In the Netherlands, where the defense is much looser than in Italy, Inzaghi gave full play to his ability as an opportunistic shooter. Although his grasp of opportunities and sensitivity are not as good as his brother’s, his physical fitness is stronger, and he can also serve as a pillar center as the tactical fulcrum of the team.
Up to now, Inzaghi Jr. has scored 17 league goals and two assists in 16 Dutch league games. He also scored two goals in the Champions League last season, one of which was scored in Ajax’s home game against Dortmund, helping the Dutch giants to outperform their opponents in that key game.
Corini and giuliano giannichedda are inferior to Filippo Inzaghi in personal data due to different field positions and tactical positions. Many of the former scored 3 goals and sent 6 assists in two league games until now. Davis body double was introduced. Although the latter failed to score goals, the average number of steals per game made Ajax’s midfield defense much more solid, and they were able to lead the Ajax team with serious blood loss to the first place, which also proved their ability from another aspect.
To tell the truth, Zhuang Ge really wants to recall all the players who have proved their strength after renting them out to Florence, but this kind of thing is impossible even if you think about it.
After all, the Florence team is now full of talents. There are five strikers, Batty, Baggio, Inzaghi, vieri and Ronaldo. Inzaghi can sit on the bench and waste his youth even if he returns to Florence.
Not to mention the two players, Yukolini and giuliano giannichedda, who agreed to be loaned to Ajax because of the fierce competition in the first team and no chance to play. Now they are getting along well in Holland, and they will definitely not want to return to Florence to continue to sit on the bench.
The outstanding performance of these players in Ajax this season is bound to attract the attention of many teams. Rich teams will never be stingy to give them a contract much superior to Florence. From these aspects, Zhuang Ge should indeed agree to Van Prager’s trading request.
But what good will it do Fiorentina if Zhuang Ge agrees to the transfer deal?
To put it simply, a few million dollars is not enough to impress Zhuang Ge to let people go. After all, Florence is not short of money with its own support. Although there is not much cash in its account now, the annual dividend of Microsoft, Adidas and Siberian oil company is a huge income of tens of millions of dollars. When there is no money, you can mortgage this income to seek a loan from Groz family bank.
Moreover, according to the situation that the transfer price of players has gone up since the appearance of Bosman Act, even the young Inzaghi is worth more than 60,000 dollars. After all, people have scored 17 goals and are far ahead in the league scorer list. You know, at this time, the golden boots in the Dutch league are still quite valuable, and it will be ten years before the Dutch league is even second-rate.
Therefore, even if we simply consider the economic benefits, it is absolutely uneconomical to sell three players to Ajax. What’s more, in Zhuang Ge’s mind, Ajax should be an honest talent training base in Florence and help himself deal with some players who can’t play in Florence.
Want to recreate the glory of the cruyff era? Generation!
"Excuse me, Manager Van Prager, don’t you think the price of $60,000 is a little too low for Simone and others?" Determined, Zhuang Ge ended his silence and said, "You know, when Florence brought Ronaldo from Eindhoven last summer, it cost a whole $1.75 million!"
The implication is that like Ronaldo, who sold all his golden boots in the Dutch league last season, the price of Inzaghi can’t be lower. If Ajax doesn’t pay some real money, we in Florence will never agree to release him.
"Er, Chairman Corleone, I think you should be very aware of the current financial situation of Ajax." When he arrived at Qian Van Prager, he felt like crying. He really wanted to keep these Italian players so that Ajax could continue to achieve better results in Europe. However, a large number of main players left the club this summer, but it did not bring a dollar of income to the club. In reality, Ajax has invested a lot of money every year in the youth training of players, and now there is no spare money to introduce these reinforcements. "This 60,000 dollars is the highest offer I can make. If not, there is nothing I can do."
"I’ll tell you what, Chairman Van Prager, I have a suggestion that you might as well listen to." Zhuang Ge made an order at this time to turn Ajax into a reserve base in Florence, and Van Prager made a suggestion that "Ajax Club has priority to renew the lease if these three players don’t move out of Florence this summer, and there are still some very good seedlings in our Florence youth team that can be rented to you to help you tide over this difficulty."
"Thank you so much, Chairman Corleone." Although he didn’t achieve the expected goal, Van Prager quickly thanked Zhuang Ge. In his view, Ajax’s star-making ability will enable him to regain a seat in European football in about five years, and it is impossible to reach a mutually beneficial alliance with Florence before. I almost forgot a more important thing. President Corleone is here. On behalf of Ajax Club, I would like to invite you to attend the European Football Club Summit to be held at Ajax Headquarters on Saturday. "
European Football Club Summit? What is that?
Chapter 256 European Club Summit (1)
European Football Club Summit? What is that?
This is Zhuang Ge’s first thought after receiving the invitation from Van Prager.
Wait, just now, Van Prager said that this meeting was not settled before continuing? Why haven’t we been invited to Florence?
After listening to Van Prager’s explanation, Zhuang Ge realized that almost a month ago, more than ten European giants, including AC Milan, Juventus, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool, Bayern, Ajax, etc., called a manager-level club summit. The main topic of the meeting was how to better safeguard the club’s own interests in the face of the increasingly sharp contradictions and conflicts of UEFA hierarchy after the arrival of the bosman era.
Although Florence rose strongly last season, it was obviously far from enough to see in front of these giants with glorious history. At that manager summit, Florence club representatives were not invited.
However, the meeting did not achieve any substantive results, otherwise there would be no invitation from this pair of Zhuang Ge.
According to the general manager of a club who attended the meeting, "the topic to be discussed at this meeting is too important, and we don’t have enough strength to make decisions in this regard alone."
This time, Zhuang Ge was invited to attend the meeting at this level. In fact, it was thanks to Ajax and Inter Milan, two friendly clubs. The boss was still struggling when he learned that there were three club representatives attending the managers’ summit in the first Serie A in Europe. The Premier League was able to send Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa to participate in the meeting. He did not hesitate to expand the number of Italian representatives in the bosses’ summit, and the boss first recommended Florence with himself.
It’s natural for Inter Milan to take a stand against Italian teams Juventus and AC Milan, but it’s also hard to openly undermine them. It’s also recommended several Serie A teams that have also performed well in recent years, such as Parma and Sampdoria.
Van Prager, the sponsor and organizer of the second summit, is naturally quite willing to bring Florence, a club that is quite friendly to himself, into this meeting. After all, an extra ally in this kind of meeting often has unexpected results.
Several other major league giants are also very dissatisfied with the Premier League teams that occupy multiple seats in the managers’ meeting. Your Premier League has won a lot in Europe in recent years. Second-rate teams such as Arsenal and Manchester United, Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa have the face to attend this level of meeting and don’t take us seriously?
In this kind of psychology, Moratti’s proposal will naturally not be hindered by giants other than English teams, and the proposal to expand the scale of the meeting will be passed smoothly.
"I am very glad to be invited to attend this meeting, and I will arrive in Amsterdam on time on the day of the meeting. Thank you very much for your kind invitation to President Van Prager." Although I don’t know exactly why Florence was selected to attend this meeting called by European giants, Zhuang Ge knows clearly how many words Florence has gained at this level by virtue of the accumulation of Florence now. The only advantage is to see if it can benefit the conflicts and contradictions of interests of these giants.
Van Prager, chairman of Ajax Club of Amsterdam International Airport, stood at the exit of the airport intently to meet a long-awaited "VIP".
At this time, Ajax, the host of the European Club Owners Summit, has attracted the attention of the world, which is undoubtedly an honor for Ajax, a former European giant.
For Van Prager, he would rather not have this false glory. He didn’t want this significant summit of European club owners to be held in Amsterdam, where Ajax is located. After all, there is an old saying that Ajax, the "early bird", is likely to be attacked first by UEFA.
However, Van Pragley changed the resolution, even though others initiated the summit.
After all, in order to get rid of all kinds of crises faced by the club as soon as possible, Van Prager must tie the crumbling Ajax to this "chariot of interests" belonging to the European giants as soon as possible. Therefore, Ajax took the lead in proposing a summit meeting of European giants more than a month ago, but Van Prager knew in his heart that his meeting was in line with the real thoughts of those European giants, and those giants just played it off with a show.
After playing a conspiracy, Van Prager had to sigh that these wealthy bosses were not so easy to fool before trying to change his decision.
Let Van Prager, the new chairman of Ajax at a time of crisis, feel gratified, but at the same time, Ajax has gradually moved away from the European giants in this common interest group that is about to form. Ajax is only regarded as a senior supporting actor who is willing to drive, but those real "protagonists" have protected themselves well in the new division of interests after this football storm.
In the mind of the Ajax president, Florence represented by Zhuang Ge has not yet had enough words in European football, but judging from the rapid development of this club after the change of ownership, Viola will surely occupy a place in this interest community in the near future! That’s why Van Prager tried his best to make friends with Florence. After all, giving charcoal in the snow is better than adding flowers.
At that time, Ajax, the "senior supporting role" in this alliance, can gain more benefits in the future by being friendly with Florence instead of being kicked out of this circle by those big bosses.
"Oh, President Corleone, it’s an honor to see you again! Welcome to Amsterdam! " Van Prager has just recovered from his thoughts and found that the goal he came to meet this time has appeared in front of him.
Chapter 257 European Club Summit (2)
"Chairman Corleone is honored to see you again! Welcome to Amsterdam! "
"Chairman Van Prager has been a long time."
At the exit of Amsterdam International Airport, Zhuang Ge came to pick him up. Van Prager greeted him affectionately. This guy can be regarded as an old acquaintance now, and according to the well-informed little Groz, Florence can attend the boss summit this time. Van Prager has contributed a lot in this, and naturally he should show more kindness to him.
By the way, Zhuang Ge made a modest joke and said, "Hehe, I hope I’m not the last one to arrive at the meeting."
"Hehe …" Van Prager smiled lightly when he heard Zhuang’s song, but changed the subject naturally. "Chairman Corleone loaned these three players to us from your side. After discussion by Ajax’s board of directors, we intend to bid $60,000 to package and buy Giuliano Grazioli and eugenio corini in simone inzaghi. We want to get his priority loan."
Afraid that Zhuang Ge would refuse his offer, Van Prager quickly added an additional condition: "Of course, we won’t let you suffer too much … So Florence can rent three players to play in Ajax every season, and each player will play for no less than one minute; And in some aspects such as player training and scouting system, our two clubs can also deepen their cooperation … "
Zhuang Ge thought about selling these two players for $60,000. From the perspective of economic benefits, Florence still suffered a little. However, Van Prager made two additional conditions to make Zhuang Ge feel moved. After all, Ajax’s training of stars is well known, and the number of stars produced has dropped sharply. The main reason is that many players are unwilling to play in the Netherlands because of the sharp decline in the overall competitiveness of the Dutch league.
Three places a year for training in Ajax will not only enable some young players to be jointly trained by Gu Furen and michels, but also help Florence to solve some employment problems of players who can’t play. In the field of scouting, it is more mutually beneficial. Now, relying on Zhuang Ge’s "discerning eyes and knowing pearls", Florence can fully benefit Ajax’s scouting network under construction to find the players they need, or some good seedlings are too shy for Ajax to buy and then sell them to the Dutch for training. When the players move away from Ajax, the profits will be split equally.
"Chairman Van Prager, I am personally very interested in your proposal. These two additional conditions are accepted by our two clubs in Florence. I want to wait until the end of this meeting to discuss them specifically. If an agreement can be reached, you should be responsible for saying that Eugenio and giuliano agree to join us." The implication is that if Florence and Ajax can reach an agreement on the terms, then the transfer base between Corini and giuliano giannichedda can be said to be certain. Before making this offer to Florence, I also asked these players privately about their intention to join, and got the promise of "agreeing to sign the contract if the salary and status of the team are agreed"
Van Prager’s move is suspected of violating the UEFA’s "no personal contact with players" rule, but on the other hand, it’s also understandable. After all, if he spent a lot of effort and time to fix the club where the players belong, but ended up being nailed by the players, then Ajax should not be depressed to death.
After receiving the "friendly signal" from Zhuang Ge, Van Prager has been so busy since he took the post of chairman of Ajax Club that he can’t help but feel refreshed. It seems that his measures to get closer to Florence have already had some effects, and the next step is to make persistent efforts to make the two clubs closer.
A group of people arrived at Ajax headquarters, the venue of the boss summit, in a special car that Van Prager had already prepared.
After entering the gate, Van Prager said that he still needed to do some preparations for the meeting and had to leave first, so he left a senior assistant to lead Zhuang Ge and his party in a hurry.
By the way, this time I came to Amsterdam to accompany me, except for Karin, a senior secret. Little Groz and Little Liero also just squeezed in in the name of "seeing the world"
So Zhuang Ge and his party went in from the main entrance before the senior assistant led them to the conference room.
"hey! Antonio, I’ve been waiting for you here for a long time. Come here quickly! " As soon as I entered the door of the conference room, a warm and familiar sound entered Zhuang Ge’s ear.
Zhuang Ge looked at the source and couldn’t help feeling happy. "It turned out to be Massimo. Why are you here so early? I remember this meeting was at one o’clock in the afternoon, right? "
"You have the nerve to say that of all the people invited to attend today’s meeting, you are the penultimate one to come to the meeting." Boss Mo warmly put his arm around Zhuang Ge’s shoulder and dragged him to a small room next to the meeting room. "Now we Italian team owners are chatting in this room. Come with me before the meeting."