Lin Tianxiao gave everyone an anti-magic and added a cure to Wang Youliang and Bi Yuer, who took the lead in rushing into the fifth floor.
But what makes them depressed is that this time it’s not the second dimension. The place where they rushed in was actually the third floor of Woma Temple.
"I went there. This is not playing with people!" Wang Youliang big scold a way
The goblin also has a wry smile on his face. It is obvious that the company has set a trap for the player here, or it may be a joke with the player.
Turning around and killing back is another killing. It was not until the online time that everyone found a safer local line.
Back to reality, Lin Tianxiae and Wang Youliang ate something and went to the classroom. Today is a compulsory course. If this professor doesn’t teach, this class will fail directly. All students are the most important in this class.
After a long chat, Lin Tianxiae said to Bi Yuer, "Go and ask Xiaofu to go out for a barbecue!"
"Forget it, Xiaofu is tired from playing games these days, and now she is catching up on sleep, and she has compulsory courses in the afternoon," said Bi Yuer.
"Oh, well, let’s eat together!" Lin tianxiae invited again
I didn’t know that Bi Yuer shook her head. "Although I fell into a light sleep while playing games, you see that my dark circles have come out. I have to go back and make up for it later!"
Lin Tianxiao glanced at Wang Youliang’s ability to finish her work. After they left, they simply ate a little in the canteen and went back to the dormitory. Because they didn’t arrive at the appointed time, they played their brains and entered the school bbs forum.
Now many people are talking about "return engagement", but some people have hung up the video of Lin Tianxiao’s contest with Chen Peng that day, not to mention the high click-through rate. Seeing this Lin Tianxiao, I realized that Chen Peng’s mouth was tilted at Wang Youliang and said, "I don’t know how Chen Peng is!"
"Ha, ha, ha, evil, don’t say that day, I really took down Chen Peng with one foot. It is estimated that my balls will burst!" Wang Youliang. "
"Isn’t it a bit too hard?" Lin tianxiae laughed
"Don’t be embarrassed!"
Lin Tianxiae and Wang You appeared and smiled. Let’s continue to look at the story of return engagement. Although the bbs forum of Polytechnic University is not the official forum of return engagement published by Tiangong Company, there are many things in it. The most famous thing is that someone wants to set up the first meeting and it is scheduled to be late.
Lin Tianxiae knows that the only guild token is in the hands of Liu Heng. The first line in bbs Luntian will definitely be the Liu Heng guild.
It is said in the forum that Liu Heng is recruiting players and has made a series of guild policies. For example, players who join the guild must pay the players’ contribution points to exchange the equipment they get when they are in the guild.
What else can players who join the guild get money from the guild after reaching a certain contribution, and it is paid regularly every month, just like wages
The contribution of the guild can be obtained from many aspects, such as the guild’s contribution without equipment or the hottest gold coins being fired now. The contribution of gold coins will get the corresponding contribution value, which is also the fastest way to get the contribution value at present. After all, there is no exchange system now, Liu Heng is very short of funds and the price of gold coins is still very high. Liu Heng does not intend to invest too much, so he thought of this method.
Don’t say that this method is really good. In two days, he accumulated millions of gold coins enough for him to set up a guild. Thanks to many players who plan to join the Liu Heng guild, they decided to contribute their own gold coins. Liu Heng also made an orderly record and gave these players corresponding contributions when he applied for the guild.
After watching these Lin Tianxiao smiled, it seems that he couldn’t catch up and congratulated Liu Heng for quitting the forum. Brain Lin Tianxiao and Wang Youliang took a short rest and woke up almost at the appointed time. They immediately entered the game wearing game helmets.
Just the line was attacked by monsters. Fortunately, there were only a small number of three Lin Tianxie, who quickly summoned his skeleton younger brother, and then all three monsters were poisoned with red poison. After playing an anti-magic and adding a cure, they killed Wang Youliang.
Solve the hand monster side flashing a few milky light goblins and Zhou Xiaofu two women line at the same time.
Lin Tianxiao smiled and joined the crowd to show off the blame again. During the journey, Lin Tianxiao sent a congratulatory message to Liu Hengfa, which made Liu Heng very satisfied. Liu Heng also invited Lin Tianxiao to come to the ceremony, but Lin Tianxiao was really unable to take it.
All the way to the end of the fourth floor, a door appeared in front of everyone. Lin Tianxiao added a cure to Wang Youliang and Bi Yuer, and they were ready to rush in.
Just then, a white light flashed and a monster with a big knife in both hands appeared in front of the door, just blocking Wang Youliang and Bi Yuer’s way.
The goblin cried out in surprise, "Guard Woma!"
According to past experience, Woma Guardian has a chance to explode advanced skills, so goblins will be so excited.
Lin Tianxie heard the demon shout and knew that this Wal-Mart guardian should be a small boss and immediately checked the attributes of a Wal-Mart guardian.
Wo ma Wei Shi (Tian Ji Zhun boss)
Grade 4
Blood volume 299999
The leader of the Woma Sect held a large knife in one hand and a serrated sword in the other, and countless warriors died in his hand. It is said that the Woma guards robbed many advanced skills during World War II.
Skills? This time, Lin Tianxiao knows what the goblin is so excited about. Killing this level of quasi-boss will have a great chance to explode skills and the level may not be low.
Lin Tianxiao immediately poisoned the Wal-Mart Guardian with red and green poison, which reduced the attribute of Wal-Mart Guardian, and then shouted at Wang Youliang and Bi Yuer, "Liang Yuer, you two are entangled in Wal-Mart Guardian, don’t let it rush to our front, and Xiao Fu, the demon, is ready for a long-range attack!"
As soon as Lin Tianxiao’s words fell, they posed. Wang Youliang rushed to stop and killed Lin Tianxiao’s Woma guardian goblin. The goblin habitually cast a lightning trick. Zhou Xiaofu shot Lin Tianxiao twice, and Mao produced a soul fire.
Chapter 44 Day-level Skills energy shield
All this was done in flint. It can be said that Lin Tianxiao, a five-person team, has become a whole after running in these days, with one eye and one movement, and everyone can understand its meaning.
Warden Woma screamed at the sky, and the knife in his hand was severely cut at Wang Youliang. Wang Youliang held up his weapon and blocked the blow. So Wang Youliang also had a 5+ damage on his head.
The goblin exclaimed that one day, the company released "return engagement" and there were many attack modes, but the goblin didn’t know five, such as physical attack, magic attack, Lin Tianxie poison attack, and now the Woma guardian shock attack can attack the opponent through counter-bombardment, although the weapon didn’t touch the opponent’s body, it can attack the opponent through shock.
In addition, the goblins still know that another kind of attack is sonic attack. The goblins have not tried this kind of attack, but Lin Tianxiao tried to kill the skull emperor when he roared and killed many players. This is sonic attack, but Lin Tianxiao didn’t think about it there. He thought it was normal
"Liang Xiaoyu, you two always pay attention to your blood volume. Don’t be confused and killed by Wal-Mart guards!" The demon wakes up
Wang Youliang and Bi Yuer nodded and continued to pester Wal-Mart’s guards, but they were always ready to knock away with a bottle of big medicine in their mouths.
Not to be outdone, Lin Tianxiao’s skeleton brother quickly came to the guard of Wal-Mart, and the axe was severely cut to take away nearly a thousand blood of the guard of Wal-Mart.