Senior sister looked lonely and left Wang Feipeng several times and couldn’t help but want to stop him, but she glanced at the tall and handsome boy not far away and gave up …
Chapter 41 Win the 100-meter championship
But before he could conquer, he was dead wants to perform well in the school sports meeting, breaking the embarrassing situation noted by his sister. As a result, among the three strengths, football became a deserter, tennis was accidentally eliminated, and now basketball is left and the original tense competition schedule of unfamiliar track and field events suddenly turned upside down.
Going back to the dormitory with that broken net shot, my anger has not subsided, and those indifferent faces flashed through my mind. They are so stingy and unsympathetic, let alone loving! What’s the point of this club? The mobile phone finds the QQ group of the tennis club and quits the group directly! Play by yourself later! Looking at the broken racket, I couldn’t help but take a few photos with my mobile phone, log in to Taobao and send them to customers who buy rackets. "Isn’t it strong and durable?" Look at what’s happening now! You have to retire in the middle of the game. You have to pay for the loss. Now I am chasing the bad review! "
Kema replied that the tennis racket is really strong and durable, and occasionally the network cable will be broken. We have prepared the network cable for replacement. Wang Feipeng replied, how long will it take to break and replace it? Do you want to buy a spare network cable now according to your saying? Otherwise, it will definitely break again? The guest carefully replies that the pro-tennis level must be very high, and the power of the big net cable is easy to break. It is recommended that the pro-tennis cable be purchased. I will give you a link and pro-tennis can buy two. Can we give you a compensation pro-tennis? Wang Feipeng thinks that there will be a competition in the future, so he asks the online shop to send him a strong cable. If it doesn’t take long to break, he will complain!
In the evening, the basketball game continued in the basketball hall. The first easy-to-win team members were in high spirits. In the second game, all of them volunteered to ask Wang Feipeng’s first performance was not eye-catching. The coach specially asked him for advice to arrange for the players with strong performance and good feelings to start and let him come off the bench. Wang Feipeng thought that this game was much better than the "Freshness Cup". The "Freshness Cup" was a person who could be replaced. Now the soldier is strong. Ma Zhuang’s depth of substitution is deep. He has no opinion on the arrangement of this young coach. He is very
In the group stage, the opponent’s strength was not imposed with the MVP of the "Freshman Cup". General Sun worked hard to crush the opponent, and naturally Wang Feipeng didn’t ask the question. He came off the bench in the third quarter, grabbed three rebounds and scored four points in less than one minute, but the defense was very hard, especially the two beautiful hot pots were particularly inspiring. After being replaced by the coach, the team won two consecutive victories without any suspense.
The next day, the track and field events kicked off, and Wang Feipeng had to pay attention to the remaining track and field events. He had participated in competitions at school and won many awards, but he never paid much attention to them and didn’t have special training. Although my father was a physical education teacher, he pointed out that he should pay attention to a bunch of annoying points such as starting, rhythm, pace, breathing, acceleration and sprint, but he didn’t understand them well, so he could cram for the last minute. No matter what the messy points were, he had some confidence in any sports.
In the afternoon, Wang Feipeng was the second group of starting guns. Wang Feipeng slammed the starter and got up. At the same time, his arm swung quickly and rushed forward. He practiced hard for many years, and the speed of lightness skill perfectly reflected the rapid and powerful swing of his arm, the rhythm of his legs coordinated, and the true qi quickly flowed. His body blinked faster and faster like a left arrow and crossed the finish line! 114 seconds to break the school sports meeting record of 1145 seconds!
Wang Feipeng didn’t know that the first qualifying round of the school sports meeting had been completed, and the finals were finished. According to the results, there were three group matches to the basketball court at noon. The first group match was soon over at half time, and the basketball team of the School of Economics was ahead. For example, Wang Feipeng didn’t ask to be there. It was also a pleasure to watch General Sun cut through the thorns and the players abused their opponents.
In the afternoon, the schedule of the basketball group match was relatively dense. There were two games. The first game ended for an hour, and the second game was followed by Wang Feipeng’s first appearance. Although General Sun and his teammates with strong performance were particularly eye-catching, Wang Feipeng got the second highest score of the team with accurate three-pointers. If careful players counted, it would be found that Wang Feipeng’s hit rate reached an astonishing 9% and the game time was the shortest, but the group match was not strong. No one paid attention.
In the last game of the afternoon group match, the team has already appeared in the group, and all the substitutes are fighting for the game. Even General Sun played for one minute, and Wang Feipeng didn’t have a chance.
In the late basketball game, the strong cross-knockout competition became more intense. Wang Feipeng played a low-key game after high school, but he couldn’t change it for a while, especially when his opponent was weaker than his own, and he didn’t crush the opponent’s habit. In the first knockout game, his opponent was not strong, or those offensive players, King Feipeng, rarely scored many points, perhaps because he was not strong in performance. The coach arranged the players in the next few games, and Wang Feipeng seemed to slowly rule him out of the main lineup.
The next afternoon, Wang Feipeng will take part in the 1 m and 5 m finals, and the second knockout of 10,000 m basketball just happened to clash with the coach in the afternoon track and field competition. The coach hesitated for a while and readily promised to ask him to take time off. This little horse jumped up and scolded you for being too small to be interesting. Sun Lin resolutely refused to let him take part in the track and field competition anyway. Finally, the young coach persuaded him that if Wang Feipeng won the track and field competition, it would be an increase in honor for the School of Economics. General Sun still told him without rest.
At 9: 30 in the afternoon, the school focused on the 100-meter trapeze final. According to the preliminary results, a total of people were shortlisted for the final. Wang Feipeng was arranged to participate in such a large-scale track and field competition for the first time on the fifth runway, especially in the fiercely competitive 100-meter final. The students around him were deafening, cheering and shouting. Wang Feipeng’s blood seemed to be boiling up. He adjusted his breath a little, kept his mind on Dantian, and eliminated all the distractions in the race. The referee signaled all the players to squat down and step on the starter. Wang Fei Wang Feipeng’s muscles suddenly contract, and his body is like being ejected by a slingshot. His arms swing rapidly, and his feet are getting faster and faster. There is a whirring wind in his ears, accelerating, accelerating, and accelerating. Wang Feipeng feels that he is about to fly! Flying up, a ribbon appeared in front of his eyes in an instant, and the end was here! 195 seconds!
The display screen is 195 seconds. Most students don’t know what this number stands for, but many people are shocked! Only a professional athlete can break through 11 seconds. Today, a new school sports meeting record was born by an unknown student! Several counselors in the college jumped up with excitement while watching the game on the sidelines! The counselor who crammed Wang Feipeng into the competition was even more proud. While boasting about his genius, he called Wang Feipeng to come over. Wang Feipeng never told the truth about this kind of competition. I don’t know how many champions I have won since I was a child, but I am not happy with the 100-meter champion I won.
Come to the end of the game, I will go to see the results of the basketball game. Several counselors are holding me back, asking questions and asking questions. cut class and credits are all in their hands. No matter what, I can’t offend them. There is still an hour before the horse will compete in the 5-meter race. The counselors know that he is more energetic in military training and want him to go to the college to fight for honor. After so many years of sad history, cut class will have a good talk and credits will be good talk …
Wang Feipeng wants to take part in the outside competition after wooing the counselor while watching the stadium competition. It must be common for cut class to have such a rare opportunity today, so we should seize it anyway. I can’t wait to rub my shoulders and knock my back on the counselor before, and I have long forgotten about the basketball game.
Before 1: 00 p.m., the basketball quarter-final of the school sports meeting was played by Ma Institute of Economics. As soon as the members of the basketball team of the School of Management entered the stadium, Sun Lin’s heart sank, and it was not that enemies did not meet! "Freshman Cup" meets two dunks, both of whom are in this team! I quickly took out my words and called Wang Feipeng’s mobile phone, but no one answered for a long time. Sun Lin angrily found the coach and asked him to find someone to get Wang Feipeng back quickly. The coach asked with a smile what happened? Sun Lin gave a brief account of two dunks. As soon as the coach heard that their "Freshman Cup" was lost to the class team supported by Sun Lin and Wang Feipeng, they were dismissive. "This time, our goal is to win the championship. Wang Feipeng’s performance in the previous game is generally that we can still beat our opponents without him. Don’t worry about playing well."
Sun Lin stopped the coach and said sincerely, "Coach Wang Feipeng is very strong, much stronger than me. This little guy has always been very low-key. If the team plays very hard, he will definitely come out!" We won the game mainly by him! "
The coach patted him on the shoulder and smiled. "I know you are roommates. Don’t worry, we won’t lose to them!" "
Sun Lin saw that the coach didn’t pay attention to him, and he was lost in his heart.
Chapter 42 Mixed feelings
Wang Feipeng, a stadium full of people, accompanied the counselor to watch the game while kissing up. Where did he hear the phone ringing in his pocket?
The progress of the basketball game is just like Sun Lin’s judgment. After the failure of the "Freshman Cup", the two dunks sharpen the attack and cooperate more skillfully. Especially when I saw Sun Lin’s jealous game, the confrontation was very fierce, and the other team had a senior heavyweight center Sun Lin who was blocked by him several times and could not attack the basket. In general, the two dunks cooperated with each other. Pick-and-roll with each other. After the recent hard training, the hit rate of the shot reached 5%, which is quite different from the performance of the "Freshman Cup". Except for Sun Lin, the performance of the opponent’s oppressive defense group match was very eye-catching. The players were dumb and the young coach was on pins and needles on the sidelines, and several pauses and substitutions were ineffective.
Pause and rest. Sun Lin called Wang Feipeng several times, and someone answered.
At 1: 30 in the afternoon, Wang Feipeng’s long-distance running has always been a strong point. Recently, he intensified his training and ran easily behind five people, two of whom were military training long-distance running students. I didn’t know that Sun Lin was shopping hard with the other side and scolded his teammates in my heart. When he was weak, he was suppressed by his opponent’s face, and he couldn’t lift his head. At halftime, he repeatedly asked the coach to send someone to get Wang Feipeng. As a result, the coach didn’t want to find a player to save the emergency temporarily, and he also took the unfavorable temper of the game
In the 5-meter final, one lap has been completed, and there are still two and a half laps left. Five people in front are accelerating and trying to distance themselves from the big troops behind. Wang Feipeng also suddenly accelerates one by one, which disrupts their tactical arrangement. So they can be pulled behind Wang Feipeng, and Wang Feipeng keeps accelerating and gradually pulls away from the five people behind. The five people are anxious to accelerate and accelerate with the long-distance running. More importantly, Wang Feipeng disrupts the rhythm of their long-distance running, and the five people are gradually exhausted. Obviously can’t keep up with him. At this moment, Wang Feipeng slowly slowed down and pulled them not far from close range. Five people wanted to chase after him. If they didn’t slow down, the other side slowed down and kept it not far from close range. It was really painful, but it was acceptable for five people to chase after him several times. Finally, Wang Feipeng won the men’s 5 m championship in 14 minutes and 56 seconds.
There was a ponytail girl in the audience watching Wang Feipeng quietly. I didn’t see several counselors from the School of Economics clapping happily on the sidelines. Wang Feipeng quickly ran over and greeted them. "Today, several counselors have to fight for the championship on the spot. Can’t let you down?"
Counselor Xie Haolong pointed his finger at him. "You did well this time, and I will give you extra points at the end of the period."
Wang Feipeng quickly smiled. "Thank you for asking for a few days off, right?"
"You push your luck, forget it, or it will affect your study." Xie Dao waved his hand with a cool hand
Wang Fei watched a game together with a smile and suddenly remembered that the basketball game was going on. How could he forget this big event? Hurry up and say hello to several counselors. There are other competitions before the counselors meet him. It depends on the overall performance of the college to urge him to hurry.
Trot all the way to the basketball court. The scoreboard has just ended. The score hasn’t moved yet. The School of Economics lost 9 points at 45:36! Wang Feipeng looked for a circle and didn’t see Sun Lin pull a teammate to inquire about his teammates’ irrepressible defeat and being eliminated. "He probably left early after five crimes in the last quarter." Then he turned around and soon all the players walked cleanly, and no one paid attention to him.
Back to the dormitory, Sun Lin was leaning on the bed, sulking and chubby. Two generals had not come back yet. Wang Feipeng went to Sun Lin’s bed and said sorry! I didn’t fight with you today! Sun Lin squinted at Wang Feipeng. Running is more important than basketball? Personal honor is more important than physical honor? Why didn’t you answer many words? Wang Feipeng took out his mobile phone and saw that there were 11 missed calls! Embarrassed to say that the stadium was crowded and noisy, I really didn’t hear it! Sun Lin scolded her mother angrily and said that if she lost against another team, she would lose. It was nothing, but the two dunks against us today were small in the "Freshman Cup"! You slipped away, and as a result, they were really humbled by my game! And that damn coach’s tactical adjustment hasn’t frozen those two guys from time to time. Let him send someone to find you. He’s doomed to be eliminated!
Wang Feipeng knows the position of basketball in Sun Lin’s heart, and politely advises the fat and thin two to go back to the dormitory one after another to persuade the fat to yell that you can’t meet your mental consumption at lunch, and go to the canteen to eat and stop treating! Everyone is stunned? Fat thief smiled stealthily. The canopy is the same as the canopy. Who is the marshal of the canopy? Just quit. Haha …
In the afternoon, several roommates were free to watch Wang Feipeng participate in the 10,000-meter race. Few people signed up for the 10,000-meter race. Now the students’ family conditions are good and spoiled. How many people can run 10,000 meters? Students who take part in long-distance running are either a little athletic or are pulled by college counselors. The number of participants is sparse, and there are not more than a dozen people. It is estimated that there is at most one person in a college, and there are even fewer people in the audience than the athletes.
Wang Feipeng usually runs after school in junior high school and high school, and he has a hundred kilograms of iron sand bags on his back. Recently, intensive training has been carried out. It is a common dish for him to run two laps every morning and evening. It is not like other students who are panting and sweating before a few laps. What’s more, it is no suspense to abandon Wang Feipeng and win the 10,000-meter championship.
In the evening, naturally, Wang Feipeng, who won three individual championships, invited girls to distract boys’ cohesion. Just a few roommates were impatient to pursue the class flower, so it was rare to get together. Since the class flower was poached, it has increased a lot and improved a lot.
It’s not that friends don’t get together. Four people are eating barbecue and drinking beer at the roadside food stall outside the school. Suddenly a group of people come up behind them. It’s the afternoon basketball game and Sun Lin’s two dunks. The two saw Sun Lin and Wang Feipeng taunting, "Yo! Both of you are here. If you lose the ball, you will drown your sorrows in wine, but you will be more worried! "
General Sun gulped down his glass with disdain and said, "If you lose your hand, wag your tail and be careful to be slaughtered as a hot pot!"
When they heard General Sun’s stinging words, they suddenly burst into anger and scolded, "I’ll kill you to make hot pot now!" A left a right forced to Sun Lin several other people staring at Wang Feipeng three Sun Lin sitting in a chair stand still "yo ho basketball court loser want to one-on-one hit now? I tell you that I have never lost since I was a child, and my hands are itchy for a long time! "
Wang Feipeng wandered up, and a boy next to him wanted to hold his hand down. When Wang Feipeng’s shoulder shook, the boy was suddenly shaken to one side, and General Sun suddenly got up. "Mom, the basketball court is humbled today, just to get angry!" One meter in height and nearly 200 kilograms of embryos are there like a mountain basketball court. It’s really hard to say that Wang Feipeng, who is taller, immediately hesitated. The food stall owner saw that the atmosphere on both sides was wrong and quickly came to dozen circle field.
Fat and thin two generals also took the opportunity to persuade Sun Lin that both sides can’t take advantage of it. It is estimated that both sides will be deadlocked for a while. Two dunks will stare at Sun Lin’s jaw and lift Yang Dao’s basketball court. Bye! Sun Lin said with a smile that I like one-on-one hit best. Don’t let me down then!
On the one hand, we may not win the fight, on the other hand, the school knows that the fight will definitely be punished, which is not good for both sides. It is in the interest of both sides to see the steps. Sun Lin, four people, saw the gang go and continued to drink and toss until dark.
Chapter 43 Table Tennis Class
At the end of the intense school sports meeting, the school horse held a grand closing ceremony. The leader gave a speech in the performance of "Zhuo Ma in Dream" and "Rivers" by the faculty chorus, and then announced the results of various competitions. The male won trophies, medals and certificates. At most, he was a junior boy. He won 5 championships in 2 meters, 4 meters, 1 relay, 4 meters relay, long jump and 1 runner-up in 100 meters. The only thing that didn’t win the championship was that the sprint 1 meter was taken away by Wang Feipeng.
The best athlete is not a boy sprinter who won five championships, but a ponytail girl! Wang Feipeng and three roommates almost stared at the ground! Ponytail girls include women’s middle and long distance running 10 thousand meters, 5 thousand meters, 3 thousand meters, 15 meters, 4 meters and 4 meters relay. It’s really abnormal. It’s a female iron man! All the students warmly applauded the beautiful ponytail girl named Meng Silan!
This time, the champion of sports events in the school sports meeting was included in the personal head. Several students won four championships, and three championships were everywhere. Although Wang Feipeng won three championships, two long-distance races were unpopular. No one paid any attention. What surprised Wang Feipeng most was that the champion of men’s tennis singles turned out to be playing against himself. Looking at the small audience, thunderous applause rang out and the girls screamed throughout the gymnasium. It was really a taste. The school students’ martial arts team and cheerleading team brought wonderful performances at the awards ceremony. Finally, the principal announced the successful conclusion of the eleventh sports meeting of Hai University.
University life has become calmer. Recently, there is no amateur tennis match, football trial training, and basketball trial training is even more unknown. After reading the first semester textbook base of Wang Fei Peng Anxin class, I will go to the library to lay the foundation for the semester course. I learned a lot from physical education some time ago. Now I have gone to the library not only to see my major, but also to find good skills and tactics in sports. I am trying to figure out and understand carefully. I will continue to strengthen my training in the morning and evening. Although I am doing it alone, I feel much better about myself.
On Thursday afternoon, physical education class teaches table tennis, which is a national sport with a high popularity rate. The school attaches great importance to setting up more than a dozen table tennis tables in the gymnasium. It is also very long for a whole afternoon. Students majoring in economics seldom attend classes with Chinese-foreign co-run students, which makes the boys in dormitory 43 have not smelled the smell of the opposite sex for a long time. Many students, including the boys who influence the city appearance, have successfully taken off the list. Dormitory 43 is well proportioned, fresh and elegant, and looks extraordinary. Only then has a girl noticed that four people want to jump off the Huangpu River.
Teacher physical education class just explained the basic skills of table tennis. In the dormitory, except for Wang Feipeng, who is shy by nature, there is nothing to move. The other three people are all petting and searching around, or are fat-eyed and sweeping to the side of a table. Several girls gather together and have a good look. The horse pulls three roommates and kills them. Fat smiles are like flowers. "We are all very qualified special sparring partners in table tennis practice, such as picking up the ball and feeding the ball and being killed by you. Are we all good at it?"
The girls saw that the four of them were so-so pleasing to the eye. Did anyone come to work as a coolie? Besides, it’s also good to practice the boring taste of an afternoon. It’s also good for some boys to add some freshness to the side. General Sun and the fat and thin two generals are flying around a few flowers like butterflies. Where can they still listen to the teacher’s explanation? After the teacher explains the service, catching the ball and rubbing the ball, Let the students team up to practice table tennis by themselves, such as forehand and backhand attack. All three of them are parallel imports, but the horse has a good model and teaches several junior girls to play ball by hand. Of course, two of the junior girls can play table tennis, and it is easy to beat the three of them out of the water. It is worthy of being ashamed in front of boys and girls in the 43 dormitory. On the other hand, please ask two junior girls to teach them three roommates to command Wang Feipeng to pick up the ball. He has never been good at associating with girls. People who practice table tennis are less and have nothing to do but pick up the ball.
Sino-foreign joint school girls have good family conditions and good quality. No wonder it is said that good family conditions are conducive to cultivating temperament, broadening horizons and enhancing the ability to read the world from an early age. The short board is the result of the discussion in the 43 rd dormitory-learning problems. Three people practice table tennis and gradually grasp the key points. Sure enough, several girls have been learning and worrying, and naturally they are brave. Bravely want to devote themselves to three people, hit the key points, and blow the table tennis level violently in a storm. Generally, the college entrance examination is a strong point. After learning, the study will be wrapped up in them, but when they are asked to make a little room, they will study the main points of the textbook together and help them with the exam. Wang Feipeng watched helplessly as three best friends tricked a group of junior girls into coming to their QQ number, micro signal and mobile phone number easily …
The table here is playing hot, not playing ball, but flirting. There is also a lively scene at another table. A boy and a girl are fighting each other. It turns out to be a hoop ball. There are many students around. Not only do they play well, but they are also handsome, beautiful and handsome, and good looks look at these two people. It’s really more beautiful and handsome than popularity. That’s because parents can’t play the ball well. It’s really unreasonable to let students who don’t have looks and skills live!
It’s hard to establish an initial strategic assistance alliance with girls here. The boys in dormitory 43 are trying to deepen their simple and honest impression and set an example of honest and reliable boys, but they are interrupted by cheers from there, especially when two girls who can play table tennis confuse a group of girls who don’t hesitate to abandon them to watch two men and women play ball. They are so fat that they itch their teeth and pull three people to say that they will hit them later!
Although the four people gnashed their teeth, they still smiled like flowers and followed them to watch the ball. The two men sparred for a while. Wang Feipeng found that the girl had a higher level, especially the ball line was better. She often moved around very fast and quickly pulled out the block and beat her opponent to death. More and more students watched. It was very exhausting to pull. The girl was a little sweaty and asked for a rest. The boy invited other students to communicate at the table.
Naturally, there are those who are not afraid of death, There is a huge gap in the level of playing in the limelight. The handsome boys just played well with that girl, although they were slightly inferior, but the defensive attacks were quite handsome. However, the style of playing with poor students changed, not playing and communicating, but flirting with opponents, regardless of whether the opponent is male or female. The opponent with poor level always picks a high ball, or he will catch it and kill it several times. He is so tired that he encounters a bit of a bottom like a dog. The table bounces high and leans sharply to one side. Without a certain table tennis foundation, students can’t connect well. Handsome men are actually happy. The students around them are whispering and are very angry at this flirting behavior of handsome men. Two boys with good table tennis level have challenged handsome men one after another. Inferior is inferior, but the solid level of table tennis is really high. Two boys have been teased by handsome men and have been kicked out of the stage. No one has ever sought abuse.
Four boys in the dormitory can compete with several girls as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade to enhance their friendship with their classmates. Even Wang Feipeng, who is shy by nature, occasionally interrupts to study the sense of honor and seek mutual support and common progress. I don’t know that several girls have been paying attention to the changes of the table tennis situation, especially two girls who can play table tennis. Suddenly, they stare at Fat and smile, saying, "Xiao Pang, if you put that coquettish little white face out of the table, we six girls will reach an agreement with your dormitory. It’s nothing important for you to call us on call. If you can’t do it, you