In the first game, Wang Feipeng serves, gently throws the ball, waits for the ball to land, and swings and draws! With a little lateral rotation, the goal is great power at the outer corner joint! Ueichi Sugita struggled to reach out and sweep the tennis ball to catch the fly! But the linesman is out of bounds! Wang Feipeng persevered, and then the strength of the second shot did not decrease at all. As a result, it was out of bounds again, and the two landing points were only a little short of the pressure line.
It was a double fault! The second server, Fei Peng, still found that point and made a double fault! On the third serve, Wang Feipeng made a mistake, and on the second serve, Wang Feipeng finally made the same point. Sugiyama You was ready to pull the ball early in the morning. After Wang Feipeng ran to the position, he became straight. The goal was to make the bottom corner joint stronger and go out of bounds again!
Wang Feipeng, who was three goals behind the last serve in the first game, was still in no hurry or slow, or the tennis ball landed on the outer corner line. Wang Feipeng made great efforts to pull the bottom corner line of his left hand, which was long and urgent. Sugita Youyi stepped back two steps to return the ball to the landing point, or Wang Feipeng, who was still in the middle, was deformed again, trying to pull the landing point that had just served, but it was too demanding. The ball did not cross the net!
Lost the first serve four times in a row! Disappointed the home fans, a huge stone stood on everyone’s heart. Is this Wang Feipeng who won the championship in Zhuhai? Is it that Ran Ran, who was banned from football and basketball and turned to work hard in tennis, raised that new star?
In the second game, Ueichi Sugita serves and serves a corner. Wang Feipeng backhands the tennis ball and flies directly to the bottom corner of the opponent’s left hand. It is still fast and urgent. Ueichi Sugita also backhands and broadens the angle to attack his left hand! Wang Feipeng continued to backhand without choosing diagonal lines but changing straight lines. The result is too high net! Ueichi Sugita’s second serve chose Wang Feipeng, the outer corner, and he still went his own way. He was actually hitting the straight line outside the sideline, and the range of impact was very small. Sure enough, he was out of bounds again! Yukichi Sugita followed by two goals, Wang Feipeng, one out of bounds, one net and two innings without a point, and was shaved …
Enthusiastic audience was poured out by two buckets of water, and the whispering was deceived by the organizing Committee’s announcement. It cost a lot of money to buy tickets to see the silver wax spear head-the guy who didn’t look good was both timid and indignant!
In the third game, Wang Feipeng served. This time, he changed the placement of the serve to focus on the angle! The first shot is fast, the power is strong, the serve is coordinated, but it is net! The second serve still doesn’t give force. It’s still so fierce and out of bounds again! Then three goals, one double fault, two active faults during the attack, and the third bald head!
The first set 3: this is still a fart! Can’t the audience sit on the sidelines and curse less? Do you want to trample your opponent or the audience? The opponent was the second race, but he made frequent mistakes. The audience was disappointed and gave no hope for the game.
In the fourth game, Sugiyama Yuki made a side spin on the outside corner. Wang Feipeng had already moved to the outside of the sideline, and the forehand vigorously pulled the diagonal line. The tennis ball was forced by the side to fly up an arc around the net and go straight to the junction of the sideline of the opposite service line. After landing quickly and short, Sugiyama Yuki suddenly spun out and watched the tennis ball fall to the ground to save the ball!
Only one beat will kill the opponent’s serve! This guy is too fierce. This ball is too dangerous! If the power, angle and rotation are not well controlled, it will take a long time for the tennis audience to be dumbfounded if they are out of bounds. I don’t know whether to praise him or to be lucky.
Yukichi Sugita’s second serve was that the corner power was too strong, and then the second serve was that Wang Feipeng backhanded the opponent’s left hand corner, waiting for the opponent to return the ball. The horse sideways attacked the bottom corner of his right hand, and the angles on both sides were too big. Yukichi Sugita ran and caught the ball before crossing the net. Wang Fei Peng ran to the front of the net, backhanded a tennis ball and landed gently in front of the right net. Yukichi Sugita just rushed to the left bottom corner and tried to change direction and ran to the front of the net.
Then Wang Feipeng, like another person, caught the ball accurately and ruthlessly, and the angle was long and awkward. The combination of left and right movements echoed the roots and did not give the opponent a chance to counterattack. He took the initiative to attack for three consecutive times and easily broke the opponent’s serve.
It’s Wang Feipeng’s turn to serve or hit the ball flat with a little side spin but no longer fixed at the same landing point. Then the outer corner keeps changing. Sugita Youyi can’t touch the landing point, and the accuracy suddenly rises sharply. Only one ball is out of bounds, and the other four serve either press the line or cling to the service line. The strength is amazing and the speed is amazing, and it quickly sweeps the opponent.
The score became 2:3, and the audience’s mood was mobilized by him. How can this guy change everything he says? The ball error is now accurate step by step, either killing the opponent with one beat or mobilizing the opponent to fly all over the field. Finally, it is very light to hit the ball into a dead corner and score easily.
Then Wang Feipeng beat the No.2 seed out of the water. See Wang Feipeng strolling around the court at will, while Sugita You kept running back and forth. Every time he tried to save the ball, it seemed to fall in front of Wang Feipeng accurately. Then he waved his opponent and ran back to him desperately. At the last minute, he tried his best to save it ~
In the first set, Wang Feipeng didn’t lose again after losing three games in a row. At 6:3, he took the first set, Wang Feipeng sat in the sideline chair and rested next to Qin Xiang. He prepared a tennis bag with not only three rackets but also jerseys, drinks, towels and other games. He picked up a soft towel with a slight fragrance and wiped his sweat. He suddenly felt quite gentleman and elegant after drinking a little drink! Is this the spirit of tennis?
After a three-minute break, the game continued. Wang Feipeng’s momentum suddenly changed, and he frequently launched an active attack in the opponent’s serve. Even if the opponent barely returned the ball, Ma Jiali did not give the opponent a breather. Under such high pressure, Wang Feipeng broke the first game in only 2 minutes!
It’s Wang Feipeng’s turn to serve, which suddenly bursts into a fierce momentum. The serve is extremely destructive, not only with great strength and sharp angle, but also with a strange arc. Yuki Sugita is extremely uncomfortable. He can’t catch the ball or fly as soon as he catches it. No matter what method he changes, he will eventually get rid of the controlled situation.
In the second set, Wang Feipeng swept the opponent in less than 2 minutes, shaved the second seed and advanced to the top 16, setting a new record for the event!
Chapter two hundred and ten Stress test
On the second day after Wang Feipeng’s victory, he teased Caicai to provoke Qin Xiangri to have a happy life. He wanted to send Qin Xiang to the door and hook up. As a result, everything else was shunned except the game. Without Caicai’s company, he didn’t even want to accompany him to go out for a walk, which made the second brother who had just tasted fresh scratching his head and itching unbearable ~
After all, the second brother, who is receiving higher education, immediately adjusts his strategy to challenge Qin Xiang’s defense in a proper range, and enjoys it in the face of pure Caicai. The second brother puts on a big brother’s appearance and is treated with courtesy, occasionally holding her hand to wipe the oil, but resolutely not crossing the line.
Wang Feipeng, who is haunted by two beautiful women, is carefree and happy. However, in his spare time, he has to participate in many activities organized by the organizing committee, attend a tennis exchange meeting held by a local school, and guide the tennis skills of the children of Hongjindi Tennis Academy. Accompanied by Caicai, Qin Xiang automatically evades.
On March 16th, when Wang Feipeng fought against Czech Satral, the venue was still Satral’s world ranking, and there was also a gap in strength after he entered the central stadium. Wang Feipeng, a fan, was sure to sweep his opponent with his first big victory, but after the game, he found that his serve was soft and his return was even higher and more drifting. Satral came to break and protect his opponent 2-0.
After the first game, the audience was not in a hurry. The fans who came to watch the game for the first time were already fidgeting and anxious, but Wang Feipeng was still lazy, slow and not mentally smelly
The game continued, and Satral became more and more brave in the Vietnam War, while Wang Feipeng made more mistakes, and the catch nets emerged one after another. Sometimes tennis came back and he was too lazy to move to catch the score, which was even more terrible. It quickly became 5: He shaved his second head in the first game. Is it necessary to be shaved by others in the second round?
The fans at the scene were booed. Wang Feipeng made two ACE balls in his own serve, which made the fans shine, especially after watching the first game. The fans secretly scolded you for finally coming back to life! Then Wang Feipeng took the serve quickly by serving vigorously and taking the initiative to change the line and attack actively.
The score became 5:1, and the fans breathed a sigh of relief and thought, is this guy going to bite the game now? However, the result disappointed thousands of fans. In the last game, Satral served, and he was killed without scoring a point.
In the second set, the audience were full of confidence and failed. One game was nothing. The second set was pulled back and the second race was swept at the same starting line. Can it still be lost to this unknown generation?
However, Wang Feipeng’s performance deeply disappointed the audience. This guy was still dying when he lost a set. He not only failed to catch the serve, but also broke his serve one after another. It’s really mud that can’t help the wall! On the sidelines, many fans bitterly abused the food that was better than the old level. Last night, they definitely made great health care. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so weak!
Soon the score became 4: it was the first turn again! All the audience lost hope, thinking that the game would end early and it was up to this guy to make a fool of himself. What nonsense tennis star? What sports king? It’s a piece of shit ~
It’s Wang Feipeng’s turn to serve, and the first two goals are still soft. Satral has been beaten head-on, and there is no chance of counterattack. Satral’s victory is in sight and he is dancing the racket happily! In the first half of the third serve, he was still like that. At the last minute, he suddenly made a force. The tennis ball roared and rushed over and landed heavily on the corner line. ACE scored directly!
On the fourth serve, Satral leaned a little towards the corner. Wang Feipeng suddenly hit the outside corner with great force. After the tennis ball landed, it rotated to the outside. Satral was caught off guard and stretched hard, but it was slow. After the tennis ball landed, it flew far away and scored again. Then two powerful serves, a direct score and an ACE ball were pulled back to a game.
Take the serve and only get a few spectators in the stands. This guy is crazy occasionally, and a wool is quickly destroyed. Isn’t that the virtue of the first game? Go ahead and look forward to an early end.
In the sixth game, Satral served. At this moment, he has entered the peak state, and the score is significantly ahead. If you want to turn this serve into 5:1, you can win a game in just one more game and break into the strong harvest bonus and points. trip worthwhile will lose money if you don’t add food and drink.
Throwing the ball, slamming the ball and hitting the outside corner smoothly, the line is very long. Wang Feipeng moves diagonally and swings the forehand with a big diagonal line. This ball line is longer and flies from the bottom corner of his forehand to the diagonal tennis ball with a huge arc. After landing, the ball line is very long. Satral is ready to move to the bottom corner sideline to catch the ball better. The body of this outward curve ball has moved to the extreme, and this big diagonal line is very risky to return the diagonal ball.
After Wang Feipeng hit the ball, the horse retreated to the lowest extension line of the tennis net, waiting for him to return the ball. Sure enough, Satral chose the safest route to avoid risks! Wang Feipeng sees the landing point forehand, changes the line vigorously and hits the opponent’s left hand in the opposite direction! Sartre’s physical strength is good, and his speed is extremely fast. He even retreated from the farthest distance to the left hand position to return the ball to the past, but the quality of the return ball is not high. Wang Feipeng slammed the bottom corner of Sartre’s forehand in the first two steps. At this moment, Sartre’s return to Tianli can watch the tennis ball land and score!
It is Wang Feipeng’s specialty to pull the ball at a large angle on both sides. Even if his physical strength is good and his speed is fast, he can’t help tossing it back and forth several times. Then he seems to have gradually changed into a person who drives his opponent around through four points. At the end of each ball, Satral can’t help but take a few more breaths to suppress the disorder.
In the face of Satral’s strong serve, Wang Feipeng suddenly abandoned the passive receiving method, and each ball hit him in the opposite direction. Through a strong return, he became passive and active, not only moving left and right, but also combining front and back speed, which quickly disrupted the opponent’s rhythm and broke the success!
Wang Feipeng’s style and momentum suddenly became fierce as if he had just woken up for food and the mountain tiger was shaking and murderous! The continuous score of the serve did not let the opponent score a point, and then it was easily broken, which made the score 4:4, and the gap advantage in the second set swung!
The audience just woke up. How did this guy equalize the score in a blink of an eye? Suddenly he became fierce, not only holding his opponent by the nose, but also beating him like Reservoir Dogs, and his opponent was ravaged by his counterattack ~
In the next two games, Wang Feipeng continued to maintain a high-pressure situation and vigorously served and scored again and again! On the contrary, when the opponent serves, he becomes the master’s boss, making three, five, divide by two and sweep the opponent.
When the game entered the deciding set, Satral’s heart was dripping with blood, but I didn’t know that this little style suddenly changed. When the ball hit, it was as heavy as a cannonball. When the ball was caught, the racquet seemed to be penetrated. That strong force hit the arm again and again through the racket, but it was hard to eliminate the impact, but it was difficult to change the line when the force was applied.
The deduction of the deciding set can be miserable. In Wang Feipeng’s powerful attack, Satral was chased and beaten like a fly by a fly swatter. No matter how he fled, he finally avoided being slapped. Not only did he catch the ball, but his own serve was broken one after another, and he was almost breathless by his opponent ~
The last set soon arrived at 5: 00, and Satral was already sore and sweaty, and then he had a chance to make a comeback. Even he himself hoped to end the ordeal early. Before and after the two games, Wang Feipeng turned upside down and became Satral, while Satral became the first game, Wang Feipeng was soft and powerful.
In the end, Wang Feipeng defeated his opponent 2:1 and advanced strongly! It took a long time for the audience to wake up from this thrilling game. Everyone wondered if this guy had to wait until the last minute to torture his opponent or the audience.
At the end of the game, Caicai tugged at his arm, excited and a little puzzled. He asked anxiously, "I’m really worried about my head. I’m more amateur than amateur. When you lose the second game, why don’t you take it seriously and wait until the end?" My heart is about to explode! "
"It’s really slow for the muscles to be too stiff after a game and a half. If only someone could massage for me, it would be good to keep the muscles loose and the blood vessels smooth and ready to enter the peak state!" Wang Feipeng is close to Caicai, complaining pitifully.
"Then I’ll ask the medical team to send a masseur through the organizing Committee. I’ve seen that their massage is very dynamic and their professional skills will definitely meet your needs!" Caicai Ma suggested.
"Don’t don’t strangers a contact muscle tighter maybe cramps! I can accept familiar people and massage Caicai. Why don’t you try? " Wang Feipeng persuasive shameless way
Caicai surprised way "me? Don’t be hard on me if you can’t massage! " Wang Feipeng sighed. "Well, it seems that I have found Qin Xiang. I wonder if she will?" Caicai steps a meal, "Why find her and let her massage? Even if you can’t, you can’t wait to stick to you and throw yourself at me!"
Wang Feipeng asked hypocritically with his hands spread out, "Caicai, what do you think I should do?" Caicai gritted his teeth. "I’ll give you a massage, but you don’t dislike it without technical content!" Wang Feipeng was overjoyed. "No matter what sport or skill, practice makes perfect."
After the game, Qin Xiang came to Wang Feipeng’s room. After Caicai’s door, the horse jumped to the bed, while Wang Feipeng was lying on the bed enjoying Caicai massage. However, Caicai’s finger grip was too weak to find acupoints. It was just like a kitten scratching.
Seeing Wang Feipeng enjoying himself, Qin Xiang said softly, "The competition is equipped with a professional masseur, but instead of looking for them, you just fool Caicai. Are you massaging with ulterior motives or teasing Caicai?"
Caicai scrambled to explain the reason again. Qin Xiang snorted. "Do you believe his nonsense is only Caicai?" Caicai pouting retorted, "What is nonsense? Why do I believe it? "
Qin Xiang sat in a chair and looked at the two of them and sneered, "If he outbursts, he will beat his opponent and deliberately lose first and then win. The purpose is to do a stress test. What will happen to the mentality in the future when he encounters difficulties in the game? How much pressure does it come from? What should he do? You need personal experience to understand it. "
Caicai paused and felt that what she said was very reasonable. According to his state, he should win early, but he just put himself in danger. The purpose is to test his own external pressure. What is the muscle tightness and poor meridians? It’s nonsense ~
Behind the tender hands stopped kneading Wang Fei Peng, feeling bad, and sure enough, a dreary exercise came! Qin Xiang stared at him and saw the second brother grin even more.
The next day, Wang Feipeng’s opponent for the semi-finals was Italian fabiano. Yesterday, when he learned who his opponent was, he almost laughed. It’s a narrow way to go. They just met in the Zhuhai final and they actually met again!
Back against Wang Feipeng, two 6:1 disparity scores killed him. At that time, he applied for medical suspension in the toilet for a while, and constantly adjusted and concealed it. Now he met again, and he had no confidence to defeat his opponent. fabiano’s face suddenly stretched longer than the donkey’s face
Fabiano is a technical player. When his technical advantage is still dominated by his opponent, his physical strength, speed and strength are completely understood! As soon as the two men met, this huge gap suddenly became prominent.
No matter in serving, receiving, attacking, pulling the ball, changing the line, etc., Wang Feipeng led him around, and finally he was dragged down alive without rhythm, abandoned by tennis and watched him score constantly.
Fabiano tried many times to change the way of serving, route and rotation, but it didn’t pose a threat in the end. He took the lead in changing the line when receiving the service or pulling, trying to take the initiative through changing the line. Even though he tried his best to change the line successfully, the opponent still quickly moved to the tennis ball and counterattacked his block, which quickly made him passive and then destroyed!
The first set was 6:1 again. If it wasn’t for sympathy, it was probably the complete collapse of bald fabiano. This guy finally ravaged himself according to the established routine and couldn’t get rid of it. So he watched himself dragged to death by him.
The second set hit 4: fabiano Ji gave up his resistance, running, swinging and hitting the ball mechanically on the spot, just like a walking corpse. He had no confidence and hope that his opponent would let him play another set and then continue to ravage it. It was still the routine that was imprisoned from resisting fabiano and wanted to cry.
Chapter two hundred and nineteen Sharpen forward
After Wang Feipeng defeated fabiano, he met Indian Bambury in the semi-final. In the first set, Wang Feipeng completed the break twice in a row and established a 4-0 lead early. Although the Indian pulled back a game in the fifth set, Wang Feipeng succeeded in breaking again in the seventh set, 6-1 easily, and Wang Feipeng’s state was still very stable. After the second break, he entered the serve to win the game 5-1 and successfully won the game.