Huang Mao was also ready for a quick victory. Huang Mao didn’t dodge, but blocked it with a knife.
"Can you stop it?" The little leader’s angry words are a little incoherent.
"If you have the ability to use a knife, I will have the ability to stop." Yellow hair smile happily of say.
The little leader was so angry that he didn’t know how to speak, so he had to increase his strength.
In this way, Huang Mao and the little leader were deadlocked.
Fortunately, our yellow hair is clever and has come up with a good trick.
Huang Mao twisted the joint on his foot. If he sprained his foot when he kicked the little head later, it would be cheating.
Huang Mao kicked out the foot. Originally, Huang Mao wanted to have a childless foot directly, but when he thought it would be too hard for a man, he kicked his stomach instead.
The little leader was kicked like a turtle by Huang Mao.
"Xiaoyi, it’s so interesting. I want to play, too." Li Lu said.
Holy shit, is this for fun? If you don’t play well, you will die at once.
The little leader couldn’t get up, as if he was accumulating anger, ready to be furious, ready to put a trick at once, and then kill the yellow hair at once.
Huang Mao is a little wary, too. It must be something unusual.
At the moment when Huang Mao was thinking, the little leader suddenly got up, picked up a knife and chopped at Huang Mao.
Huang Mao was stunned at first, then turned around when the knife was about to hit the end and hid in the past.
Huang Mao never dreamed that the little leader had a successful cause. At the moment when Huang Mao dodged, the little leader cut the knife horizontally and cut it to Huang Mao’s head.
I’m really good at finding the right time. I’ll see how you hide this time. Even if you are a robot, you have to leave your head behind, the little leader thought.
"ah!" Li Lu gave a cry.
This gave Li Yi a great opportunity. Li Yi hugged Li Lu directly and said, "Little Lu is good, it’s okay, it’s okay."
This body is really * * ……….
Finally, under the persuasion of Li Yi, Li Lu opened her eyes.
"Hey, he’s obviously not a true fixer. How can he stop it?" Li Lu asked.
Li Yi doesn’t know what’s going on. Whenever she wants to lie to Li Lu, there is always a feeling that lying to her is wrong.
Li Yi didn’t tell a lie this time, but directly told Li Lu that she had put magic gas on Huang Mao.
Li Lu, Huang Mao and the little leader are not the only ones who don’t understand.
Is he a reincarnation of the gods? The little leader thought.
Did you get lucky? Huang Mao thought.
The little leader felt that his IQ was a little insufficient, and his hand suddenly loosened.
The knife that was held by the little leader also fell.
Life is always full of joys and sorrows, and yellow hair is often gray and happy. I didn’t expect that knife to hit yellow hair’s foot directly.
"My feet, my feet, I fuck your sister." Huang Mao directly kicked the little leader down with his other foot.
"Little heron, how’s it going? I won. You have to listen to me in the future." Li Yi said with a smile.
"You … you play to depend on, you use magic gas, if there is no magic gas …" Li Lu stopped talking.
"If there is no magic gas, you will lose, so you have to listen to me anyway." Li Yi smile happily of say.
"Then you have to buy me something delicious in the future." Li Lu said.
Li Yi smiled and nodded his head.
In a flash, all the men of the little head were confused and scared.
"The opponent is invulnerable, how can we fight? It is better to surrender, anyway, it is the same in any gang. " A voice came from these people.
"Yes, it’s all beer and skittles everywhere anyway." A voice came from these people again.
Huang Mao smiled and said nothing.
"Brother Huang Mao, we want to join your gang, and we want to abandon the dark for the bright future." A man with a small head said.
"Well, we welcome it." Huang Mao said.
In this way, Huang Mao received dozens of people. As for the little leader, he was put in a room, waiting for his interrogation.
"Brother Yi, good sister-in-law." Yellow hair came into the room and said.
"how about it? What are the results? " Li Yi asked.
"We have collected a dozen people and a dozen knives, and there is nothing more." Huang Mao said.
"Oh, two people broke in before. See for yourself." Li Yi said.
"Thanks to Brother Yi for saving his life." Huang Mao said.
"Oh, little things, those things will be done later. These are no small things. I’ll take a break and leave." Li Yi said.
"Yes, Brother Yi." Yellow hair said respectfully.
With that, Huang Mao went out.
"How was today?" Li Yi asked with a smile.
"* Yes, I have seen how ordinary people fight. In short, today is * good." Li Lu said.
"Just have fun." Li Yi said.
"When will you buy me something delicious?" Li Lu asked.