molested by Luo Shuang, but I was not serious about being molested by a little magic man. I couldn’t wait to tear myself and cut the night wind into pieces directly before the convergence operator.
Among the three people, Ye Mo is the most lofty and cold. He used to be the younger brother of Jiugong, the mainland of Kyushu. At the moment, he just hid his identity and participated in the experience. He was met by Luo Shuang and joined the team like a able-bodied man. He did not publicize his identity and repair.
Purple Nine Palaces is the most pointed sect in Kyushu mainland. If you say that your family is a behemoth in the family, then Purple Nine Palaces are brothers all over the sky, and Ye Mo is from the Sword Palace in Purple Nine Palaces, which is famous for fighting. Sword cultivation is straightforward, a word is inconsistent, and it is normal to draw a sword. It is like a cold flying sword to develop a character from childhood.
"Hum!" Leaf ink cold hum eyes sharp into the night wind this inferior nightmare.
"You give me careful di m: n son I am not what to provoke!" Luo Shuang finally can’t get used to the jealousy of holding three people behind him or showing that the owner seems to have succeeded in gently brushing three people’s chest muscles and staring at the night wind coldly
"Small nature is white, but I’m confused at the moment. I’ll arrange the most luxurious residence for several adults." The night wind bowed carefully and said.
It’s the most luxurious residence, but it’s just a few stone houses, but the interior decoration is more quaint, elegant, simple and refined. Most magic residential houses are made of simple stones or simply some ∷d quite ∷ di m ∷ n ∷ small ∷ say 2 ≥ 3 ∷ o&l s = "arn: 2p2p"&GS _; A thatched hut or a wooden hut.
Luo Shuang settled four people only to see the heavenly token green again. Di m: n estimated that Jun Xi had fallen out of the display range of the heavenly token during their delivery, and I don’t know what happened to Jun Xi.
At the moment, the supervisors in Kyushu mainland are like a mess. They are listening to the fairy lesson. It was Li Chuntong who reported the things here to the celestial world. Soon the celestial world sent a suppression of the celestial sun to review the matter.
"Did you find anything unusual during the trial in Kaitian State?" Looking at the face in the hot sun, respectfully asked the scattered immortals of the inspector team.
"Everything is normal!" Li Chuntong was puzzled. In fact, several of them met as early as the scorching sun came, but they had no idea.
A few people remained silent in meditation. Suddenly, Jun silently remembered that the inferno activities in Tianyu were rampant recently. "Fairy was afraid that the seal in the forest was about to move. The inferno in Tianyu tried every means to break through the two barriers and come to Kyushu mainland. Is it that our organization failed to conquer the inferno remnants in extremely cold States?"
"oh? Tell me these things in detail! " When the scorching sun was interested, he told himself that the younger generation of your family could have soared directly, but he was willing to stay and continue to guard the Kyushu mainland. It is commendable that the scorching sun’s silent attitude towards you is different from other scattered immortals.
"The thing is …" Jun silently spent ten minutes reporting three things in series.
"Come on, let’s go to Fear Forest first!" The immortal in the scorching sun flies directly with all the scattered immortals.
The vast Kyushu mainland is just a fleeting thing in the eyes of the immortal sun. When the sun and others came to the fear forest, the sun turned livid and angry, destroying the seal di m: n.
"Fairy, who are you?" Jun silently watched in horror as the sun raised his hand and threw himself at the avalanche, and his heart was in awe.
The scorching sun swept through the forest in fury. First of all, those flowers and plants and century-old trees were unlucky, followed by those fresh monsters.
However, I can still control my strength a little. The monks who explored in the fear forest found themselves wrapped in soft strength and were kicked out of the fear forest one by one.
"Hum! What a fucking seal! The dark devils in the sky have long since escaped you losers! " The scorching sun said angrily
The inspectors are looking at me one after another, and I see that you look at each other and bow your head and dare not look directly at the angry sun fairy.
"How did this happen?" You are silent and a white and bloodless complexion. I can’t believe you said
Among the inspectors, there are Buddhist practitioners, a master in a purple robe, crossing his legs in the seal without saying a word, sitting with his left hand holding beads and his right hand turning them into lotus flowers, telling the truth, and a powerful force that shocks Buddhism washes the earth.
Master Yijie opened his eyes and looked decadent. "The dark devil escaped from heaven!"
"Where have you been supervising the viceroy? Even the prisoners have escaped, and I don’t know that you guys are going to collect the guilt and punishment yourself to thoroughly investigate this incident and the inferno people in heaven and earth can’t get away! " The scorching sun said angrily
I don’t know where the mountains and valleys are. Jun Xi led several Yuanying monks in your family, thirsty and tired, and hid in the cave. It was dark and humid everywhere. From time to time, the local demon howled harshly.
"Eldest brother, let’s really fail this time ~ this kind of lucky thing was driven by you and me! Take a sip of water! " Junhao held a kettle and handed it to Junxi. Brother Yuanying is immortal, but here the gas is full of magic gas, and there is little spiritual power. And I don’t know when I will be trapped. The monks can supplement their physical strength and aura with the stone in the ring, and save a DI M: n is a DI M: n.
Junxi shook his head with worry. "I’m worried about Luo Shuang? Moreover, I have observed that the Kung Fu Zerg and the monster beast are getting more and more excited for a while. Our cave may not be very safe. We have to prepare before! "
"Don’t worry, eldest brother! We have divided the work to cut down the surrounding lingmu to make a fence! What fucking bad luck! It takes a hundred miles to find a decent spiritual wood in this barren land. I doubt that we are here! The magic gas is full of insects and monster beasts, and they are so big that they don’t even have a hair! " Jun Hao muttered and said, "Fortunately, it’s not good to always refine the device. I’ll refine the fence with ore, but it’s extravagant."
"Go! Let’s go to the ore smelting first, and then give me the raw materials. I want to forge some law flags. Fences alone can’t resist large-scale zerg, "Jun Xi said calmly.
All the infernos in Nightmare Village are jittery, because as night falls, the insect screams outside the village are getting worse and worse.
The inferno people are not good at spells and arrays. They still stay in the original spiritual wooden fence and iron fence to stop the insects. When the insects break through the first blocking line, they usually fight hand to hand.
The village is still in its original state.
Luo Shuang swept the defense facilities of Nightmare Village in the village, shaking his head. How can this crude defense resist the dense and invisible marginal insects in the distance? It is difficult for this small village to spend the night safely!
"Saint, the village chief asked me to protect you and obey your orders!" A beautiful night demon witch night spirit knelt at the foot of Luo Shuang Luo Shuang and looked at her. It was just the later period of then. In Nightmare Village, D was quite sharp, but it was nothing in Luo Shuang’s eyes.
The night wind is that monks in the early days of Yuanying are qualified to build villages only when they have Yuanying period in heaven and earth.
"If you don’t protect me, you should protect those ordinary magic people!" Luo Shuang’s compassion said that when Luo Shuang saw a Bryn magic man with an arm bitten off by a bug and lying on the ground crying alone, she couldn’t stand up.
"Come with me to save people!" Luo Shuang called Qin Tian three people up.
"Shuang Shuang, what do you want us to do?" Qin Tian doesn’t recognize that Luo Shuang can’t be psychic when he calls himself out to fight ~
"Will helping me save people be simply bandaged?" Luo Shuang inquired.
Why hasn’t a monk Yuanying, who often goes out for adventure and travels around Kyushu, experienced such a low-level job?
Three people are confused about di m: n, di m: n head.
"That’s good! This is a tool for you to wrap up with me to treat those injured infernos! " Luo Shuang simply said.
Qin Tian’s so-called he has always been used to Luo Shuang to Luo Shuang’s willingness, but Ye Mo and Wen Xing’s face is not the same as eating shit.