"That still leng? Run run … "
During the refining, Lin Feng suddenly felt a huge pressure around him, and before he could react, he was involved in the depths of the evil spirit sea.
"What is this?" Windson suddenly a surprised but afraid to share the experience by his own soul was sucked into a huge whirlpool.
Windson felt his soul in flight and rotation. Last night, he absorbed the soul force and almost refined and absorbed it. If he can’t get away, Windson will have the body and soul force to resist ShaQi erosion for a moment.
"Damn it!" The situation is unfolding as expected by Lin Feng. Soon he will have to leave his soul force. Looking at the soul force that has been carefully refined by himself, it is rapidly consuming Lin Feng’s heart, but this is nothing. Once Lin Feng’s body and soul force are consumed, it is the moment when he is stunned.
Chapter one hundred and forty-two The seabed
When Lin Feng was about to accept his fate, he suddenly felt that he was wrapped around the department and disappeared. Before Lin Feng could react, he was now falling from a height.
However, this must be a high altitude, and everything will be easy without ShaQi erosion.
Windson quickly took it out of the ring for a long time before the gravity ring was buckled around his waist. At the beginning, he was not equipped with a gravity ring because of the poor materialization of his soul. Therefore, every time Lingshan had to walk, he dared not jump directly, even the microgravity jet skateboard dared not. But now there is no problem. Windson adjusted the gravity ring to oo1 times the gravity, and the soul suddenly slowed down a lot. Only then did Windson look at the surrounding environment.
This is a broad top, and there seems to be a transparent film that blocks the Shahai from the outside. The whole area is about 100 meters high and covers an area of about 1,000 square meters. There is an indomitable pillar with strong white light in the middle, which makes the whole illumination brighter.
Soon, Lin Feng fell to the ground and quickly checked his own situation. Now he is still lucky. His soul has lost about a quarter. Lin Feng suddenly felt that he was cursed. It’s really unlucky to meet a demon spirit yesterday and be swept to an unknown place today.
Shook his head. Windson gave up this strange idea. This plan is to find a way out. It is clear that there is no soul beast to kill him.
Of course, the most conspicuous thing is the pillar in the middle, but Lin Feng didn’t look at the idea immediately. Who knows what else is strange about this pillar?
Windson first made a few rounds around the column, and now the surrounding rock wall is very flat, like it has been carefully polished, and there are generally no holes and cracks, and it is estimated that there will be no hidden machine.
Had to windson ready to slowly close to the center of the column.
But this time, perhaps windson was overrated until he came to the column smoothly and there was no accident.
At close range, the whole column seems to be a transparent crystal column. The white light comes from the crystal department at the bottom of the crystal column. A small altar-like building is built in front of the altar with a palm-sized milky white crystal. There is also a small pit filled with a color-transparent liquid.
Windson carefully put out a finger in the small pit and explored it. Immediately, he felt a kind of surprise than the intense tingling from the fingertips. Windson quickly withdrew his hand. Now, at this moment, his finger disappeared as if it had been corroded, and it disappeared. Not only the finger but also the palm of his hand slowly faded, and the tingling came at the same time.
Windson decided to immediately summon the soul-gathering sword and cut off his right palm. The right palm was cut off in that liquid-permeable corrosion and quickly disappeared into the void.
Fortunately, it was Lin Feng’s soul here, not his right palm, which was cut off, and soon grew back, but it consumed him a little soul force.
Staring at the liquid in front of me, Lin Feng took a deep breath. What the hell is this?
After half an hour, after many times of research, analysis, comparison and summary, Lin Feng finally confirmed the liquid quality in the pit, which is still ShaQi or condensed into liquid magic!
After reaching this conclusion, Lin Fengru carefully took out an extremely cold jade carving bought by Han Yu and carved it into a small jade bottle, and put all these liquids in it. Shaqi is good for the soul, but good jade can meditate and concentrate. It is the natural enemy of Shaqi who will hold these liquids.
Shaqi is dangerous, but it is also a good thing for Yin people. Lin Fengzheng is worried about how to deal with it after returning to the flesh. Jinjiao, who has been distracted for a long time, is much easier now with these condensed liquid demons.
Imagine sprinkling these liquids on Jinjiao when he was practicing, steaming Shaqi and quietly invading his soul … That’s a great feeling! Thought of here windson more can’t wait to return.
And these ShaQi can not only Yin people, but also Yin magic weapon. If these ordinary magic weapons are condensed into liquid by ShaQi, they will not be unlucky …
After collecting all the liquid in the pit, Lin Feng wanted to leave the ivory crystal at the altar. The key is in this crystal.
Windson carefully held out a finger to touch a crystal and then quickly retracted his hand, but this time he was alarmist. His finger was not deformed, but at the moment of touching, Windson seemed to feel a lot of information from the crystal.
Is this crystal the same as Yujian? Thought of here windson suddenly bold many directly stretched out his right hand to grasp the piece of crystal.
Windson seemed to hear a "bang" and then the gods came to another strange.
There is a vast expanse of whiteness here, and there is a body sitting cross-legged in the virtual space. Lin Fengke can clearly see that a red energy is running in the body according to a fixed route. After watching it for a while, Lin Feng will react. Isn’t this the achievement method of "nourishing the soul" in the Soul Sutra?
Did you pick up the Soul Sutra from the A-star Dansheng Reality Cave, and it flowed out from here? Windson couldn’t help coming up with this idea.
Later, the facts gradually proved that Lin Feng’s idea of penetrating the physical energy suddenly changed from "nourishing the soul" to "condensing the soul". Seeing this, Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes wide, knowing that there were no "leaving the soul" and "condensing the soul" in his book Soul Classic.
At last, I heard the sound of "wave" as if the air barrier had been broken, and then a virtual shadow flew out from the top of the flesh. At the same time, the original flesh suddenly materialized, and it looked like Lin Feng himself.
The virtual shadow quickly circled several times in the physical body and sat up. A red energy was running in the virtual shadow body according to the achievement method of "coagulation of soul". When the virtual shadow practice was completed, it drilled back into the physical body, and then it kept going in and out. Every time it went in and out of the practice, the virtual shadow sample became clearer.
"This is away from the soul! That virtual shadow is the soul! " Suddenly, Lin Fengyou had such an enlightenment that he didn’t know what to do. The Soul Sutra has the first two achievement methods without the original practice behind it. When it reaches a certain level, it will naturally be white, and it doesn’t need to be remembered clearly.
Want to see this after windson meditation to continue to look at it, when the soul has almost materialized once again left the body and never went back, but constantly hovering in this vast expanse of whiteness and constantly demonstrating various soul force coping strategies to make windson fascinated.
Inadvertently windson glanced at the original body and was suddenly surprised. It turned out that the body was constantly decaying, and now the soul has been distinguished from the original body again.
"’soul’ … so this is the’ soul’. It’s not true that there is no soul, but that the soul has been completely materialized and completely out of the category of soul and will last forever …" Lin Feng muttered.
Lin Feng suddenly felt that the last two cultivation processes in the Soul Sutra were similar to those of the soul in the underworld at the moment. They were all from faint soul cultivation to materialization, and eventually they were eternal. However, even if the soul in the underworld was cultivated to the apex, it could be eternal in this place. If you want to leave the underworld, you will have to cross the ghost robbery. It is said that even if you successfully survive the ghost robbery, you will definitely be hit hard, and you will lose all your memories in your previous life after reincarnation. This is also the thing that Lin Feng has been worried about. He doesn’t want to return to the flesh but now he has amnesia ..
Unconsciously, the whiteness became dim, and then Lin Feng felt that he couldn’t help rotating again. When the rotation stopped, a strong force suddenly came from behind him. Lin Feng was immediately bounced out and "snapped" and fell to the ground.
Wait, what is it? Lin Feng remembers that he just dumped his head in the void, but he didn’t see the sky. Lin Feng tried his best to wake himself up, and now he is a few meters behind the top of Lingshan Mountain. It seems that he has just been sent to the leading platform unconsciously, and he was bounced out before it was released.
Chapter one hundred and forty-three Sword embryo Lei Bing
Ok, I don’t know. It’s time for the robbery platform to be put back again.
Lin Feng, the living room of the villa, asked Sha Qinghe and his wife sitting opposite each other, "When did you decide to cross the spirit robbery, eldest brother and sister-in-law?"
"Don’t worry | there must be many souls rushing to Du Jie, and we won’t go to gather together this excitement. It will be the same in a couple of days.
"Good good uncle and sister can spend more time with shine for two days again. Cried the little hand happily.
The blue crane has been numb to the very different appellation of Long Linger when it didn’t hear it.
To ice impatiens and couldn’t help but smile and touch the bosom dragon shine little head gently charged "silly boy uncle and sister always have to go, listen to your brother’s words and practice Wushu well, so no one can take care of Shine.
"Well, Shine knows that Shine will follow her brother to practice Wushu. Shine sounds a little low. When I hear these people who love her in front of me, they will eventually leave the news. The little face reveals that there should be no sadness at her age, which makes people feel pity.
"Well, I know that we Linger can take care of ourselves." Didn’t we Linger kill several soul beasts by our own efforts yesterday? "
Dragon shine these days in windson supervision and guidance seriously practice wushu "fighters", the emperor five-star master wanted to worship in his door fighters like countless crucian carp to collect disciples, and some talents around him got his advice.
But Long Linger is different. She and Lin Feng come from the same place, and they are alone and extremely simple and lovely at an early age &1; Sample | teaching plus dragon shine that extraordinary talent in wushu practice progress very fast, she finally killed a few low-order soul beasts in windson protection alone to make my girl heart.
"Yes, shine, but it took the boss’s strength to knock down those few soul beasts | it’s a child’s sad mood coming quickly | and his heart is getting up again. From time to time, he gestured that the situation was really hilarious.
After talking and laughing for a while, Qinghe suddenly took out a sword, a jade slip and a jade operator and handed it to Windson.
I’ve seen this sword before | Holding it in my hand, the four-foot-long sword is dotted with purple awns, which looks mysterious and gorgeous.
Windson looked at the things in front of him and was puzzled. Qinghe himself smiled and explained, "These are all jade charms for you. They are celestial communication charms. You will always come to the celestial world. When the time comes, you will crush this jade charm. I knew it was you. |
The crane picked up the sword and gently stroked it and said, "This sword is called’ Lei Bing’. It was a flying sword that I wanted to refine when I was in the fix true world. Unfortunately, it was not refined until it soared. Until now, a sword embryo can help me complete it.
"What hasn’t been tempered yet? Can’t it be refined in the celestial world? " Windson strange asked
"That’s right!" Qinghe nodded | "Xiaofeng, do you know what material this sword embryo is made of?"
Lin Feng looked at it carefully, and made it very tender. Although the Book of Fix the True has the introduction of most natural materials and treasures in the fix true world, it is all the introduction of raw materials. Now this sword has been preliminarily refined, and the raw materials have been blended together. Lin Feng can’t tell the difference now.